Pulling For My Sister - Ch2 - Sharing


Please first read "Pulling For My Sister - Ch1 - Something Novel"

Beth arrived around four in the afternoon. Earlier in the day Davey and Mary had 69ed themselves into pleasure land. They decided to stop or would likely fall asleep too early in the evening. Besides Davey wanted to save some cum for Beth's deflowering.

He was racking his brain trying to figure if he could get both girls to have sex with him. It would be a waste of the evening if he had to wait until Mary went to sleep.

When Davey greeted Beth at the door she gave him a quick kiss. He could tell she was all keyed up in anticipation of the fun they would have. Pizza was ordered soon after she arrived.

While waiting for the pizza they watched TV. Davey announced that the girls needed to know he was the boss. Beth nodded her head while Mary smiled and shook her's. Davey said that he was a little chilly so he needed them to snuggle up with him on the couch.

Beth waited for Mary to make the first move but they were soon sitting on each side of Davey held close. His hand would "accidentally" slip to tickle and touch them making the girls giggle, laugh and sigh.

This was an excellent time waster because before they knew it the pizza arrived.

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   Both girls groaned in disappointment when he got up to answer the door. Beth stole a look over at Mary and she had a big smile on her face so did not seem to be mad that Davey was paying her some attention.

They ate, talked and laughed soon they were back in the TV room. Mary announced "I'm changing into my PJs as I don't want to have to change when half asleep". Beth said "Sounds good to me" and went to her room.

Davey stripped down to his boxers. When in Mary's room she said to Beth "I know you like Davey which I am OK with now. So do you want to have a little fun with him". Beth cautiously said yes. Mary continued "Well if we dress sexy he will certainly get a big bulge in his pants", Beth giggled.

When the two girls came down stairs, Davey could only stare. Both girls wore tight thin t-shirts which were almost see through exposing their dark nipples. The t-shirts barely came lower than their tight buns. He figured Mary had not worn that t-shirt for over a year as it was way to small. Mind you not that he was complaining.

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It took Beth calling his name twice before he stopped staring. The girls giggled feeling very sexy with Davey's lustful looks. Mary said "Lets play a card game where the winner of each hand gets to tell the losers to kiss them anywhere on their body. The horny kids all agreed.

Mary got the cards and they sat on the floor as she explained "The rules are very simple. We are each dealt one card the highest card is the winner. If there is a tie for the winner the looser has to kiss both winners".

Then Mary dropped the bomb shell "I saw you two making out last week and I am OK with it as long you do not leave me out". Beth gasped and Davey smiled.

Mary dealt the first three cards. Mary had won with an ace. She looked at the other two saying "kiss my nipples" and raised her t-shirt revealing her breasts and cotton panties. Davey moved in and gave her a tongue bath kiss making Mary stick her chest out for more.

Beth looked a little confused and Davey said it is only a kiss. Beth leaned in and lightly kissed Mary's other nipple and then turned red faced.

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   Davey said "That was sexy Beth loosen up and have fun. We won't be telling anyone about tonight. What happens at a sleep over stays at a sleep over. Be happy we do not have to sneak around anymore. Mary is cool with us making out".

This made Beth smile and relax. Beth now dealt a hand. This time Davey won. He said "I want a long french kiss girls" then turned to Beth. He took her into his arms. As their kiss started he slipped hands under her t-shirt giving her breasts a nice massage. When their kiss broke she was panting a little with nipples clearly poking out her thin t-shirt.

As Beth watched, Mary straddled Davey's legs rubbing herself on his chest while gripping his head kissing him hard. He had his hands up her t-shirt and down the back of her panties gripping her butt cheeks. Beth noticed one hand move in a way that made her suspect he had a finger buried in Mary's pussy.

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   For some reason that made her very hot.

When their kiss broke Mary looked flushed and Davey's shorts hard a significant bulge. Davey dealt the next hand. The girls both had queens while he had a nine. Mary laughed saying "Kiss my ass", Beth giggled "Mine too".

Davey had Beth get on all fours with her head down and ass stuck up. In a quick move he pulled her panties down and buried his face into her pussy holding her hips so she could not get away. Beth gasped and moan as he started to lick her pussy. Last time Davey only fingered her so this was a wonderful first.

Mary laughed watching her friend's eyes flutter as Davey's tongue was driving her crazy. She held Beth's hands and said "Come girl, come on my brother's face". Soon Beth yelled "FUCK, oh God"! and her body shuddered as she came while Davey lapped up her pleasure juice.

When he released her hips she fell on her side. Davey pulled her panties completely off. With a slick face smeared with pussy come he looked at Mary's and said "Guess your next sis.

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   Assume the position".

Beth recovered enough to see Mary get on all fours. As he slowly pulled off her panties he was laying lots of kissed over her tushy. He pushed her head down to expose more pussy then he moved her legs further apart.

Once positioned his mouth was on that twat like a starving beggar consuming his first meal in days. Mary moaned, groaned, oohed and aahed and begged for more. She was moving her butt to help Davey give her a thorough tongue fucking.

He got on his back positioned under her then wet two fingers were shoved into her tight kitty. His finger pumping may have seemed a bit rough to Beth but Mary was screaming "Faster, fuck those fingers faster"! Beth knew this was something she had to try.

With his finger fucking Davey licked, sucked and hummed on Mary's clit sending her to a hard climax. Her nails gripping the carpet like a cat on a scratching post. Once Davey lapped up her come he stopped letting her fall to the side.

Davey said "Girls lets stop these silly games and continue this three way in my room". He tugged the two girls to their feet, they got up and followed him to his bed. Going up the stairs he had a hand on each girl's butt cheek squeezing those firm globes making them giggle.

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Once the girls climbed on his bed he said "Get naked". Davey pulled off his shorts and they their tops. Beth's eyes were focused by his hardon. Mary said "Beth lick the tip like this" and she grabbed hold of shaft and licked from base to tip and sucked the end a bit. She then pointed it at Beth.

There was no hesitation as Beth took over doing as Mary instructed. Davey groaned and moaned as Mary continued to show Beth what to do. If it was not for their BJ and some giggling when he groaned extra loud he was completely ignored by the two best friends.

Beth started gentle playing with his balls, he felt that inescapable testicle tingle and warned them of his impending orgasm. Mary held Beth's head down on his shaft when he blew his load into her mouth. Beth had no choice but to swallow but this was Davey's cum so she did not mind.

He got onto the bed as his legs went weak. The girls cuddled up. Mary asked "What are we going to do now"? Dave replied "Well just give me a few minutes and I will see if I can pleasure two girls at once". Mary said "Oh ya, how are you going to do that"?

Instead of answering he gave them each a few long kisses then he got off the bed.

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   Davey told each girl to get on their sides, an arms length apart, facing each other. When they were positioned he got between them sitting back on his haunches in easy reach of their young twats.

He said "Raise one knee so I your play with your pussy. Good, now reach across and play with each others breasts. If you feel like kissing go for it". Mary had her hands on Beth's tits in a second with Beth following suit to touching her friend's nipples.

Davey started rubbing their clits as they pressed themselves into his hand. When he got them excited the girls mutually leaned in to kiss each other. He now inserted a finger into each girl and leaned over to lick Beth's clit while his thumb rubbed Mary's.

The girls kissed became more intense and Davey saw nipples pulled so hard that he winced. Both girls moaned into each others mouths. His tongue clit play switched back and forth between the two girls.

Soon he inserted two fingers and upped the pace of his finger fucking. This scene got to the young teen and his cock was hard again. After increasing the pace of the finger fucking even more he announced "The first girl to come will loose her virginity tonight".



Beth pulled off the kiss and screamed out a hard shaking climax as she declared herself the undeniable winner. Davey the considerate brother dove into his sister's pussy finishing the poor looser off. Mary looked down at his come slick face smiled and shook her head.

Davey got off the bed and went to the kitchen to get snacks and cold drinks. By the time he came back the girls were whispering and giggling among themselves. After they had eaten the snacks, Mary asked "Stud, how are you going to prevent my best friend from getting pregnant"? He fished in a dresser draw and pulled out a condom hidden in a rolled up pair of socks.

Beth said "You can save that one for Mary because I am on the pill. My Mom got pregnant with my brother before she was married and does not want me making the same mistake. I really need to feel you cum in me Davey". Mary added "We were just testing you".

With a smirk he replied "I think that can be arranged", everyone laughed. Davey reached into his closet and grabbed an old towel he used for the gym shower and spread it on the bed. He asked "Beth honey, do you want to do this with Mary watching or in private"? Beth said "If we are going to share you then we share everything".

Mary went and sat on the desk chair. Davey got on the bed and started tenderly caressing Beth.

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   His hands traced lightly over her skin as his lips kissed her softly. He seemed to understand how to arouse her body's for maximum pleasure.

Soon they were in a serpentine embrace withering and rubbing together. Their bodies seemed to be looking for just one more way to make contact blending into one another.

Davey rolled on top of Beth and she spread her legs ready to give him her one time gift. He propt himself on an arm while rubbing his erection up and down her slit mixing their slick wet juices over his nob.

As he guided himself into Beth her face radiated love for her gentle lover. He pushed back and forth slowly until he felt her maiden head resist his vaginal intrusion. With one look and the nod of her head he pushed by that last bastion of virginity and entered her into womanhood.

Mary in her seat winced as she saw the single tear released from Beth's eye. Beth wanted this so bad that she was raising her pelvis to encourage Davey to reach her depths. Davey with great restraint slowly pushed himself as deep as he could go and held still.

He leaned down and tenderly kissed his lover showing how much her cared for the gift given. As he began to pull back he felt Beth's pussy walls grip his member and she moan at the sensations he had stirred in her.

He started a long slow stroke and she responded raising her pelvis to meet each thrust.

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   Soon Beth called out "Faster Davey faster" and he obliged. As he increased the speed of his stroke she matched her push backs. Finally her climax broke into a shudder and the echos of"oooooooooooooooooohhhhhh".

Davey was close to cumming himself but wanted it to last. He stopped stroking and rolled them over to have Beth lay on top. He let Beth rest for a while then said "Lover sit up and ride me". Then he turned to Mary and said "Mary once Beth is riding me come over and sit on my face I need to taste that sister pussy". Beth giggled and said "You are a greedy boy, but for my best friend, why not"?

Beth was up and moving so his hardon stirring up a new climax. Mary moved to straddle Davey's face. Soon he was licking and sucking while pumping up driving deep into Beth. Mary reached over and rubbed Beth's clit.

Davey figured they should call themselves the "wild bunch". Beth was getting so frantic that it was all he could do to focus on eating that sweet sister pussy. It was all too much and he pushed Mary up so he could yell that he was cumming.

Beth felt the first spurt just after he yelled and pushed herself down hard burying him as deep as she could.


   This triggered her own orgasm and she quivered in climatic joy. Her young erotic fantasies had been fulfilled.

Mary was too close to be denied and settled her pussy back on his face. Tired but appreciative Davey finished his sister off. She lifted up and moved to cuddle under one arm as Beth was being held by the other.

Happy kids to be sure. Davey was asleep in minutes having exhausted his spunk reserves for one evening. The next morning the girls let him sleep in. He was awakened by a loving kiss from Beth and Mary carried a full breakfast tray.

As they climbed into bed, he told them such service was not necessary. Mary said "You need to keep strong and virile so you can take something from me big brother". The girls giggled and he chuckled.

Davey said "I need to shower first but I will definitely like to pick up where we left off last night. Beth when is your Mom expecting you to be home"?

Beth replied "I called and she said to be home for lunch". It was already ten thirty so Davey said "Would you like a going away tongue bath".

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   She giggled and replied "A girl never refuses your oral offerings".

Beth joined Davey in the shower for some good clean fun, ending with him cleaning her pussy with his tongue. All Beth could think of was how difficult it was going to be to wait until they could get back together. Her fella was dam addictive.

Waving goodbye to Beth, Mary had her hand on his butt and he hers. She could feel her pussy tingle in anticipation of her big brothers loving. As Beth went out of sight she took Davey by the hand to his room.

Cloths were flung off and the siblings embraced. They barely got to the bed before falling on it. The urgency in her body caused Mary to claw and tear at Davey. She took control pushing him onto his back positioning his cock and thrusting down tearing away her virginity like wrapping on a present.

She was so horny the pain was not noticed as she relished how he felt inside her. With pussy stretched, filled, hot and slippery Mary started riding his shaft like she was possessed. Davey caught her fever and thrust up yelling "Fuck me Mary, fuck your bother"!

She yelled "Oh god, feels so good, harder Davey, fuck me harder"! He quickened the pace trying to oblige his randy sister. Mary had got herself so worked up that she came sooner than expected but Davey was no where near done.

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He pushed her off and positioned her on a fours and shoved himself deep into his sister. While she was still in an orgasmic hazy he started quick paced thrusts which made contact slaps which echoed around the room.

This stirred Mary to meet his thrusts and the siblings were full out fucking. Mary bellowing a mixture of "Fuck me, Fuck me"s, "oh, oh, oh . . . . "s and panting many "ah, ah, ah . . . . "s.

As if they had ESP the two sibling felt their mutual climb to the precipice of a climax peak. Together they screamed as Davey drove deep into Mary as they came together. His sperm shooting deep and her pussy walls clenching to capture every last drop.

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Finally Davey collapsed over her back as she slid full length on the bed. Still coupled it dawn on them, they had forgotten to use a condom!.

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