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Topic: Partying Cheerleader style My sister and I were typical teenagers. I was a senor in high school and my sister was a freshmen. I was on the Varsity football team and my sister just made the cheerleader squad two days ago. The workouts for the both of us were long and hard but the pay offs were well worth it.
After the practices, I would walk my sister home. We would talk about what was going on in school and who was kissing whom. My sister was fourteen and I was eighteen.
My sister was short only about 5’1” and very petite. She long black hair was almost waist length from never being cut. My parents never wanted to take her in so she left it that way. Her legs were very firm and she would always walked around in her uniform. It was red and white. The top was a tight sweater, that showed off her firm c-cup and the skirt was only long enough to cover her ass.
My sister Victoria always showed me her ass around the house. It was a game for her. Victoria’s bloomers were tight like a swimsuit.

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   Because my sister was petite, she had small breasts. I like to see her in a swimsuit though. She really turned me on. I think she knew too.
I was not that tall, around five foot, five inches. I was thick with a neck that was the size of a tree trunk. I played linebacker for the local high school and was getting offers from top colleges to play. I liked to keep my hair short and its dirty blonde look accented my tan complication. I took great care in my over all conditioning. I did not have a flat stomach, but it was close. I tried to eat well and drink plenty of water.
We walked home taking our time because I was sore and Vicky was tired. We joked around with each other she was teasing me about my loser girlfriend that never liked to do more then kiss. Vicky laughed at me and pointed to my dick, “You are never going to get her to suck your cock. ”
I gave her a playful shove but I knew she was right.


   I was reduced to wanking off in the shower or a sock. My girlfriend Jenny was such a tease. I should drop the bitch and move on but when you are a teenager you have to have hope.
I took a shower and then headed to the kitchen to get something to eat. Practice can wipe you out. I went to my bedroom and started to rub one off. There was a knock at my door. I quickly turned out the light and covered myself. “Who is it?” I answered in the most tired sounding voice I could.
The door opened and my sister walked in. She was wearing some tight silk pink pants and a silk top that only covered her c-cup breasts. Victoria walked in and sat on the foot of my bed. She placed her hands behind her and leaned back giving me a view of the bottom of her breasts. Her silky smooth skin was a creamy white in the moonlight of my room.
“What are you doing?” Victoria asked with a smile on her face.

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   “Can I watch?”
“I’m not doing anything. I was getting ready for bed. ” I said with a shaky voice. Did my own sister want to watch me jerk off? Did she really? I looked away from her.
Victoria looked at my cock under the bed sheets. “I have watched a couple of boys before. I like it. I love to see them squirt there cum on my tits. ” She said with a straight face and a wicked smile.
“Vicky! What are you doing?” I said in shock. “YOU are not sleeping with them are you?”
“Nope I have not let any man fuck me yet. ”
“But you are only fifteen years old!”
“So I like it when men look at me. I know you look at me. You like my tits and my ass. I have always wondered what your cock looked like and what it feels like.

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“Vicky, I can’t let you see my cock. I am your brother. ”
“I will show you my tits so that you can jerk off to them. If you show me your cock right now, I will show you my tities. ”
She started to inch her tits out further and let her jet-black hair fall down her back. She was damn sexy but I was not about to let my sister see my cock. I didn’t want to ruin my family over some cheap and meaningless sex.
My sister could see that she was not going to win so she stood up and headed for the door. The moonlight gave way to the light from the hall as she opened the door. She turned her back to me and said, “You could have seen all of this. ” With that she pulled her pants down and showed me her incredible ass. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and her ass had a perfect shape to it. After all she was a cheerleader.
I jerked off three times that night and fell into a very deep sleep.
Friday was the first game of the season.

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   We had trained for a long time and wanted to win. This was my first year on the varsity and I heard that the parties are off the hook. I couldn’t wait to see if they were true.
We won the game as expected. In the locker room everyone was talking about the win and the party at some guy’s house. I headed over after I changed and showered.
The party was already in full swing when I arrived. The cheerleader squad was already there. There were about two hundred people in all. The football team started drinking. There were shots being lined up and someone was smoking weed in the back. The music was rockin’ and everyone was having a good time.
I had a drink in my hand and just worked the room. I went talking to some of the cheerleaders and to Vicky. She was still in her uniform as were the other girls.

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   As I was making my rounds with the girls, I heard a rumor.   The Head cheerleader told Vicky that all the girls give at least a blowjob to the football team. She was saying that the head cheerleader got to pick the guy that the cheerleader would have sex with. Both people would be blind folded. She was also saying that the cheerleaders would be blind folded too.
“Well shit!” I thought. “I’m getting laid tonight!” I hurried to find the guys and find out more details. That is where I ran into Johnny one of the running back.
“Dude, you know that there is some sort of thing about having sex with the cheerleaders tonight?” I said with almost a smile on my face. I was trying to hold in the excitement. I was like a kid in a candy store, like a homeless man on free donut day at Krispy Kreme.
Johnny and Tim lead me to a room on the second floor. As we approached the door the Tim handed me a blindfold. Johnny looked at me and said, “You can’t take off the blindfold if you want to stay on the team. Do not talk and just sit on the bed and let the cheerleader come in and suck my cock until you cum in her mouth.

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   That is the rules. ”
“Oh hell yes. ” I said without thinking. My girlfriend had only let me play with her pussy a couple of times but nothing more and I was really horny.
Tim asked if I needed a condom. “Nope. ” I said, “My father hooked me up. ” and I walked into the room. It was dark but the bed stand light was on. The room must have been a girl’s room by the décor. I took off my shoes, pants, and shirt. I then applied the blindfold and sat waiting.
I could hear the door open and I head the head cheerleader say, “Your prize has arrived. No talking and you must cum in her mouth. ”
I heard footsteps and then the light when out.

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   “Oh you two have a good time and keep your blind folds on the whole time. ” Then I heard the door close.
My heart was pounding like a bass line at a rock concert. I could feel my palms sweating and my cock was growing all by its self. I sat back and I wanted to see the girl that was about to suck my cock but I didn’t.
I could feel a set of hands begin to rub my legs, running up and down my thighs. I felt this girl’s hands run over my cock. Even though I had my boxers on, she could feel my hard cock. I felt her small hands touch my legs she was shaking a little. I wasn’t sure if she had ever sucked a cock but I was going to find out.
I grabbed the bottom of my seat to stop from grabbing this girl. I wanted her so bad. My cock was doing all the thinking. I let her slowly rub my cock. I wanted to feel her touch on my bare skin so I rotated and thrust my hips at her face.

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   My cock touched her. I’m not sure where but it felt like lighting. I was so excited.
Her hands slide under my boxers and grasped my cock. I almost spoke. I remembered the rules and kept my mouth shut. My heart was beating so fast that I thought I could jump through time. I really didn’t want to shoot my load in my shorts either.
The cheerleader worked my cock for a couple of minutes with her hand before I felt her pull at my waistband. I pushed my hips up to allow my boxers to come free. She pulled them all the way off and now I was free. My cock sprang free, like a jack in the box, swinging from side to side. I ran my fingers through her soft hair. It was long and had a great smell about it something that smelled familiar.
I thought about what Vicky was doing at this party and if she was with a guy right now.

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   Then I put it out of my mind and went back to the girl sucking my cock.
I felt a warm breath on the tip of my penis. “WOW”, I thought she is about to suck my cock! This is great!
I felt her warm breath as she breathed out and then I felt her soft wet lips touch my engorged cock. I was so hard and her lips felt like silk that I almost came in her mouth. I place a hand behind her head and one on the chair for balance. I began to slowly move her head up and down on my cock. I could feel her tongue on the underside of my cock and whirling around my tip on the up stroke. The cheerleader slowly started to work my cock faster and faster. She applied suction to my cock and worked up speed. “This girl has sucked a few cocks in her day”, I thought while I was gripping her head and grabbing the chair for leverage.
I am not sure how long she was sucking my cock but I was so close to cumming and she never stopped. She kept the pressure on my cock and used her hands to stroke my base of my cock. I felt a hand on my balls lightly squeezing them. I couldn’t take it anymore. I gripped the back of her head and I shot a huge amount of cum in this cheerleader’s mouth.


   I held her tight while she licked my balls with my cock still in her mouth. I shot another load deep into her throat. I must have shot four or five loads into her mouth before I let go of her head.
She pulled back and I could hear her swallow. “Ummmmmmmmm, that was good big boy. Thanks for the large drink. ”
Her voice was so familiar that I pulled off the blindfold and saw something that would change my life. It was Vicky with a blindfold on too and she was wiping the cum from her chin. I was so shocked! What had I done? This was my sister and she sucked the best cock ever. It beat a hand job by my girlfriend any day.
It then occurred to me that this was a set up. It was the head cheerleader that put us together. She was the one picking the girls to suck the guys. I grabbed Vicky and pushed her to the ground. I then grabbed my clothing and quickly got dressed.

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“What a bitch!” I yelled as I ran out of the room and left the house.  

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