Mommy warms me up


Topic: Mommy Warms me up Deep within a rural suburban area an intense relationship bloomed. Some considered the passionate sex driven love between a boy and his mother taboo but young Johnny couldn’t help himself. John was 6’7 with magnificent green eyes and matted down black hair, his face was very young looking giving him the appearance of a small child however he had just turned 18 a month ago. On the other hand his mother was slightly chubby with a set of D cups, she had long straight brown hair and very juicy lips, her bright blue eyes seemed to glimmer with excitement whenever she spoke to her son. John’s father had passed on when he was a baby so he was brought up by his extremely over protective mother making him a tad feminine and coddled. The two were so comfortable with each other they had no issue watching each other change or giving nude back rubs or even showering with one another.  
One cold winter morning John awoke to his mother looking over his naked body, John loved to sleep in the nude no matter what the weather was like outside, he found clothes far too restricting. Thinking that she had just removed the covers to wake him up for school he let out a small shiver and requested that his mother put the blanket back over him because of how cold it was outside. Something seemed off about the grin on his moms face, she had the lustful grin of a sexual deviant in dire need of her cock fix firmly planted on her face.   She took John’s limp dick in her hand and slowly moved her arm up and down; John’s body immediately reacted as his penis hardened slightly. He wanted to pull away from his mothers soft lust filled grasp on his member but it was just too pleasurable to resist. He knew it was wrong but his mothers touch just felt right.
“Mommy woke up with an awful urge today baby” she said using her free hand to rub her pussy through her shorts.
John shut his eyes tightly, if this was a dream he didn’t want to wake up. His mother quickened her pace; John now has a fully erect penis that stood at about 6 inches.
“Mommy something feels funny with my pee-pee.

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  ” He muttered innocently biting his bottom lip.
His mother just let out a soft giggle of delight and stopped stroking his penis and watched it twitch slightly begging for more of her touch.   She used one finger to circle around the head of the cock in a teasing manner.
“Mommy wants to make her baby feel real good; maybe we can make this a daily practice and use the guest room as our own personal love shack. ” Johns mother spoke still slowly caressing the head of his dick with one finger ever so gently.
She lowered her head and put her large soft lips on his cock. She moved up and down slowly. John loved such a warm feeling on such a cold day. He could feel her tongue flicking around on his large cock as she bobbed her head. His mother bobbed up and down faster and faster as John rested a hand on her head and slowly played with her soft hair. This was making her very wet. Juices ran down his mother’s leg from within her shorts. She couldn’t resist any longer she pulled off her shorts exposing a set of large pink panties with a wet spot near her plump camel toe.   
“Sniff mommies panties honey” She said pulling them off quickly and putting the crotch of the cloth near her son’s nose. It had an earthy smell but it was still strangely erotic.

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   Her pussy was hairy and her lips were very plump as they quivered just begging for attention. She sat on top of her sons cock. Warmth washed over John was he let out a soft moan.
“Oh mommy, you make my no-no’s feel so good. ” He said grabbing her love handles.
She smirked and bobbed her whole body up and down on her sons cock. She let out a moan of pleasure as her pussy made wet erotic noises on her son’s long shaft. John was in a state of intense pleasure he let out small gasps of air enjoying the feeling immensely.
“Mommy, I’m going to cum” he said breathlessly. His mother quickened her pace. “Good, cum in your mommy make me your bitch!” She screamed, it seemed as though she lost all sense of reasoning and merely gave into her primal instincts. John exploded in his mother as hot white cum washed into her pussy. She lifted off John’s now sensitive limp dick as cum dripped down her leg mixing with her pussy juice.
“You came too early baby, now you’ll have to make up for it. ” She said in mock disappointment moving up on John’s body and resting her pussy on his mouth.

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   John instinctively grabbed hold of her hips and went at her love hole hungrily. He loved the smell of his mom’s pussy and how her pubic hair gently tickled his face. Moments later she had a very intense orgasm sending her juice dribbling down her son’s face. At this time John’s penis had become extremely hard again.
“Oh son you know how to please your mommy!” She said lovingly resting her big tits on his face. He suckled at her nipple for a moment as she jacked him off once more. A sudden thought just occurred to John as his heart raced with excitement.
“Can I do you in the butt hole mommy?” He asked pleadingly his dick hardening at the prospect.
His mother not missing a beat set her quivering rosebud down on his cock and bobbed up and down forcefully, moaning loudly every time she sat down on her own sons long cock.
John came once more inside of his mother, they both sighed with pleasure as his mother fell asleep on top of John, his big dick still placed within her asshole, he was going to be late for school for sure.

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