Our Little Secret


This is my first story. Only have had sex with cousins when little but this is the type of crap that turns me on.
One friday after school my mom said that dad had gone on a trip and ask me if i wanted to camping.   I said sure sounds fun.  So she and I got our camping things together and before you know it where on our way.   First Let me tell you about myself, I'm 17 and a senior in high school. I'm 6' 3 and 225 pounds and Got a full ride to USC playing football.   I have always enjoyed camping and this was the first time with just mom.   We arrived at a lake that I've never been and it was getting dark so mom and i hurried to get the camp up.   She had done alot of camping growing up and made sure that I knew how.   Well after the tent and everything was up mom asked if i was hungry and i was.   Mom said that it was to warm for what she was wearing and wanted to chage before she cooked.   Then in the tent she went.   When she came out she was wearing really short shorts and a tee shirt.   Not that it shocked me I just never gave it much thought about how she looked and let me tell you what my mom looks like.   looking at her you would never think that she was 42.

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    She stands 5'10 about 140 ibs.  red hair that goes to the middle of her back and has been running 2 to 3 marathons a year ever since i was 4 or 5.   So i'm not sure why this time I noticed how sexy she was.   She started to cook and I ask if i could help and she said no i got it.   So the whole time she was cooking I just could'nt keep my eyes off her ass and I swear I could see little red pussy hairs. Next thing i know she done with dinner and we ate.   After a couple of hour talking and having a few beers mom said that she was tired and was going to bed and so was I.   I was still thinking about her ass when i went to bed and whn i knew she was sleeping i took out my cock and started to masterbate about her as she sleeped beside me.   I though she woke up but she was still sleeping.   And when I cummed it was the biggest orgasm ever and it was hard to clean up and i thought I cleaned it all.  
     The next morning when i woke mom was not in the tent and so I got dressed and when out and i noticed that I really over slept and mom was already done fishing and had caught 4 fish and cleaned them, She said, "It's about time you got up. " Here help me cook these then we'll go swimming. The fish was really good and when mom was done she went to get her swim suit on.   I was looking forward to see her in her suit after last nights site.   When she came out she had a two piece and the top covered very little and the bottoms was a t-back and i got a instant hard on and tried to hide it.

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    When i looked back up at her she was looking at my short and smiled.   Hurry and get your suit on she said, as she ran to the water.   And when i looked at her as she was running to lake and her ass didn't wiggle one little bit.   I went it to the tent to get my trunks on. I took alook through the crack in the tent just to get another look and I started to jack off again but just when i was getting it going she call me and said hurry up what are doing in there? so i tried to wait till my hard on went down but she kept calling me.   Out of the tent i came and when i got to the side of the lake to my suprize my mom had taken her suit off and was completely naked in the water.   My face was all red and she said why don't you take you trunks off and get in here.   I was very shocked and when i took my trunks off so was she.   She looked at my cock and said that it's been along time since i've seen your manhood i'm very impressed.   I asked her what she mean't by that and she said that i had the biggest cock she ever saw and i told her yea wright.   And in to the lake i went and when we where both in the water she said come over here and let me check you out and I was wondering where this was going and it didn't take long.   When I was next to her i felt her hand touch my cock and she looked at and under the water she went and the next thing i know my dick was in her mouth and it felt it felt it felt I don't know what to say I was in a dream. she wasn't down there long and she came up she said don't move.   She put her arms around my neck and wraped her legs around my waist and with her right hand she put the head of my cock to her pussy and she tried to get it in but the water was to course and my cock was bigger then she's useto she ask if i would be willing to get in the tent and fuck her and all i could say was are you sure, She said yes i'm sure.   We put our suit back on and went into the tent and she siad to lay down, she didn't have to say it twice.

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     I asked her what did she mean about the size of my cock.   she said that it has to be at least 12'' long and it took both of her hands to get around it.   I asked her what was the biggest she ever had and she said her Dad which was 10'' and not near the thinkness of yours.   I was shock to hear her tell me about fucking her dad but she said that it's our little secret. .
     She took my cock in her mouth and with both hands stoked it up and down i was in heaven and she worked like she was never getting another cock for the rest of her life. and i was about to cumm and she stopped and said not yet.   and just as she said that i cummed all over her face and she put her mouth back on it so she could taste it and not waste it.   After i was done she asked if i was able to get back up and i said start sucking my cock mom and it will spring right back and it did.    She worked it back to full size and stepped over me and lowered her self onto my cock and she was so wet and still it was not going in and she took it very slow and after a couple of seconds the head pop in her cunt and she made a little weaper and next thing i know my cock was in and she started to pump her cunt up and down and just after a few second she came for the first of many this day.   She looked so sexy seeing my cock go in and out of her red haired cunt and she kept it up for what seemed ahour she came four more times before she was tired and had to take a brake.   She said that she could love my cock and never stop. I watched as she took my cock out of her cunt and she layed down beside me looking like she was completely  relaxed.   Then I took my turn and i grabed her 36DD tits in my mouth and her nipples where hard as rock and i nibbled on the and she said that she was sorry that she was only concernd about her self and that I could do what i wanted so i did.   After snacking on her tit i worked my way down to her pussy and it had a little blood on it so i wiped it off and tried to stick my tonge in as far as i could and then i licked her asshole and she was shocked and i'm pretty sure she didn't know what was coming next.

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    I flipped her on her stomach and rised her ass up and she said she'd never done this before and i told her after looking at her ass last night that i had to have it.   She said that she thought i was looking at her and she smelled cumm in the tent this morning.   I spit on her butthole and slowly worked my cock in her ass and she said it hurtand i told her she said that bi could do what ever i wantedso she didn't say another word just help work my cock in her ass and after a couple of stroke i was all the way in to my balls and i took long slow stroke in and out and mom started to play with her pussy and i could feel her hand touch my balls and thats all it took and i came deep inside her ass and she had climaxed at the same time and i told my mom that she was the best fuck ever and thank you.   We layed there for awhile and kissed and we both said hat after this weekend that this will not happen again.   Yea right thats what she thinks.

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