My Sisters First Time


I had been having these feelings for weeks and I knew they were wrong but I couldn’t help but have them.
They all started a few months prior; I had noticed more and more how good looking my little sister was. She is 3 years younger than me, she was 14 and I was 17.
I noticed that she was developing at quite a high rate, she was 14 with a fucking 20C bra size, she isn’t fat either, in fact she is rather slim, I also noticed she had quite a nice ass, just about the right size. Her long blond hair curtained her face, showing off her amazing beauty, her bronzed skin shines all over her 5’4 body.
I am 6’5, muscular, tanned skin, brown hair and blue eyes, I don’t like to brag either but I was reasonably well hung.
My fascination started one night when I accidentally caught sight of my naked sister, soaping her body up in the shower. What had happened was before you call me creepy, was that my parents were out and I was meant to be staying with a friend, but he had to go up north so that put a dampener on that plan.
I walked upstairs and heard the water running, I was going to go knock on the bathroom door and tell Sophie (my sister), that I was home. When I got to the bathroom however, the door was wide open and I could see my nude sister’s wonderful body. I stood in awe; I was amazed at her immense looks, her sexiness and her appeal.
I felt my cock grow hard and begin to bulge and strain against the denim jeans; I hid out of sight, but positioned myself so I could watch my sister. I watched my amazing sister, I watched her as she soaped up her tits and stomach continually getting lower on her body, until she began to soap up her pussy. I could tell she was enjoying this, her face looked intense, she began to whimper and moan slightly at her touch and I loved it.
After this I became increasingly longing to have her and fuck her, I took every opportunity I could to watch her, to see her, enjoying her sexual appeal. Finally one day the right situation arose.

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Our parents had gone out to work leaving us alone, I told my sister that I was going to my room and to do whatever she wanted. I stripped off my clothes and began to change, I was planning to go out with my friends to the movies, I had just removed my boxers when the door opened and my sister walked in.
“Oh shit sorry” she said looking at my current state, her face blushing a deep scarlet, I noticed her eyes flicker momentarily at my cock before looking away.
“Don’t be sorry, It’s ok” I said to her as she walked out the room, I pulled on some boxers and walked out after her. “It’s not your fault, you didn’t know”.
“No it is, I should’ve knocked” she said spinning around to look at me still blushing.
I smiled, “Well, I’ll go back and get changed then” I walked off smiling to myself, she ha seen my body and liked it. I got dressed and walked out of my room; I looked around for my sister, but couldn’t find her. I walked down to her room; I heard a muffled moaning sound.
I pretended not to hear before opening the door and walking in.
“What the fuck?” I said looking down, Sophie was fingering her pussy, lying back on her bed.
She looked up, “Whaaa?” she then proceeded to cover herself up, I looked down and laughed, “That’s not how you pleasure your self”.
I stripped off my pants and boxers before walking over to her, stroking my dick. “This will really get you hot and wet” I said, holding my dick, I watched Sophie contemplate the size of my cock, she slowly nodded.
I walked over to her bed and kneeled on it, Sophie moved closer to me, pushing her cunt towards me.

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   I gently pushed my cock up to her vagina, just pushing the head into her hole. I then began to gently thrust backwards and forwards, burying deep into her hole, the warm tight hole was familiar to me, I loved the feeling of a virgin.
I pulled off her shirt then her bra, her nice plump tits flopping out, and her big dark areolas sticking out. I began to cup the tits and fondle them; I began thrusting harder and harder, enjoying the amazing feeling.
“Shit” she said as I quickly fucked her hard, I watched her get wetter and wetter, moaning more and more loudly, at the feeling of a cock inside her. I sensed she was near to cumming, I pulled out, and waited, suddenly streams of juice flew out of her cunt, she screamed with pleasure, “FUCK”.
I smiled down at her devilishly, “You ready for another round?” She nodded slowly, “Get up, I’ll lie down and you get on top of me, ok?” she nodded in agreement; she stood up and got off the bed.
I laid back on the bed and Sophie kneeled over me, she gently guided my cock into her pussy before she began to bounce up and down, letting the cock go deep inside her.   Could feel the tight pussy around my cock, the moist and warmness, were amazing on it, her tits bouncing up and down with her wild movements. She began to rub her pussy with her free hands, “Shit this is amazing”.
We kept going for another 2 minutes before she came again, “FUCK” she screamed again.
“Want to suck it?” I asked inquiringly, she nodded and moved closer, she grabbed the tick shaft in one hand, and greedily began licking the head like an icy pole. She began to get greedier sucking on the rod as well, it was heaven and I was close to heaven.
I came all over her face, and mouth, she spat it out onto her chest, “That’s fucking gross” she said disgusted.
She sat up and looked over at me, “we should do this again, but now I have to get cleaned up” she said and walked off to the bathroom.

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This was the first time of many that we fucked togther. .