Our trip to Florida part 5


Our Trip to Florida part 5
As i am sliding into Kelsey, we can here my parents in the shower doing the same thing. From the sound of it, my dad is giving it to my mom, as she is almost yelping like a dog. kelsey turns her head to me and says," I have an idea". She gets up off the bed and goes to the sliding glass door, opens it up and walks onto the balcony. She approaches the rail, and "assumes the position". Hint received. I walk over to her and slide into here. I look down and see people on the beach below us. Forgetting my niece is only 16, I slam into her with reckless abandon. Kelsey starts to moan very loudly, gaining several catcalls and stares from a couple of the beachgoers down below. Much to the pleasure of the onlookers, Kelsey has now moved to the rail, belly against it, tits exposed to the world. The more I thrust the harder and louder she moans. I don't even realize the people in the room next to us are watching from the balcony next door.   The thought of us being watched brings us both to the moment of orgasm and I let out a beastly yell as I cum deep into Kelsey's 16 yr old pussy.
The applause and yells from below were expected, it was the applause from next door that caught us off guard. The couple was an older couple, mid 60's maybe and I am sure the old man hadn't seen a body like Kelsey's in a very long time.

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   His eyes never left her body as I pulled out and she turned around and said hi. The old man's wife stood up and walked over and I could tell she hadn't seen a young hard cock like mine in an equally long time, as he eyes were raping me. I was half tempted to ask her if she wanted to touch it, but when I hesitated, Kelsey didn't. After the inital shock, the lady answered she would love to, but it wouldn't be fair to her husband. Kelsey didn't miss a beat, telling her that he husband could touch her if he wanted to. The words were barely out her mouth when the husband's hand was cupping Kelsey's tit. Taking it as the cue it was ok, the old lady reached her hand out and I moved closer to here. When I reached her, she wrapped her hand around my dick and examined it like it was a cucumber at the grocery store.   i am not sure if it was curiousity or boldness, but I reached inside the old lady's dress and felt her old titty. It felt weird compared to mom's or Kelsey's. The old man saw me do this and i guess he had a surge of horniness, because what he did next blew my mind. Using his other hand, he reached down and took his dick out. Poor guy, it was small and shriveled. Kelsey looked at me and I motioned to her to help him out. She took her hand and placed it on the old man's little dick and it disappeared in her tiny hand.

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   Much to mine and Kelsey's surprise, is began to grow. Who knew? The old man was now a rock solid 3 inches and he had a plan in mind. He used his free hand to place it on Kelsey's shoulder and push her down until she was eye level with his dick. Kelsey looked at me and I nodded with approval. Kelsey tood his little dick in her mouth and proceeded to give him, to my imagination, the best blowjob he has ever had.
Meanwhile, the old lady was still examining my dick and reached behind her and pulled a chair up and sat in it, never releasing her grip.   Now she was eye level with my crotch.   She leaned in, and further examined my dick. First the top, the the sides, then lifting it up and examining the underside. Using her other hand, she cupped my balls and rolled them in her fingers. Her examination continued and at one point she held it to her nose and smelled it. I guess the smell was pleasing to her and she then used her tongue to lick the tip then along the sides, tasting my niece's juices. I knew what was coming next, kinda. She releases my balls, reaches in and pulls her teeth out. After setting them on the tables, she turns back and opens her mouth.

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   I have to say, it felt great. I have never been gummed before. I knew there was no cum left in my body so I knew I had to break this off sooner or later as it would never end. I let her go for a few minutes before I pulled out of her mouth. She immediately grabbed my dick and asked what was wrong. I told her nothing and she asked if I wanted to put it in her. i thought about it for a second then told her I wasn't sure if that would be good. She begged me, "please, did you see his pecker? I need this monster in me now!" I felt sorry for her and reluctantly agreed. I hopped the rail and she led me, dick first into her room.
When we got to the bed, she pushed me down and stood in front of me. I watched with curiousity as she pulled her sun dress over her head. The sight wasn't appealing. Her tits were big but saggy. She wasn't wearing any panties and I saw my first gray bush. It was the hairiest thing I have ever seen.

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   Of course, she asked me if I was still up to it, and I didn't want to break this poor old ladies heart so i answered by reaching up and grabbing one of her tits and popping it in my mouth. I released it and asked her how she wanted to do this. She responded by climbing on the bed and onto her back. I tried not to look where I was about to go as I climbed in between her legs. I entered her and she squealed as I did.   I asked her is she was ok and she shook her head and told me to hump her brains out. "You got it", I answered her. And I proceeded to fuck the living shit out this woman. It didn't take long for her to cum and I knew that was the end. I faked cumming in her and she asked if she could " clean" me off. Sure, why not. She sat up and proceeded to lick every inch of my dick. She thanked me and I left back to my balcony.
I get to my balcony and i don't see Kelsey or the old man so I venture inside. To my surprise, Kelsey is on her back and the old man is in between her legs giving her his whole three inches as hard as he could.

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   I just stood there and watched. Kelsey showed no pleasure at all, as I am sure she wasn't feeling a thing. I looked over and saw my parents standing there watching the show. I looked at my dad and just shrugged. Dad turned to mom and whispered something in her ear. From what she did next, dad was wanting to give this old man the time of his life. Mom walked over and fondled the old man's balls from behind. At first he was shocked then when he saw mom, he relaxed and got back to fucking Kelsey. Mom continued to fondle the old man's balls, finally moving down and sucking on his balls This caused the old man to speed up and you could tell from his face he was on the verge of cumming. mom must have sensed this as well as she pulled the old man's cock from Kelsey's pussy and put it in her mouth. The old man shot his load in my mom's mouth. She milked his old dick for all it was worth.   Mom pulled his dick out and licked it clean. The old man got up off the bed, then before he left bent down and kissed Kelsey's pussy.   Instead of trying to get back over the rail, he walked out our front door.

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It was Kelsey's and mine turn to shower, as mom and dad were hungry and wanted to go out. I had to drag Kelsey off the bed. I stood her up and then threw her over my shoulder and walked to the bathroom. As we passed dad, he stopped us and buried his face in Kelsey's ass, motorboating her ass cheeks.   Once he was done, we proceeded into the shower. Both of us being too tired to do anything, we showered and finished up. We dried off and went out and got dressed. Dad announces the rule of the night is no underwear for anyone. Being ok with that, I slid some shorts on and Kelsey and mom put on some short sundresses.
Out we went for dinner, not realizing that we were far from done. All that time in the shower, mom and dad were planning out tonight's events. . . . .

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