My life with uncle-pt 10


Topic: Memories - part 10: Time draws onI am 23 now but this story began almost 15 years ago. It is a love story and one that continues today. My uncle (though I barely think of him as uncle now) reads all that I write, helps with editting when his memory is better than mine.
Part 15 is finished. For Charles Berry: I am not a virgin and uncle is the only man I have ever been with. So bear with me through this time and you will get to read what you day thereafter when I showered I was full of thoughts of uncle and I making love. I would squat in the shower and work my fingers into myself. I would close my eyes and move my finger in and out as if uncle was fucking me, adding a second, third and fourth finger. In just a few days I was going straight to all four fingers which meant initial entry was more difficult but this felt more like what uncles cock would do to me so I persisted. I also got used to cleaning myself down there as part of the process. Uncle had talked to me about this and I did not want a mess when our time came to sleep together.  
Sometimes mum would knock on the door and tell me to hurry up if I was taking too long in the shower which nearly made me jump out of my skin the first few times but gradually I got used to it and my fucking fingers would not even stop whenever she knocked. I noticed also that my pussy would flare open a little during these daily sessions and I would position myself so that the shower water was hitting it while I pumped my fingers. This felt very nice.  
The next time I was in uncles room he asked about my progress and was delighted when I told him what I did each day and how I was easily using all my fingers. We were in a similar position to last time, him sitting and me straddling his lap.

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   He again took off my panties so that he could kiss me and play with my bottom. This time uncle added a third finger and though he managed to get them in a small way, it was very uncomfortable for me and I got quite upset. I didn’t care about the hurt so much, I was upset that if three of uncles fingers couldn’t go in me then we how could his cock possibly. Uncle calmed me down though telling me that we would just have to find something a little bigger for me to practice with in the shower. Uncle said he would see if he could find something when he took me back home later.  
I was still a bit upset but tried to not think about it as uncle undressed us both fully. As always he was huge and we kissed and touched for some time before uncle lay back on the bed and pushed me gently in such a way that I knew he wanted me to take him in my mouth. I knelt between his spread legs and stroked and sucked on him. He was streaming precum as he always did and I lapped it all up. Uncle stroked my hair keeping it clear of my face and kept asking me to look at him. He liked me to look into his eyes while I had him in my mouth. I felt him responding more to my sucking and knew that he was getting close to cumming. He asked me if he could cum in my mouth and I nodded and sped up my sucking. He talked to me all the time “oh baby, you are so beautiful. I love that you want me in your mouth.

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   I love you Sarah. ” Uncles cock was too big for me and so I held the base tight with one hand so that he could thrust the exposed half in and out of my mouth without fear of gagging me. Today he held my head firmly and really thrust hard at me. I just tried to suck and lick as best I could but really it was uncle who was fucking my mouth. His intensity increased greater and greater, I had never seen him so wound up but still he would not cum. My mouth was getting sore and tears rolled down my cheek before I felt his cock swell and he called out that he was cumming. Then I felt his first squirt as his hot cum flew. He held my head as his load pumped out, he wanted me to take every last drop in my mouth. I gulped and swallowed and managed to take it all.  
Uncle is always very gentle after he has cum. He kept his cock in my mouth until it had grown fully soft but lightly stroked my hair and face, calling me lovely names and telling me how great I made him feel. He wiped the tears from my face and asked if he had hurt me. When I shook my head a little not wanting his cock to escape he smiled and said he was glad, that he was afraid of accidentally hurting me and that he never wanted to. He drew me up to lay on his chest when his cock had finally subsided and kissed and stroked me. My legs were spread either side of his waist and his hand made its way to my pussy which he lightly stroked while we talked.

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   “You’re wet baby. ” He said delightedly. “My little girl is a sexy, horny little lady. ” 
Uncle asked me about what had just happened, whether I had got afraid when he got quite rough with me. I told him that I had not been afraid but that my mouth had got quite sore, but that I did not want him to stop. Uncle just called me his ‘prefect princess’ and smiled. Uncle said that he was a bit worried that when he entered my bum, if he got excited like he had today that he could hurt me a lot and made me promise that I would tell if he did, so that he could stop. He promised that he would stop, that he did not want to hurt me. Although I promised to uncle and had no concept of what the pain might be like, I thought inside that there was no way I would want this to stop.  
When uncle took me home that day, he stayed for dinner as he often did. He had a sneaky look round the house and at one point got the chance to show me a deodorant can that was in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. He whispered to me to take that into the shower with me and practice but to use the end opposite the cap, to take it slow and make sure I dried it and put it away each time. So began my funny little affair with mums deodorant. Each day I took it to the shower and squatted over it, closing my eyes and imagining it was uncles cock. The first few times it was difficult to insert but I gritted my teeth and sat down harder determined to get it in.

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   The first time it really hurt and I immediately pulled it out and stopped for the day. But the next morning I had it out again and was having another go. It wasn’t long before I learned to accept that quite easily and was working each day on taking it deeper and deeper. It was still slimmer than uncle but I got excited again that after only a few times I was able to manage it. I knew uncle would be the same. There was a little blood the first couple of times too but that never stopped me and soon enough never happened again. The deodorant was quite long and I would measure how much I could take, checking this against uncles cock when I got the chance to be with him. There came a point where I had taken the deodorant as deeply as I could, it was not possible to take more and I estimated that it was a little over half the length of uncle. That made me a bit sad but uncle explained that everybody had limits, like how I could only take half in my mouth so not to worry.  
I never told uncle but I also had begun experimenting with my pussy, pushing my fingers in. Once I had the deodorant in my bum as far as it would go and had two fingers in my pussy. I was moving my fingers imagining uncle fucking me when I slipped and nearly impaled myself on the deodorant. That really hurt and was quite frightening. I was afraid that uncle would hurt like that but the more I thought of it, the more I became convinced that uncle would be gentle and not do that.  
Uncle and I got to spend a couple of afternoons in his room between my introduction to the deodorant and when mums and dads trip finally came.

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   Uncle even finger fucked me with three fingers one day. I wanted to try his cock but he said to wait until our weekend together. I know that both uncle and I were very excited and looking forward to that time.  
To be continued . . . . . .

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