my litte cousin Dana, part 1


It was christmas time. My family had decided we were gonna go to Texas and visit our cousins. For me it was a pretty boring time, but they wouldnt leave me alone with the house. Well on chirstmas eve we all went out to my aunts friends house for dinner. I went outside and sat in the car listening to some music. after a bit, Dana came out to the car and asked what i was doing. "Just listening to music" i said. "this party is boring, can i stay out here with you?" said dana"sure"well then we sat there in the car listening to music and talking about stuff. when eventually we started talking about kissing. She said she has never kissed anyone and she wants to know what its like. Without even thinking i reach over, grab her, and give her a very passionate kiss. She learned fast, almost instantly she started licking my tongue and really getting into it. Here we are in the car right outside the house our family is in and we are making out like 2 porn stars. we kissed for about 10 minutes before my mom finally came outside and said we are leaving. We went back to Dana's house and there everyone was just sitting around watching TV, i was in the bedroom reading when Dana and her little sister came in. They were playing with dolls and i was looking at my little cousin with whom i had just made out with.

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   The thought itself was so hot my cock instantly went rock hard. So i grab dana and start to wrestle with her. shes laughing, smiling, we are all having a great time. I positioned her on top of me. Her pussy was right on top of my swollen cock. i started to grind with her a little bit and could tell she was liking it. She was bouncing on my enis, and how i wished we could have done so without clothes. but alas, my sister came into the room and we had to stop. Sure it may have looked like playful wrestling. but dana and i knew better. We left the next day to go back home, and all i could think of was the next time dana and i could play. Part 2 coming soon. The first time i taste dana's sweet pussy. .

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