My Son The Inventor - Ch5 - Like an episode from the Simpsons


Please first read "My Son The Inventor - Ch1-4"

The week before X-Mas holidays was to end a snow storm hit. The next morning Barry was out with the snow blower when a women walked through the snow drifts to his driveway. She introduced herself as Marge your new next door neighbor. She said it was just herself and her twin 14 year old daughters Lisa and Maggie. Marge went on to tell him they had moved from California so did not own a snow shovel.

Barry offered to do their drive and walk as a snow blower made it easy. Margie thanked him for being such a gentleman. After Barry had finished his own drive and sidewalk he continued on doing Marge's place.

When he was done Marge came out to thank him again and introduced her daughters. Barry had an instant erection these girls were very hot and in their California tans. Barry said the twins could come over anytime and he went home.

Not long after he had put the snow blower away. His Mom and Aunt Becky said they were going into the city to shop for after X-Mas bargains and a girls night out. He should not expect them until after midnight.

Barry heated a can of soup for lunch. Just as he finished the door bell rang.

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   When he opened the door there were the twins shivering in coats far to light for the winter weather. He ushered the girls inside and shut the door.

They said thanks for inviting them over as the had been couped up for a few days and were getting on each others nerves. Barry took their coats. He noticed they had very short skirts with tank tops and erect nipples from the cold.

Barry said lets get you girls to a heater. Otherwise you will catch your death in those cloths it is serious weather in these parts. He led them over to a heater.

Lisa was still shivering so he wrapped his arms around her and rubbed up and down her back. Maggie said do not forget about me and moved into his arms with Lisa. Both started kissing him.

Barry was OK with that and before you know it the twins were rubbing his cock and squeezing his butt. He said that this was a very nice way to get warmed up. The girls giggled and said they wanted to check out the local talent.

Barry said what exactly are you saying? Lisa replied do not act stupid you are a hunk and we know you think we're hot so lets fuck! He stated I think I need to move to California, are all girls there this forward? Maggie laughed and replied only the hot ones.

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Barry said I'll make you girls a bet. If this afternoon you come more times then you have in the last month, you two will be my exclusive party girls for the rest of the winter. They both laughed and said if that happened you would be our god and there would be no limits on what we can do.

Barry took them by the hand saying we were going to a special room that has a jacuzzi with a no swimsuit policy. The girls smiled saying lead the way. When they got there Barry unlocked the door and they went into the darkened room.

He turned on the lights and they started looking around, a bit confused. Barry explained that outside of high school he was an inventor of sex machines. For the first time the two randy twins were perfectly still.

Lisa looked at Maggie and pulled out her phone, called her Mom and said Barry's Mom had invited them to stay for dinner so don't wait up. As soon as the call was over they all stripping off their cloths.

When they were naked the girls posed for him and asked what he thought. All he did was direct their gaze to his hard dick which was pointing at them. They got on their knees sharing his meat stick like they were starving.

Barry asked them if they swallowed and they gave him a look like is there another way? When they could tell he was close Lisa said they would put their mouths together so he could spread his cum between them.

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Barry yelled he was going to come and they got positioned. He blew his load altering shots between the twins. They said that was a great snack and a hell of a way to start a friendship. Maggie said big guy I get the first try the sex machine where is it?

Barry said he had a set up that they could both use at the same time. That made these two nymphs smile. Barry showed them a box in the closet and told them to pick out a rubber dildo each, while he set things up.

The girls seem to have some sense as they both came back with 7 inch medium thickness dildos. Barry complemented them on their choice. The harnesses were set up and with dildo screws drivers and pulsing water jets. He helped each twin into a harness and got them strapped in.

He said this was a complementary welcome to the neighbourhood orgasm and started eating out and finger fucking Lisa making her come in less than three minutes then he did the same to Maggie. Both girls said fuck, you are the best cunt licker whose mouth we every come across.

Barry bowed deep and said he aimed to please every pussy as it was the room rules, pointing to the sign on the wall. The girls laughed making their harnesses and titties jiggle.

Barry next got the dildos and pussy holes lubed.

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   By the time the dildos were in pussies and water nozzles adjusted the girls had a wild look in their eyes.

On a whim he gave each girl the other's control and explained what each dial and switch did. Maggie turned her control's dial first and Lisa squealed. Maggie laughed and turned it up higher then Lisa turned her control dial and Maggie got her comeuppance.

Quickly both of them screamed they were coming. Luckily he had attached the control's cords to the harnesses otherwise they would have dropped into the jacuzzi when their bodies spasmed.

Lisa was the first to recover and turned on the control switch for the water jets. She said take that for wearing my new skirt without permission. It was Maggie's turn to squeal and she called Lisa a bitch. The made Lisa laugh and increase the pulse rate.

Maggie was coming again. With all Maggie's will she got her control and turning Lisa's water jets to high. Lisa spasmed with Maggie saying that's for giving Philip a goodbye BJ when you know I wanted to be first. Lisa was caught by surprise and came so hard she let go of her control.

Barry watched in amazement as the come war got crazy and way out of hand.

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   They traded insults and made each other come over and over. All the time increasing the intensity of the machines stimulation features.

He decided to get involved walking behind Lisa massaged her tits, tweaked her nipples to made her come again. Maggie laughed and said I got you now this is for fucking cousin Mike when you promised we would do him together. Maggie increased the dildo drill rotation to full.

Barry left Lisa shaking and jerking. He went over to Maggie and worked her tits over with resulting in a massive climax. Lisa took this opportunity to turn both her dial and water pulse to the max.

You could not tell that there was any time between orgasms and Barry became worried, so he pulled the electrical plug and both girls sank into their harness exhausted. He removed the equipment and lifted each girl from their harness laying them down beside the jacuzzi and put the harnesses away. The girls had recovered enough he felt it was safe for them to sit in the jacuzzi.

When they were both in he got in. Barry cuddled them in the warm water for an hour. Eventually they looked up at him and said that this was awesome, Barry you won the bet we're your party girls.

Barry laughed and said I have not even fucked you yet.

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   They just smiled and their hands were soon stroking his cock. Lisa dived under and started sucking him.

Barry pulled her to the surface and said for that extra effort you get fucked first. You can pick any position as long as its from behind she laughed saying fine by me.

He asked if he should get condoms and they said no silly all California girls are on the pill. Back there the only virgins are 12 years old and can run fast.

Barry was not sure if he could trust them but was ready to take the chance. He helped Lisa out of the jacuzzi.

Barry told her to lean over and hold onto the side of the jacuzzi arching her back. He told Maggie to watch Lisa's face as she was next. He slowly worked into Lisa's pussy with her making comments like stretching me and he's filling me up Maggie. When Barry was buried deep he asked Lisa how she liked to be fucked. She replied California porn star hard.

Barry always the gentleman said are you sure? Lisa said give it your best shot. Barry pulled out to the tip and then rammed back so hard Lisa lost her breath.

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   With the second stroke he wiped the smart ass smile off her face. He proceeded to fuck her with all the experience of the last several weeks and his well conditioned pile driver gluts.

Lisa was yelling I am coming, fuck me and oh god over and over. Maggie was watching with a mixture of envy and fear. She could not stop herself and started encouraging Barry to fuck the little bitch harder. He looked into Maggie's eyes and said remember you're next.

That shut Maggie up. Lisa was soon a rag doll smashed her personal one day come record. Lisa pleaded she needed a rest and Barry stopped and pulled out. He helped Lisa back into the water and told Maggie to get her sweet ass out and assume the position.

He turned Maggie's dripping body around and made her lean over sticking her ass out. Barry hilted her and she pushed back hard like the smart ass she was. Too bad for this little girl as Barry went into overdrive fucking her from one orgasm to another without mercy.

Eventually Barry felt his legs getting wobbly and the inevitable tingle in his balls. He pulled out of Maggie, spun her around and to her knees. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   He shoved his cock into her eager mouth, she sucked while he came with a mighty roar.

The threesome spent the rest of the day in either the jacuzzi or in Barry's bed where he demonstrated his oral skills on their succulent 14 year old pussies.

Barry certainly made two life long friends. The twins said this was the coolest welcome to the neighbourhood party they could have imagined.

The two families became great friends. Eventually Marge was initiated in the "Pleasure" room, but that is another story for another day. .

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