My Step Father


Hi my name is David and this story starts when I was 13 years old.
My mum married my stepfather when I was 9 years old. We got on real well. Always out togther playing football or going swimming. We also used to play fight and roll around a lot. We used to shower togther or mum would run us both a bath when we had been play football. We used to get in togther and mum would soap us both down.
I was small for my age and when I was 13 I had not developed very much. One day when we were in the bath togther after a game my stepfather offered to massage my neck and back. I had my back towards him as he stared. Mum left to put the tea on and closed the door behind her. He stared on my neck and back and soon started to work his way down to thighs. I felt realy good as he started to massage my chest and I lent back towards him. I was then that I felt him agains me. He was all hard and it felt warm against my back. He asked me if I was OK and did I want him to continue, I said yes.

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As I lay against him his hand came round and he started massaging the inside of my legs slowly working his way up to my now little hard willy. I sighed as he took it between his three fingers and moved it up and down. My He asked if I was OK and I said yes in a soft voice. He asked if I liked being rubbed like this. He said this is what real men do and would I like to learn more.
He asked me to stand up and turn and face him, this I eagley done. My little willy standing proud in front of me. He then pull me towards him and he put my willy in his mouth and started sucking. WOW this was great feeling as he moved his head back and forth.
To Be Continued

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