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I tried so hard to play off the fact that I moaned my uncles name in ecstasy as his girlfriend was eating out my pussy. . I tried to think of a reason for the slip. . I was fucked though because I could not think of anything. . Megan on the other hand had plenty to say. . She kept teasing my by saying "You want to fuck your uncle, you want to fuck your uncle". . Even though it was true I denied it. . I tried to say I was thinking about another guy named AJ but I could tell she knew I was lying. .

I was about to do my best to change the subject when Megan suggested "How about we get a shower?". .

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   I quickly agreed. . As we got into the stand up shower Megan said to me "Am I the first girl you have ever been with". . I shyly nodded yes. . she replied "Ohhh a pussy virgin, I guess I am going to be the teacher tonight". .

Well she taught me a lot that night. . Even though I knew how to please my self I didn't have a clue how to please another woman. . The first thing Megan taught me was how to finger her pussy. . She started by putting her finger inside of me and telling me to to do the same to her.

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  . She then showed me ho to move in a circular motion on her g-spot as she returned the favor. . Then after we both came a few times she leaned against the wall, put on leg almost behind her head and taught me how to suck on her clit and how to finger and tongue her pussy and the same time. . . I have to admit I enjoy eating out Megan's Pussy ALMOST as much as I enjoy her eating out mine. . The taste was musty but sweet, the smell was intoxicating and her moans make me cream just thinking about them. . We played around a little more then finished cleaning up. . We got dressed right in time because AJ was just pulling into the drive way coming home from a hard days work. . .

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AJ came home an was a little shocked to find me there. . Lucky for me Megan was quick on her feet. . She told him that I was there helping her study for a test tomorrow. . I think he believed it. I gave him a hug good night and went home

That night I fucked my self to the thoughts of what Megan and I did that night. . . Well it started that way but always ended with me imagining AJ fucking me hardcore. . .

The next day in school I was blushing so much as Megan was telling her friends about some hot woman she picked up in the bar and how that woman was a big time squirter. .

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   After every erotic detail she would keep looking up and me and giving me that evil smile of hers. . .

The next few months until winter break I would go to my uncles house each and every Friday night as AJ had to work doubles then. . Megan had this thing where I would dress up as the slutty teacher and she would dress up as the naughty school girl. . I would "Discipline" her with my ruler and next thing you know we would be in bed having sex. . She taught me how to 69. . Megan liked it if I sat on her face when we would 69. . Every time I would cum though my back would straiten on it's own and I would squirt cum all over Megan's naked body. .

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   Just when I thought we did it all she put her finger in my ass hole as we were eating each other out. . For like a second I was disturbed but then she just hit a spot and it was instant water works. . Up until that point I never squirted harder. . .

After each fuck session Megan would ask me when I was going to fuck AJ. . I would always tell her it was not right. . It was just a fantasy that I could never fulfill. . . .

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   One Friday night just before we were about to get down and dirty she asked me again. . This time I replied with "I don't think my uncle would be down with two family members getting it on". . Megan smiled and said back to me "Oh I know that is not true". . She told me to get comfortable on the bed. . She then took an SD card out of a carefully labeled box of them and put it in the SD slot in the TV. . I quickly saw that it was a video of AJ, Megan and some young girl. . As I Looked closer I realize that the face of the girl was the same as Megan. . he hair color was different, she barely had a cups and she wore glasses but the resemblance was spot on other wise.

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  . I looked at Megan and before I could ask she spoke out and said "That is my little sister Fawn". . She was like 4 years younger then Megan but just as beautiful. . .

I know I should have been appalled and disgusted but I could not take my eyes off of AJ and Megan eating out Fawn's pussy or Fawn and Megan taking turns sucking on AJ's huge cock. . I have always known my uncle was a pedophile. . He was in his late 20's but was still fucking high school girls. . Again I should have stop watching immediately but It was so hot watching my uncle, Megan and her sister have a three-some. .

With out even knowing it I was masturbating to the video.

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  . So was Megan. . I don't know what turned me on more but I was so hot for seeing my uncles engorged cock thrusting into both Megan and Fawn. . Every time either of them came so I. . I thought I was as turned on as I could possibly be but then AJ shot his load deep into Fawn's pussy. . What happen next put me over the top. . I then watched Megan lick each and every drop of my uncle's cum out of her sister's throbbing pussy. . At that point I just squirted over and over and over again for what seemed like forever

It took me a very long time before I was even able to mutter a word. .

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   Just then I realized where that camera angle was and noticed the camera right above the TV. . I asked Megan "Is that thing recording now?". . She replied "Yes it is". . I then asked her "Who's watches those recordings?". . Megan the replied with something that both terrified me and made me cum all over again. . She said "Oh me and AJ watch them after you leave right before we fuck". . I was speechless again. . Before I could say anything else Megan blurts out "Oh did you know that your uncle thinks you are damn sexy with your glasses on?.

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   You know how he likes girls with glasses don't you?"

Again shocked I didn't hear AJ pulling into the drive way. . He was walking up the stairs but I was still in to much shock of what I was just told to notice. .

What comes next though is another story for another time.

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