My Beautiful Angel - Part 3


And that was the beginning of the rest of the story. We turned that Friday into an almost weekly Friday night ritual whenever we could, when Lisa wasn’t there. I found myself wishing the week to go by faster, just for that single moment with her, the sound of her coming, the feel of her hand on me, even if it was just through our clothing.

We continued it until one night, when Lisa nearly caught us. I hadn’t opened my pants yet, but Sarah’s were down when Lisa came in the front door. Sarah’s eyes widened with mine, and she scrambled to pull her little shorts up before her mother walked down the hall and saw us.

She made it, just barely, yanking her shirt down over the front of them to hide the fact that the button was undone and the zipper down. It was just our luck that Lisa decided then to actually spend some time with us, and she settled down on the couch next to us as we sat uncomfortably through the next several hours.

That close call was enough to jar us out of the routine, and I found myself making excuses to not continue with Sarah, not wanting to risk it no matter how much I wanted it. Sarah was just scared Lisa would find us and get her taken away from me.

That was the case for months, and her twelfth birthday came and went, and I soon found myself buying her her first tampon, not to mention her first bra as her breasts developed even more, the mere bumps becoming swells easily visible to anyone.

Finally, one evening, we gave into temptation once more.

It was another Friday – it was funny how often it happened on a Friday. Lisa had left earlier that day on a flight overseas to London, so she was guaranteed to be gone for the entire weekend.

Sarah had already changed into her pajamas – light baby blue pants that clung to her legs and the shape of her ass, and a T-shirt with a big red heart on the front.

She hopped up onto her bed as I came in to say goodnight, but this time instead of slipping under the covers, she bit her lip and folded her legs underneath her body, leaning forward to kiss my lips.

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“Daddy… I’m sick of this. I want us to be together again like we were. Mom’s not here, so she can’t walk in on us again. ”

I sighed. “Sweetie…. We can’t…. . I never should have started it. ”

“Please,” she begged, “I touch myself every night, but I can’t make it feel as good as I did when you touched me. ”

I sighed, and leaned forward, resting my forehead against hers. “Honey,” I started.

“Daddy, I love you, and I want this. I want…. I want you to make me feel good – make me feel loved. ”

“Oh sweetheart,” I said, running my hand along her cheek, feeling my cock twitch as she turned her head to kiss my fingers.

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  “I love you – We don’t need to do that for me to love you. ”

She looked up at me, frustrated. “No, not like that. I want you to love me like you would love Mommy if she wasn’t so mean to you an’ me. ”

I felt my heart leap at that implication, not sure if she knew fully what she said and what that meant. But I knew she was a bright girl – obviously bright enough to catch on to my relationship or lack thereof with Lisa.

“Honey, that kind of love-“

She broke me off again. “I know, Daddy. That’s the way I love you. I want you to… have sex with me,” she said, her voice lowering as she blushed, looking embarrassed at her request.

My eyes widened. “Where-“

“We’ve got sex ed this year Daddy, I know the basics now, an’ I know what we were doin’, and what I do every night thinking of you. ”

My heart hammered in my chest. “I…. .

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   I can’t, sweetie, it’s wrong. I can’t do that with you. ”

“But my teacher said you should do it with someone you love. I don’t love anyone more than you. I don’t care if mom finds out either – I’ll run away if she tries to take me away from you. I don’t care if people think it’s wrong, I love you so much – that can’t be wrong. Don’t you love me?”

I closed my eyes, feeling my inhibitions slip away. I sighed softly. “You know I do, baby. More than I ever loved your mom. You’re just, so young, and my daughter…. ”I trailed off.

She moved forward, wrapping her arms around my neck in a tight hug, pressing her lips to mine. This time she was the one that took the initiative, running her tongue over my lips and then nudging mine until I responded. I pulled back gasping.

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“I want you, daddy. I want you to love me as much as I love you. I want you to have sex with me. I want to be what mom isn’t for you. I… am I not pretty enough?” She asked, her voice trembling.

I groaned at the look in her eyes, and she squeaked as I grabbed her roughly, pulling her closer. “God, Sarah, you’re gorgeous to me. You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” I said, enjoying the blush that played across her cheeks. “I want you so bad, baby. If you really want this…. We can do it. ”

She smiled brightly, and nuzzled her face against my neck, kissing me there. “I do, daddy, please. ”

I grabbed her again, and gently laid her back on the bed. “Let me take care of you baby.

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I grabbed the hem of her shirt and slowly pulled it upward. It cleared the entirety of her breasts, and my mouth watered at the sight of those developing swells. I pulled the shirt off all the way, and she raised her hands to help me before nervously lowering them in front of her chest, looking shyly at me.

I smiled, and gently pulled them away before slowly cupping them in my palms. She moaned as I palmed each breast, each fitting completely in my hand, her quickly hardening nipples brushing against my skin.

I released one and swiftly lowered my face down, breathing in the sun-kissed smell of her skin before I enveloped her nipple in my mouth, my tongue glicking back and forth across it as she squirmed.

I switched to the other nipple, and her hands found their way to the back of my head, keeping it in place there as she moaned. “Oh, daddy!”

I kept my other hand, the one not tweaking her nipple, occupied by running down across the front of her thing, form-fitting pajama bottoms, running along her pussy.

I pulled back despite her moan of reluctance, and hooked my fingers into the waistband. A quick yank pulled them down, and another removed her underwear for my first full view at my little angel’s pussy.

The skin was smooth, with only a small patch of curly pubic hair showing a hint of the triangle it would one day fully form. The pick lips of her pussy gleamed with moisture, and I let my finger run down the center, satisfied by the bucking of her hips.

I let it press in between the lips until I felt the thin barrier of her hymen. I knew I’d have to get her into quite the state to help mask the pain. Only one way to do that.

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“Daddy?”Her angelic voice asked curiously as I slid down her body.

“Daddy!”She near-shouted as my tongue flicked up and down her pussy lips, answering her question.

“Oh, daddy, oh, dad-oh!”became her near-constant chant as my tongue explored her further and further.

I grinned wickedly as I felt her hands find their way to the back of my head once again, jamming me tightly against her pussy. I let my tongue toy with her while my hand – still down there while the other squeezed her breasts – spread her lips further and searched for the hooded clitoris I knew was hidden by her developing pussy.

The moment I found the hard nub and gave it a gentle squeeze, she screamed, bucking against my face, nearly smothering me as warm fluid emerged from her pussy. I lapped up her honey as quickly as it could emerge.

She finally relaxed, releasing her hold on the back of my head, her thighs no longer crushing either side of my face, and looked down at me with amazement. “Daddy,” she breathed. “That was better than the others. ”

“It gets so much better, babe,” I said amused.

I pulled the hem of my shirt up and over my head, and watched her eye me hungrily.

“Daddy,” she said breathlessly, “please. ”

“Don’t get impatient, hun,” I said, chuckling as she leaned forward, her fingers fumbling at the button of my pants.

I reached down and helped her unbutton and then unzip them and pull them down.

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  She stared at where by cock was leaving a nice tent in my boxers. She reached out and rubbed her palm along the front and I hissed in a breath at the touch. “Take them off,” I encouraged.

Her eager hands grabbed a hold of each side and pulled the boxers down, letting my erection flop upward, pointing straight out at her. Her eyes widened, and she stared.

“Wow, it’s bigger than I remembered,” she said softly.

I raised an eyebrow, and she blushed. “I-,” she stuttered. “I think about it a lot when I’m touching myself,” she admitted.

I smiled. “Well, now you don’t have to,” I said.

She nodded, and took the initiative to reach out her hand and run her fingertips along my length, earning her a twitch from my cock muscles. Her tiny hand closed around its girth, her fingers only long enough to circle it three-quarters of the way. I just about erupted then and there at the sight of it.

She ran her soft hand up and down the length, and I rewarded her by caressing her breast.

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  She flicked her thumb over the head of my cock, her purple nail polish matching its color rather well.

I reluctantly grabbed her hand and pulled it away before things went too far there. I needed to be inside her.

“Are you ready, baby?You know what we have to do?”

She nodded nervously. “Yeah. ”

I maneuvered the two of us around until I was laying on my back. I grabbed her hips and pulled her on top of me, her pussy leaving a wet spot on my belly as I looked at her seriously. “If we do it this way it’ll be easier for you – you can control it and stop whenever you want. It’ll hurt a little at first, but it’ll feel a lot better soon. ”

She stared at me, her eyes wide. “I trust you, daddy,” she said softly.

I helped her raise her body up and backward, guiding my cock head to the entrance of her cunt. “Take as long as you need, sweetie. ”

She nodded, and slowly but surely began to lower down until I was at her hymen. She grimaced slightly at the feeling, and then locked eyes with me.

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  Apparently she decided the quick-bandage-removal approach was best, because the next moment she raised up slightly and then let gravity do all the work, splitting through her hymen and burying my cock deep within her pussy.

I just sat there, letting her adjust as I reveled in the sensations. The walls of her extraordinarily tight pussy gripped at my cock, and the pure heat she was generating was almost overwhelming as the muscles of her pussy tried to grip at the intrusion.

She sat there, breathing heavily, a hint of tears in her eyes, her small hands gripping at my shoulders. She finally, slowly began to move up, and then back down, keeping the pace slow until her pain dissipated and was replaced by the pleasure of the experience.

I let her set the pace, which slowly sped up, and just enjoyed the ride, knowing she’d reach the edge before I would. My hands gripped her hips, fingers circling around on her ass-cheeks as she moved up and down – her breasts just large enough to jiggle slightly with each movement.

Her face was flushed, mouth open, gasps and small moans emerging as I filled her again and again. They grew louder as she moved faster, and I helped her along by reaching up to tweak a nipple. “Daddy!”she squealed.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy,” her voice sang out. “I’m going to…. . it’s going to happen, I can feel it. ”

“’Cum’ is the word, babe – you’re going to cum,” I said hungrily.



Her mind grabbed onto the proffered word. “I’m going to cum, daddy, I love you!”she cried as I felt her clamp down around me. It became even tighter, more than I’d thought would ever be possible, and she trembled above me, collapsing down against my chest, her sweaty hair sticking to my skin, her hot little breath panting warmly against my neck.

I gave her some time to settle down, but my cock remained hard with in her. “Dad, oh, that was so good. You didn’t get to do it?”She asked finally, looking up at me innocently, her chin on my chest.

“It’s alright, babe. You needed it. ”

“You can…. You can still do it, I don’t mind – it doesn’t hurt. ”

I smiled. “That’s my girl. ”I flipped her over suddenly, and she gasped up at me as she ended up on her back beneath me.

“I’m going to do it fast, and it might be a little hard. Is that okay sweetie?”

She nodded beneath me, and I began to thrust in and out of her slowly, but very quickly picking up speed.


  I felt her squirming hips beneath mine as I just about pounded into her – holding back enough that I knew I wasn’t really hurting her.

I grunted as I plunged deeper, filling her to completion. I rested a hand on her tummy, and could feel myself moving in and out of her as she rolled her hips against mine.

“Babe, I’m almost there,” I warned.

She panted beneath me, and squeaked slightly as I pulled her small body closer against mine and thrusted in and out again.

“O-okay, Daddy. I love you. Please c-cum in me,” she said, stumbling over her words as I fucked her brains out.

Those words were more than enough to undo me as I plunged into her one more time, and exploded, shooting load after load of my seed deep within her. The last thrust seemed to be enough to send her squealing to another orgasm as her fingernails dug into my back, pussy clenching over and over, milking me for my cum.

Our breathing slowly calmed, and my softening erection slipped out of her, letting a stream of cum trickle out my exhausted little angel’s pussy as she lay there, motionless but for the rise and fall of her chest.

She finally moved, and snuggled up against my arm, her lips near my ear. “I love you so much, daddy. I never want to stop this between us like we did last time. ”

I smiled, and kissed her lips reverently.

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  “No chance of that, babe. You’re mine now,” I said possessively.

She giggled softly, and lay her head on my shoulder, her eyes slipping shut. “Good,” she whispered.


That was two years ago. Shortly after that first time, I filed for divorce from my wife. I’d been keeping records of when she was home and when she was drunk and her behavior for several years in case she tried initiating it herself, and it came in quite handy for the custody hearings. I was given full custody of my little angel, and I moved into an apartment, leaving the bitch the house. I had all I needed.

Now Sarah’s 14, almost 15, and we make love every chance we get. She’s changed from the beautiful little girl I first made love to, into a gorgeous young woman – sex personified. Her mother has nothing on my sexy little kitten.

Sure, we’ll never be able to marry, but that’ll never change the fact that’s what we are and always will be.

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