Me and my Sister


My sister and I have never really been close but we get along. Shes 13 and is strating to develop into a good looking girl. There have been times when I "accidently" walked in on her when she was changing or in the shower and every time I liked what I saw more than the last. I think she was starting to relize what I was doing and started to play along, she would leave the doors unlocked or forget her towel andwalk through the house naked to get back to her room. This would only happen when we were home alone. Well one day she came up to me and asked if I wanted to play a game, I said sure since I had nothing better to do. We walked into her room and she closed the door behind her. I asked her what she wanted to play, she looked up at me and said druth or dare. At this point I started to get hard as I relized what she had planned. She went first and naturally I said dare, she kinda stalled a bit before saying "well you know all of those times I've let you see me naked, well I want you to let me see" Shocked I looked at her and asked her if she knew what she was doing and she answered "Yes" After hearing that I removed all of my cloths except my boxers which already were pointing strait out with my enormus hardon and were a little wet at the tip due to the precum that was starting to flow out of my cock. I pulled them down slowly to make her wait as long as possible, now let me describe myself im about 6' and am built pretty averagley. My dick however is not the largest at about 6" but to her it was huge! She sat there and stared silently at my cock which I had shaven 2 days before. I then asked here and she said dare as well I told her since I was naked she had to join me and she wasted no time in doing so she quickly took off the tanktop and shorts she had on and was standing there in only her underware. She then took off her little bra and revealed her small tits that were starting to develop. After the bra came the panties she slid them down to reveal her hairless pussy. She smiled as I looked down at her.

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   There stood my beautifull baby sister standing before me naked. We then ditched the game and i asked her if she new how to plahy with herself and if she had ever done it she answered no to both. So I asked if she wanted me to show her how and she imidiatley smiled and got on her bed. I told her to lay down on the bed and spread her legs. she did as instructed. this was the first time i had seen her pussy this close and at this angle what a beautifull sight, my 13 year old sister was lying in bed legs spread waiting for me to show her how to masturbate. I started by rubbing my middle finger up and down her slit, juist to see how she reacted, i could already tell she was wet and was really enjoying just the slightest touch. I then began to rub her tiny clit wich made her start to hump my hand a little. Soon i inserted a finger,man was she tight! I began to finger her wildly but stoped before she could cum. I then put my face in her crotch and started to lick her little virgin pussy. I sat the and fucked her with my tounge for atleast 10 minutes before she finally came. I then laid down on the bed my cock standing at full attention and told her to lay on top of me, I had no intentions of penetraiting her but I did want to feel that young pussy sliding ontop of my cock. I told her to sldie up and down and let my cock slide along her pussy lips. About 10 mins went by and I finally came shooting my cum up between us and all over her stomach and breasts. Thanks for reading! More to come if the reaction is good.

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