Niece-tastic - 2


As Terry and I both stared at the ceiling, me catching my breath and Terry licking her lips, she said softly and innocently (as always) ”Will you teach me anal?” I felt her glace over at me as I looked at her and smiled, then winking at her, I said”Let’s get shower and have some breakfast. ” Pulling her up by her hand as I eased out of bed. I looked over her petite build, her exceptionally small tits, perky rigid nipples, down to her swollen clean shaved pussy, as I pulled her to the bathroom. ”But wait! I wan…”Stopping her in mid sentence I turned to her and leaned down close to her looking deep into her forest green eyes ”You want your uncle Mike to fuck you in the ass, don’t you?You want my cock deep in your ass hole, don’t you?”

”Yeah! I do!”I . . Smiling at her I lead her into the bathroom. Smirking I said. ”Are you going to be a patient little niece and let uncle Mike take his time?” she exclaimed ”OOhh . . of course uncle mike” grinning from ear to ear, she bounced into the bathroom behind me.

I stepped into the shower and warmed up the jets as I felt my cock stirring with the thought of having Terry to myself all summer long. The shower was a large walk in shower with a bench two sides. As I stepped out looking over Terry, something I will never get used to, she beamed with excitement, almost bubbly.

”Come on sweetie, your welcome in my shower anytime!” Giggling ”Will you wash my back?” ”I’m going to wash your everything!” It seemed as though she hopped in place before dashing to me, wrapping her arms around my neck. ”I love you, uncle Mike!” ”I love you too Terry!” as I maneuver her back to the one of the jets. ”Ohh yes that feels good.

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  ” she mumbled. ”Lean your head back, I want to wash your hair. ” leaning her head back into the jet, her light brown hair slicked back and darkened hanging almost down to her shoulders. She tilted back up wiping the water from her eyes and smiled at me. I reached over and dripped a dollop of shampoo into my hand and rubbed my hands together and wiped my lathered hands across her hair. Starting to lather her hair up I meticulously worked across Terry’s scalp. It always turned me on to wash a lady’s hair. I could hear her gently purring and it stirred me to the core. She was smiling as she looked down at my raging hard on, and reached for my cock.

”Not yet. ” I softly said as, she withdrew her hand, as I ran my fingertips through her hair from her temples, over her ears and down to the back of her neck. She purred. ”It’s my turn to do the touching. Lean your head back. ” Our eyes smiled at each other as she leaned her head back into the jet and I fluffed and rinsed her hair.

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  I reached for the body wash I generously poured into my hand and wiped it across her chest feeling her nipples scrape my palms. I was mesmerized looking into her eyes as I spread the body wash around and up her neck, around and up her cheeks, around her eyes and forehead.

”Lets rinse your face sweetie. ” as I leaned her back into the jet, the water splashed over hear head and ran down her face until all the suds where rinsed clear. I squeezed another handful of body wash and wiped it from her breasts down to her belly button. She moaned. Starting to spread the lather across her body, over her shoulders, down her arms and hands, her sides, around her breasts, I tickled and gently pinched her nipples. ”Ohh god uncle Mike, I love this!”I smiled and continued working my way over her body. I knelt and washed her legs to within inch of her pussy. I felt her lower her body into my hand. ”Easy girl, I’ll get to your sweet little pussy. ” I felt the slickness all inside her legs, the slickness only pussy juice can make. Her pussy seemingly drooled down her legs she was so hot.

”Turn around and put your hands on the tile. ” As I directed her to where I wanted her.

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   I continued to lather her starting back at her shoulders, down her sides and the whole of her back. She purred loudly the closer I got to her ass. Her ass was perfect, bulbous, jutting out from the small of her back outwards and down to where it curved out of site back to the tops of her thighs. She was trying to get my hands on her ass. ”That ass of yours really needs some attention, doesn’t it?” Her throat cleared. ”Uhh huh, it does!” I knelt again working her legs with lather. She was whimpering as a neared her ass. ”Tell me what you want Terry. You want to be uncle Mikes little slut?”

”Ohh God, … Yes … YES! I want to be your little slut, Uncle Mike!Please … PLEASE … fuck me in my ass. ” I smiled and worked to finish lathering her up. All I lacked now was her pussy and her ass. I slid my left hand around her hips down to her sweet, slippery, hot little pussy. I felt her drop into my hand as my fingers rounded her clit. She gasp, ”OOOhh” I circled her clit, ran my fingers beside the entrance of her pussy as she moaned loudly. I loved to hear her in the depth of pleasure.

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   I worked my right hand around her buttocks, jiggling her cheeks, then slid my hand fingers first from the top of her crack all the way to her ass hole. ”Ohh god … I’m going to cum . . right now … ohh god … I’m cumming!” she blurted out as I circled her soft ass hole in the same motion I circled her clit.

Her body quivered as I leaned close to her ear, ”That’s my girl!That’s my girl!” Suddenly I slid both my fingers into her, each separate holes, one into her pussy and one into her ass. The deepest sound emanated from the depths of her. ”UUHHH” Her knees buckled and she dropped completely into my hands thrusting my fingers up and out to hold her up. Her body started to quiver. She couldn’t even make two consecutive syllables as her body rocked with another orgasm.

”Uh . . OO … I …CU … Mg . . a . .

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   a. . gai …. n” I held her close until she could straiten her legs and hold her own weight. I heard her weeping . . Then a sniff. ”You ok my love?” ”Yeah … of course, I’m fantastic, I love you so much uncle Mike!” Kissing her shoulder, ”I love you too my sweet Terry!”

Although I could see her legs quivering and jiggling like rubber I eased my hand off her pussy and started caressing her ass cheeks with both hands. She moaned softly. I spread her ass cheeks and slid my right hand back to her soft little ass hole. She backed into my hand. I knew she was ready. She wanted her uncle Mike in her ass so bad.

”You ready my sweet little slut? You want uncle Mikes cock in his little sluts ass hole?” Catching her wits and casual sense of humor, she coyly said, ”Hmmm … well … I guess if you think you can handle it!” Chuckling I whipped back, ”Well tell uncle Mike what you want. ”

I slid my hand past her ass hole and cupped her pussy pulling my hand back dragging my fingers to squeegee as much of her slippery juice as I could and drug it to her willing soft little ass hole.

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   I rolled my fingers, one, two … then three around and around loosing up her opening. Moaning and gasping quick little breaths like a she was in heat, her ass hole started to feel like she was pushing to open up for me.

”Please … Uncle Mike fuck my ass … Ohh please fuck your sluts ass hole!” That’s all I needed to hear.

”Put your hands on the wall sweetie, my little ass hole slut. ” I huskily exclaimed as I lined my cock up the crack of her ass. Sliding it up and down I felt her matching my motion. I slowly slid my cock to the rosebud as the base of her crack and slid my cock slightly in. It went in easy. I moaned with the disbelief I was going to fuck my niece’s ass.

”Ohh god . . yes …that’s what I want … fuck your sluts ass!” I squeezed a generous wad of KY into my hand and coated my cock with it. Slowly I pulled the head loose. She wined with disapproval until she felt my fingers lubing up her sweet hole. She moaned again as my cock popped back into her ass.

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  I gently slid it slightly in and out working it in a little more each stroke.

”Ohhh yes! … Oh MY GOD!” she puffed. I grabbed her hips and rocked it back and forth. My god, I could feel every ripple down the canal of her ass as she housed my manhood little by little. With every stroke … she exclaimed ”Ohhh YES . . DEEPER! … DEEPER, Uncle Mike!” I came home with the last stroke … as my balls slapped her pussy.

”OH . . YES … NOW FUCK ME!” She hissed like the devil himself had taken over. I started long stroking her from tip to base. She slid down my cock with ease. It was tight and It felt like the ripples were going to suck the cum right out of my balls.


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   HARDER!” My devil child has come home. I pounded her fast and deep, faster … and harder. I didn’t know how much longer I was going to last. ”Where do you want me to cum, my little slut?” She shrieked,”OHH . . YES … I’M GOINGGG TO …. UHH YES … CUM WITH ME … CUM DEEP IN MY ASSSS!”

I continued to slam into her feeling her quiver was all I could stand. ”Oh Baby … I hope your ready for my load … It’s Cuming!”

”Yesss … NOW!” she huffed meeting my stokes. I felt my cock quiver and unload squirt after squirt unlike anything I had ever felt.

We slowed, awkwardly moving in motion from exhaustion. We slumped slowly to the shower floor together with my cock still in her ass. We lay there speechless for a few moments until my cock slowly slid out of her ass.

She mumbled as she turned over to face me, ”Ohh god Uncle Mike, I never want this to end. ” I smiled, ”Me either my sweet sweet Terry. ” Water splashed us as we lay there.

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I sit up and gently clean her up a bit, turned the jets off, then, sliding my arms under her limp body while she gazes at me, I take her to the bed and lay her down softly.

I winked at her and said, ”So, what will it be for breakfast missy?”she was smiling back at me as she whispered ”eggs, toast and some orange juice”

, ”Yes Mam!” I kissed her forehead, ”Think about what you want to do the rest of the day and I bring your breakfast to you in bed. ”

She giggled, smiled, and winked at me as she lay there gently stroking herself with her fingertips.