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We worked in the hot sun from dawn to dusk. As the summer went on I was growing like a wild weed. I went from five foot six, 160 lbs. To a grand five foot ten and a 190 lbs. I packed on a lot of hard muscle. This one day I noticed the farmer’s wife, Betty, driving into the hay field. Betty had driven up to the hay truck. We stopped and talked with her. Betty had brought out some ice-cold lemon-ade and cookies for us. It was over a 100 degrees that day. Betty wore a white cotton gauze dress. I noticed that she did not have anything on under it, as the sun shown thru the thin materialWe looked at each other like a wolf in a lamb’s pen. Betty was a hot looking 40 year old. She had long brown hair that had big curls in it. Hazel eyes, five foot 8, 135 pounds, very perky tits. When Betty got in the car to leave, she called me over to her.

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   I looked in the window at her smiling face. She had her dress hiked up and I could see her shaved pussy. My cock was just inches away from her face, as she watched it grow to full hardness. Betty winked at me and said,” dinner will be at sex o clock tonight, don’t work to hard”. I smiled and replied, “ sex o clock”. Betty smiled and said, “served all night long as well”. I walked back over to my crew. I still had a hard-on, and Ted noticed it. The entire crew gave me a lot of shit about that. Around three in the afternoon we moved to the hay field next to the farmhouse. Betty was out in the garden working. I could not keep my eyes off her sexy body and pretty face. As we were taking the last load from the field, I noticed that a spool of bailing twine had gotten rapped around the drive shaft. We had to stop the truck before something got broken. I was going to take that load of hay home with me, to use at our ranch, the next day.

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   The farmer, Lee, had stopped bailing hay, so we had the first day off in75 days. I sent the crew home and started to clean the twine off the shaft. Lee came out of the house and over to the truck. Lee told me he had to go out on a road trip to get the bailer parts he needed. He asked me to take care of the things on the farm and to keep up his choirs. I told Lee that I would take the load of hay home in the morning and would be back to the farm before lunch. Lee smiled and said, ”Betty will love to have you here to help her”“I trust that you will give her a hand with any thing she needs”. Lee got into the pickup and drove off. Before the dust settled and Lee was out of site, Betty came over to the truck. I was on my back under the truck, cutting the twine from the shaft, when I looked up and saw Betty. I slid out from under the truck a little as we spoke. I could look up Betty’s dress and see her naked pussy. My pants were tented up and my cock was throbbing. Betty spread her legs to give me a good look. Her pussy looked like a peach with a butterfly on it.

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   Her lips were full and pouty. She stepped a foot on each side of my head and spread her legs wide. Straddling me as she arched her back and rested her arms on the bed of the truck. Betty said, “gosh I’m hot and tired”I tried to speak being tongue tied and said, “If you are tired have a seat. ” Betty slowly bent her knees and lowered her pussy to my waiting mouth. I could see the drops of honey on her lips and smell, for the first time, the musk of a woman’s pussy. I inhaled her sent till I could not get any more air in my lungs. Lust raged through my young hard body as I raised my head to taste her dripping pussy. Unsure of what to do I licked her lips savoring the taste of her womanhood. I let my tongue explore her folds. When I touched her clit and felt the hard nubbin she went wild and moaned as she ground her clit into my tongue. Betty kept saying ya baby suck it, suck it like you suck momma’s nipples, momma is going to feed her baby. I could feel her hot breath on my cock. Betty unzipped my pants and freed my sweaty cock to the open air. As she rapped her arms around my hips and held my ass in her hands, she licked the length of my young cock.

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  My cock throbbed and felt like it was going to burst open with each pulse. I sucked Betty’s clit as I flicked my tongue over her throbbing woman cock. I felt her body convulsing and tremble as she came. The nectar of her soul gushed into my mouth as I drank her in. She collapsed onto me as we lay there catching our breath. Betty smiled at me and asked, “Where did you learn how to eat pussy”. I blushed and told her that she is the first lady I have been with. Betty wanted to make me cum but I had to get the truck finished. I asked her to go in and start dinner for us. It was a long time before my hard-on went down and I wish I had let Betty suck my cock until I came. Betty called to me letting me know dinner would be ready in half an hour, as I was just finishing up with the truck. I went in and took a cool shower. The thought of Betty’s shaved pussy kept coming to mind. Betty served a great meal, as she did every day. I cleared the table as Betty started to do the dishes.

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   Thoughts of the day’s events filled my head and my cock once again throbbed. I walked up behind Betty and wrapped my arms around her slim waist, asking her if I could help her out. Betty made a little hummmm noise and said, “I’m sure you could”. I pressed my hot cock against her sexy ass. I kissed her neck and ears as she pushed her ass against my cock. Betty said “ I have been watching you grow from a kid to a Man this summer, now I want to teach you what all men should know. ”Betty turned around and took me into her arms kissing me with a fiery passion of the south. Our tongues danced the dance of lovers. I held her sweet ass in my hands, exploring its shape and firmness, as I inched her dress up. Slowly I bent my knees and lowered my kisses to her neck as I felt her body trembling. I kissed the tops of her breast as the sun kisses the dew from a budding flower in the early morning hour of first light. I could smell the call of nature rising from the heat of her womanhood as I took the top button of her dress into my mouth. Nipping the thread, popping the button off she gasped. The second and third button followed the first. Her dress falling from her shoulders I stood and our lips once again touched in a passionate kiss.

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  Betty grasps my shirt and ripped it open, as I took her breast in the palms of my hands. My heart pounding in my chest as my cock throbbed in my pants. I was one to listen and learn from others. I had heard most women say that A good lover took their time and did lots of foreplay. I kept telling myself to go slow take your time. Like my cock would listen. My shirt dropped to the floor and Betty’s knees fallowed. She unbuckled my belt and buttons of my fly. The head of my cock met her lips above the waistband of my shorts. I kicked my boots offBetty slid my pants and shorts off. Betty slid her hands up my legs to my cock and cupped my balls. She took my young throbbing cock in her hot mouth and licked the shaft. I took her head in my hands and tried to pull her off my cock warning her I was going to cum. She smiled a big grin and said, “ That is why I’m sucking your cock silly, cum in mommies mouth, fill me up darling. ”She stroked my cock twice and took the head in her mouth just in time to catch my cum.

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   I thought I would never stop cuming. My knees buckled and I sank onto the floor. As the cobwebs cleared my head, Betty was kissing me and asking me if I was ok. I could taste my cum on her mouth. I opened my eyes and said WOW what happened. I felt so stupid. Betty said, “ You have been cast under the spell of Wicked Betty, I drank in your soul and now you are mine to keep. ” We both started to laugh. Betty was sitting on my cock as I lay on my back on the kitchen floor. My cock started to harden as I felt her heat and wetness on my cock. Betty raised up and took my cock in her hand as she guided it into her wet pussy. Betty rode my cock like she was in a saddle on a gated horse. She kept saying ya baby fuck momma ya baby fuck momma. The dogs started barking and we heard a truck pull in. We jumped up and dashed for cover.

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   FUCK it was Lee, he had came back. . . I packed up a bag and went out side. I put my stuff in the truck. Lee came over and said,” I thought you were going to go in the morning?”I told him that since he was back I would go now and be back early the next day. Lee said he was going to leave and be gone all weekend, and he had come back to get some more cash. I jumped in the truck and started it up. Betty came out of the house and kissed Lee. Lee put his hand up her dress and fingered her pussy. I thought I had better get the hell out of there. Lee and Betty both stopped me. I thought oh fuck now I have had it. Betty said it is ok Lee knows and he wants us to make love, that is why he is going out of town. I said,” This is too weird I’ll be back Monday.

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  ” and I drove off. I pulled the truck into the barn and my Mom and Dad came out to greet me. We visited for about an hour. My Dad said that the mine that he worked for went on strike and he was going to have to leave to find work. We talked for hours as we unloaded the hay into the barn. My new body impressed my dad. We got into a hay-tossing contest. I won. Then the ole man said,"you won that one but you still cant whip the ole man. " That started a wrestling match. We were having a great time playing. Mom came out to referee the match. Before long we had Mom in the hay with us. I felt a hand on my cock and looked down. It was my Mom’s hand and I got hard.

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  During the play I touched Moms crotch as well, she smiled a big smile at me. We brushed the hay off each other and Dad pulled the truck over to the house. Mom said to me “ You sure got big this summer, you are a sexy man now. ” As she was looking at my swelling cock, She undid her pants and said" I have hay in my pants. "That was the first time in ten years that I seen her in her panties. My cock swelled to the max. I undid my pants and shook the hay out. Mom said we had better go to the house, so we buttoned up and left the barn. We sat and talked till it was late. Dad asked me if I could get all the hay in the barn with him gone. I told him that I would bring a load home every weekend. Mom said it would be good to have a man around to help out around the house. I helped Dad pack up the camper and seen him off. He did not know where he was going or when he would be back. Dad knew that I would take care of the place and Mom.


  Mom and I went out to eat and Mom had a few beers. We got home about ten and Mom asked me if I wanted a drink. I smiled and poured a whisky and coke. After a few drinks of my own Mom started to ask me questions and said that I looked like I had something on my mind. I told her about what happened with Betty. Then told about Betty and Lee. Mom said that there would not be a woman alive that would not lust over a young stud like me. I said, “even you,” Mom said, “even thou it is wrong, yes you make me very wet and horny. ”I was so confused in all that was happening. I told Mom that I was going to go to bed. Mom got up and kissed me like she had never kissed me before. She pressed her tits into my chest and her pussy on my hot cock. I was on my bed and there were a lot of thoughts running wild through my mind. I knew that mom wanted to fuck me or did she? I was having thoughts about her actions and about her body. Mom was a hot lady with a sexy body.

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   I wanted to see her naked. Mom went down the hall past my room. There was a large gap under the door of her bedroom. I got the thought that if I got a mirror I could see under the door. The next day I got a mirror and tested my idea. Sure enough I could see the whole room. That night I waited for Mom to go to bed. She shut her door and I was ready. What a view. Mom turned around and looked at the door. I think she heard me by her door. Mom unbuttoned her shirt and tossed it on the bed. Then she took off her bra. And tossed it on the bed. She took off her pants and stepped out of them.

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   My cock was so hard that a cat couldn’t scratch it. I was shaking and a tremble runs through my body as she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. Mom slid her panties off and turned around. There she was naked. She cupped her tits and rubbed them, then ran her hands along her thighs till she touched her pussy, petting her kitty. Mom then walked into the master bath and I could not see her. She returned to her bed, pulling the covers back and got into bed then shut off the light. All was quite in the house and I knew Mom could hear me return to my room. The next day I wanted to spend some time with Mom but I had to get the truck back to the farm. Mom cooked a great breakfast and sent me off to the farm. Mom kissed me goodbye and it was no mom peck on the cheek. She kissed me like a lover. All the way back to the farm I thought about Mom and Betty, it was then that it dawned on me, I was a man wow. I would take control of my life. Betty wanted me to be her son.

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   She wanted to fuck her little boy and I wanted to fuck my momma. Lee was fine with me screwing his wife so it sure to be a great summer. I arrived on the farm to find Betty still in her nightwear. She had on a red teddy under her housecoat. I walked in the door and said hi momma, giving her a hug. We kissed long and passionate. I opened her housecoat and said, “It looks like you have lunch ready”. I took her by the hand and led her to my room. I took off all my clothes and stood before Betty. I told her, Mom teach me how to make love to a woman. Betty undressed and hugged me tight to her breast, saying, “Oh I have waited so long to teach you son, Now that you have a huge cock for momma to play with. Betty was lost in her own little world now. She never had any kids of her own. I was now her son and she was going to teach me to be her lover. Betty (Mom) loved to suck a cock and she licked and kissed my cock till I was on the verge of climax.

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   She would back off till I settled a bit then bringing me back to the boil over point. Over and over it went on until I could not take it anymore. Mom then took my cock all the way into her throat and kept swallowing till I cam. I did not black out this time. Mom said, now you try it with me. I laid her out on the bed and feasted on her pussy. I sucked on her clit like it was a nipple then I would suck and lick her pussy lips. Some times I would take all of her lips and clit in my mouth and suck as I tickled her clit with my tongue then I’d just suck her clit. I teased her over and over like she did me. I pushed two fingers in her hot tight pussy then a third. I used my little finger to tickle her ass. Mom was bucking her ass up and down and saying yes baby yes baby do momma’s ass. I pushed my little finger in her ass and sucked hard on her clit. As she rode the wave of orgasm I slipped two fingers in her pussy and two in her ass. Her ass and pussy clutched my fingers as she exploded into a quivering mass.

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  Once we rested a bit I rubbed moms body with my strong hands. I touched every inch of her body, exploring as I went. I rolled Betty onto her tummy and rubbed her back. She stuffed two pillows under her and raised her ass in the air. I rubbed my hot hard cock in the crack of her ass as my hands massaged her back and ass. Betty reached between her legs and guided my cock into her pussy. I pushed in until I felt my cock hit bottom. I still had a inch to go. Mom said, now go easy for a while. I took long slow strokes for a while. I could feel her pussy walls clutch my cock and try to suck it back in as I pulled out of her hot pussy. Soon Mom was thrusting her ass back at me and saying ya baby fuck momma, fuck me hard. I could feel her hand on her pussy as she stroked her clit. I lubed up my thumb and pushed it in her ass, thrusting my cock all the way into her pussy. Mom stiffened out as she came.

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   I pulled my cock out of her pussy and rubbed it on her ass hole. She wiggled her ass and I took it as an invite. Betty pumped her ass as I inched into her. When I got all the way in her ass she said to just hold it all the way in and don’t move. I could feel her ass milking my cock, and then she started to hump my cock at the same time. I was going mad with lust. The cum swelled up in my cock and I thrust in her ass as I came. Her ass milked my cock of every drop of cum. We took a shower and then napped the next few hours. I felt the bed move and opened one eye. Lee had come home and was licking my cum from Betty’s ass. My cock stiffened and Lee slid his hand up to my cock. part two, will come soon. .

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