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Hai i am Ram. Let me introduce myself. I am a handsome guy with 8 inch cock. Hello readers i would like to get comments to my mail ram4you9876@yahoo. in. Unsatisfied aunties,girls,widows,moms,teens can mail me for hot chat.
My name is ram. I am staying with
my uncle and aunty from . As
my parents were working other state I was put up in
my uncle's house to continue
my education. I have no sex
feeling on her until we both
stay alone for the period of 2
months. I don't know what sex is for long time later I
came to know through my
friends what is sex and start
watching Blue films, reading
sex books. After that only I
start dreaming about her and I always dreams like me and
my aunty standing in nude
and hug each other. Let me tell
about her she is very sexy
and attractive figure even at
the age of 35. She was very beautiful especially her boobs
and ass. She is fair in color and
her boobs are really huge and
those cannot be kept within
her blouse (she doesn't wear
bra anytime) Most of the time when she do house hold
works she fold her sari and
pavadai above half of her
thighs and her strong and
beautiful shaped thighs are
seen. Her tight ass bit big and it jiggles when she walks.

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Many times I tried to see her
pussy but I can see her big
butt when she pees at
backyard. Though she is not
from kerala but she sometimes wore mundu and
blouse and just putting towel
across her boobs as night
dress. When she wore mundu
below her naval part and just
blouse nothing will be covered it this gives me feast
to my eyes many times. I
have decided that seeing her
in nude and fucking her is
only in dreams so I think her
and masturbate many times. I don't have courage because I
am staying with her from my
childhood more over she is
taking parental care on me I
always make movements
very close with aunty but one incident makes us very
close. As my Uncle left for
Singapore 6 months back to
work myself and her son
were only at home. After
exams were over her son went to grandma's house for
his annual holiday and will be
back after 2 month. So aunty
requested me to stay back
with her because she will be
alone at home so I did not went to see my parents on
the holiday. We are supposed
to stay alone at least 2 month
and over. She teaches me to
wear dhoti at home saying
that I am growing so I have to wear dhoti at home even if
I goes out. Initially I don't
know to wear it but she
taught me to wear properly.
The first day when she wrap
dhoti around me and she asked me to remove the
towel but I feel shame she
says don't worry I will not see anything and
she didn't waited for my
answer she removed it and I
stood nude in front of her and
I feel ashamed but she noticed
my clean shaved cock. She comes around me and make
folds and correct it in front of
dhoti her fingers touched my
cock and it arise and make a
bulge. She help for 3 days but
this incident makes me very close to my aunty because we
both have lot of body
contacts and she has seen my
cock regularly. I don't wear
panty when I am at home so
she also teaches me how hide and fold when we sits in front
of others because whenever I
always sits in front of her she
have noticed of my dick
through the gap of dhoti.

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Usually I obey to her words so I didn't oppose when she
teaches me to wear dhoti but
it gives me a chance to make
very close to her. I look like
innocent at home so my
aunty thought that still I am a small boy. I have never seen
her pussy or boobs I can make
chance to see but I am afraid
to go near when she takes
bath or while dressing. But
one chance came to me One day we are invited by our
relatives for the marriage at
Chennai. We went to Chennai
and we stayed at deluxe hotel
which is arranged by our
relatives. In the night aunty went to talk with relatives
who are staying with nearby
rooms. I went to see movie
with relations and returned
midnight. When I entered the
room I saw Aunty was wearing my dhoti
and shirt as night dress. I was
so hot seeing aunt's sleeping
pose one of her leg was fully
visible she folds her one leg by
leaning on wall and spreads her other leg wow! I could see
her hairy pussy at first time in
dim light and makes me mad
at night when I got in to
dhoti in nude my cock erects
fully and it badly needs pussy but I don't have courage to do
mischief so I masturbate.
After marriage our relatives
decided to stay one more day
for shopping I was so happy
because aunty has not brought enough dresses and
she again go to wear my
dhoti at night and it happens
at night. Next day morning
when I woke up I saw my
dhoti and shirt were on the bed which aunty wore for
night. I assumed that she
must be in next room with
relatives and I removed my
dhoti and wore which aunty
wore I feels like that I am embracing aunty in nude and
my dick erects fully I was
dreaming and fucking aunty.
After that I decided to bath
and entered in the bathroom
in nude with erected cock. As I have entered the bathroom
and I was shocked wow!
Aunty was in full nude and
applying soap I got afraid and
I apologize for coming inside
she laugh at me on seeing my erected cock and said what
joke you have bigger than
your uncle I feel ashamed and
came out and wrap towel I
was shivering that aunty
would have scold me fro entering the bathroom. Few
minutes later she called me to
get the mundu and then she
came out from the bath room.

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I said sorry and told that I
don't know that she is at bath room because I didn't hear the
sound of water moreover she
may went to next room to
talk with relatives. But she
laughed and said ok ram no
problem and after this incident, she behaved with in
normal manner as if nothing
happened. We back at home one night
when we were ready to sleep
she laid on the bed and loosed
her pavadai and asked me to
apply pain balm on her back
of the hip and massage gently. While massaging she asked me
to apply more balm and
massage lower than her hip. I
was nervous because where
she indicates the area is her
butt. But she insisted me to do when my hand touched her
butt I feel that current have
passed on me and my tool
becomes rock hard she asked
to massage hardly now I got
courage and I massaged (played)on her butt. But I was
thinking her nudity when I
saw her at hotel. Suddenly I asked massaging
ok why you said big kundi
and acted innocently. She said
you know it when get marry
a girl but I insisted her to tell now. Initially she hesitates
then she gave me a
mischievous smile and
suddenly she wide opens the
dhoti and holds my cock and
asked do you know what is it used for? I replied it is to pee
but she little bit explained
about the man and woman
relationship by holding my
cock I was feeling in heaven
though what was happening was unbelievable. I have
decided to fuck my aunty at
any cost that day so I
innocently asked should I do
it only with my wife after
marriage or any body else. She didn't expect this question
and don't know what to say
but I said Ok I have to take
training before I get marry.
When she hears this suddenly
she pulled me on her and kisses on my mouth she gave
her tongue into my mouth
and interlocked it with mine.
By this time I got enough
courage and I put my arms
around her to hug her tightly, her firm boobs pressed against
my chest. I pulled her saree
down and dug my face into
her blouse, it was warm and
smelled sexy, I unbuttoned
her blouse and to get a view of her voluptuous beauties,
"Wow, they're so cute", I said.

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And started sucking and
squeezing them. She was
moaning,"Aaaaaah, She
slowly moved her fingers through my Jungle and then
Grabbed My Rod into her hands and
started jerking it. Wow, it
was so great. I later pulled her
Saree off, removed her
petticoat, She made me lie
down and came over me, put her lips on mine and kissed me
very passionately, my hands
were messaging the soft skin
of her back and her hanging
Boobs were touching my
chest. Then she lied by my side and said, ram please take off
your dhoti and insert your
tool in mine. As soon as I
heard this I became nude and
laid on her I climbed on her
and took her huge boobs into my hands and started
squeezing them She guided
me to put my tool in her nice
pussy As I pushed my 8"rod
into her she started moaning
loudly in ecstasy. She then started jumping up and down
to send my Cock deep inside
her hole. I too started
pumping her hard, her huge
boobs were in my hands and
her hands were squeezing my ass cheeks. Soon I splashed
my juice into her hot pussy
and she cummed too. After
this we laid into nude each
other's arms for about half an
hour and we enjoyed the whole night. When we were
doing at third time at about
4'o clock in the morning we
both fall in love and I said
aunty I live you she said I too
ram I have never enjoyed like this from your uncle and
asked how you are doing well
I replied that I have seen BF
and erotic books and I have
learnt it. She said you chutti
paiya and hugged me vigorously and she removed
her thali and asked me to put
on her I was madly doing
whatever she asks then she
said henceforth you also
becomes my husband please satisfy me every day she
begged. Hello readers i would like to get comments to my mail ram4you9876@yahoo. in. Unsatisfied aunties,girls,widows,moms,teens can mail me for hot chat.

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