Mommy and Me


*Im back I hoped you missed me loves *

Anyways this story takes place on my 15th birthday.

Now a little about my mom would be. Her name is Ana shes 35 and she has a killer body! nice big D cup breast and a really nice hour glass figure.

anyways when i was 11 my dad left us I often heard my mother masturbating in her bedroom I made nothing of it. until the night of my 15th birthday when I walked in on her. she was laying on her bed with her lap top on her tummy.

I wasn't supposed to be home yet so she left her bedroom door wide open. I was in pure shock watching my mom she had 4 fingers shoved inside her cunt. I was speechless I heard her moaningand groaning next to her was a large double ended rubber cock at. I was getting soaked just watching her.

I slowly stripped down and walked in I grabbed her hand earning a really loud gasp from her. She threw the lap top on the floor sitting up she stuttered out.

"Jena your n-not supposed to be home yet!" I looked at her and smirked.

" Mommy is this what you do all day? Shove your whole hand up your sloppy cunt?" she gasped in horror looking at me. I was naked my nice C cup breast hanging out and my dripping pussy leaking my Juices.

I slowly removed all her fingers and slowly shoved my four fingers in her .

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   She moans but struggled.

"Jen-Jena stop! now! this s-So wrong!" I smirked and spread my fingers out inside her rubbing them against her walls.

She squealed in pleasure. "Fuck! Jena! Oh my god fuck mommy's pussy! Shove your whole hand up it!" I did as she commanded and shoved my whole hand up her pussy. She cried out in pleasure as I began fisting her fast.

about three minutes of fisting her and sucking on her clit she came so hard. she soaked the whole bed. I pulled my hand from her and she was panting.

"Mommy. . . Im really horny now. . can you take care of that?" I said in a baby voice she looked at me and nodded patting the bed.

"come up here and mommy will take care of you"

I squeaked jumping up on the bed as mommy got on her hands and knees.

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She suddenly shoved her face in my pussy I cried out in pleasure feeling my mom's wonderful tongue working on my clit and running along my slit.

she shoved two of her fingers that were covered in my pussy juices into my little hole. sure I wasn't a virgin but it still felt so fucking full.

I moaned out.

"Oh god mommy! Make me cum! Stretch me with your fingers! fuck me!" my mom did as commanded and added a third finger stretching my pussy open.

"OH FUCK!" i screamed out.

I bucked wildly against her fingers.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD! MOM IM CUMMING!" I screamed feeling tingles all through my body as my powerful orgasm hit.

my mom sucked on my clit as I climaxed squirting her face with my cum.

She pulled out and said "Baby girl I needed that so bad. . and fuck. . your really good at that shit. .

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She laid next to me and pulled me close.
"Mom can we keep doing this? " I asked yawning since I was really tired after that experience.

I heard a small chuckle from her as she said "of course baby girl. Next time we'll use toys and I'll even teach you a trick with nipples"

I smiled as I fell asleep comfortably in my mothers arms.

*Thats it for now! more to come with mommy and me ;) *.