Sarah and Daddy part 4


     Sarah gave me a restrained, daughter-father kiss on the cheek, she smiled at me in that way, and said, "See you later Daddy. "

     Jessie gave me a quick, friendly hug, and said, "We'll see you in a while Mr. Stevens. "

     I saw them to the door, and filled my eyes with the sight of Jessie's sexy rump, those glorious globes snugged tightly in the seat, those tight jeans were virtually painted on, and I could feel my cock stir accordingly, eager to get between those sexy globes.

     I got busy, making Sarah's bed, straightening up her room, and hoped that the plans I was making in my head matched my sexy daughter's plans, judging by that sly smile, I had good hopes that they did. Looking in the mirror, I could virtually see us on the bed, my cock opening up Jessie's tight, maybe virginal opening, while Sarah pulled Jessie's face against her dripping young pussy, ordering her friend to lick her, lick her good. My cock was rock hard, damn, just have to live with it, save it up for tonight.

     In the early afternoon, I decided to hang out by our backyard pool. I had just settled myself into a chaise lounger when the door to the pool deck opened, and Sarah and Jessie looked out, smiling.     

     "Hi Daddy, great idea, Jessie and I will join you in a few minutes. "

     I was glad I had put board shorts on, I had a feeling that my cock was going to need the space, once I fattened my eyes up with Jessie's hot teen body parading around in front of me. In a few minutes, my daughter paraded out, letting me see the zebra striped bikini she had bought, a top just big enough to keep her breasts cupped, and a tanga style bottom, leaving half of her ass cheeks naked to my gaze. I filled my eyes with the sexy sight, Sarah's eyes sparkling with desire as she knew exactly what I was feeling.

     "If you think this is something, wait until you see what Jessie is wearing! She wasn't sure if she should wear it in front of someone other than me, but I convinced her that my Daddy would be cool about it" she whispered to me. She continued, "Cool until later, then I'm going to work on her. Jessie is still a virgin, and she doesn't want to be, but the boys that we know are all nothing but horndogs that just want to shove their little pricks into any hole that they can, and fuck us like we're nothing.

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   She told me a few days ago that you're pretty hot looking, even though you're my Dad! So, I'm going to see if I can convince her to let my Daddy take her virginity, and Daddy, to coax her if she's reluctant, would you be cool if I told her that I know you'd be gentle, and give her a wonderful first time, since you were so gentle and loving when you took my virginity?"

     "Baby, I'd love to deflower your sexy girlfriend, do whatever it takes, my cock is already stone hard!" I growled lovingly at her.

     She smiled, then the patio door opened, and out stepped Jessie. I didn't crane my neck around to stare, I just let her come into my field of vision. She did, and oh my god. The pattern of her bikini was like a shimmery dark snakeskin, her top just barely covered half of her big, luscious melons, leaving a deep V of cleavage between them, her nipples were so close to being uncovered, but her bottoms were even hotter. She was wearing a thong bottom wedged into her sexy ass crack like floss. Watching that lucky thin strip of fabric disappear into the cleavage between her sexy globes, leaving all of her ass cheeks visible to me, was like visual Viagra. She smiled as she did a slow twirl, showing off her new swimsuit, and as she did, I could see the ruffled snakeskin pattern of the small bit of fabric just barely covering her pubic triangle, pressed tight against her.

     "How do you like my new swimsuit Mr. Stevens?" she asked me, a twinkle in her eyes.

     "Wow, wearing that on the beach would make you the hottest young lady on any coast" I replied, and I meant it.

     Sarah gave her a playful smack on her sexy naked rump, and exclaimed, "Let's hit the water!"

     Jessie let out a squeal of surprise, as they ran, she smacked Sarah on her rump,  squealing and giggling, they jumped together in the pool, creating two sprays as their sexy teen bodies broke the water. I watched, enjoying their laughter, playfulness, and the shape of their sleek bodies as they did laps of the pool. I was positioned in such a way that I could watch them full on as they climbed the steps up out of the water. The sight of my daughter and her wildly sexy friend, dripping wet, with pool water running down their bodies, got my cock seriously interested again.

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   As Jessie turned to pick up a towel, the sight of those rump cheeks, also streaming with water, made me rock hard. I adjusted myself, lest my erection be a little too visible. I was hoping for some action tonight, but if Jessie was not interested in such a scenario, I didn't want to freak her out by rushing into anything like a bull in a china shop. But, if nothing else, the mental footage of her emerging from the pool, her  ass cheeks dripping wet with the water, would provide awesome masturbatory fodder.

     Jessie and Sarah pulled up chaise loungers, and they stretched out in the sun, letting the warmth of the sun dry their bodies. I asked them if they'd like something to drink, and I went into the kitchen and made 3 screwdrivers, heavy on the orange juice, and light on the vodka for the girls. With ice clinking in the glasses, I handed them out, and we all took a healthy draught of our drinks.

     Sarah smiled, said, "Umm, that's got a little more than orange juice in it!"

     Jessie sighed, saying, "Oh that tastes really good, what's in in?"

     "That is a screwdriver, the name for a mixture of orange juice and vodka. I went a bit light on the vodka, and Jessie, I hope you can keep it a secret, or your parents will throw a shit fit!"

     Jessie giggled, her eyes flashed as she adopted a sexy, Mae West style vamp voice, and drawled, "Are you all trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me??"

     Even though we all broke out in laughter, the look she gave me looked like she was only half kidding.

     It was almost dinner time, and I told Sarah and Jessie that we were going out for dinner. Sarah loved to go out for dinner, and her and Jessie ran upstairs to change. I went upstairs to change also, and I heard some soft moans come from Sarah's bedroom. I crept over, took a peek, and loved what I saw. Sarah and Jessie were in a steamy clinch, their bikini tops tossed aside, wearing just their bottoms, the press of those sexy breast against each other, oh my. Their lips were pressed together, I could see their tongues joined, sharing tongue filled swirls of passion, Jessie had her hands entwined in Sarah's hair, pulling her head tight against her.

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     After several minutes, Jessie broke the kiss, and said, "Do you think. . . uh, this is hard to ask. . . . "

     Sarah giggled, and said, "You want my Daddy to fuck you, I say yes! I'll tell you something, my Daddy deflowered me yesterday, and it was the most wonderful feeling in my life. My Daddy is so loving, he'll be very gentle with you, just as he was with me, and you'll have the best introduction to sex that you'll ever have. I think we should get dressed, my stomach is starting to demand food!" 

     Jessie cooed, "If you kiss me some more first, just a few minutes more. "

     Sarah gave her a lust filled smile, and I was once again able to watch the sexy spectacle of my daughter and her best friend kissing wildly, knowing that they were getting ready for me.

     As they broke the kiss, I quickly sneaked downstairs, letting my cock cool off from that erotic sight, fuck, that was so red hot to watch. Jessie and Sarah came downstairs a few minutes later, both of them smiling at me, and soon, we were entering the Catch of the Day seafood restaurant. As we went in, I felt Sarah link her arm through my left, and Jessie did the same with my right. I looked in turn at them, they both gave me a sexy grin, and as we were led to our table, lots of male heads turned our way, looking at the lucky guy with a hot babe on each arm.

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     After dinner, we went home and put on their favorite movie on the DVD player. They sat on the couch next to me, Jessie on my left and Sarah on my right. I suddenly felt them both start resting their heads on my shoulders. I lifted my arms up and put them around the girl's shoulders, they were happy to snuggle closer to me. My cock was seriously interested, eager for attention. Jessie and Sarah couldn't help but notice.

     "Oh Mr. Stevens, my goodness, it looks like someone else want to join in!" Jessie giggled.

     Sarah grinned, and she covered my cock with her hand. The feel of her hand through my trousers really brought me up. Jessie was watching, her eyes bright, as Sarah stroked me.

     Sarah growled huskily, "If you think his cock looks great now, you need to see it when my Daddy is naked, stroke it, then feel that wonderful stiffness sliding into you, bursting your virginity, like my Daddy has done with me!"

     I sneaked a peek at Jessie, her face was red, her breathing started to deepen.

     I could hear her whisper "Oh my god. "

     Jessie's hand joined Sarah's, both of them stoking at me, then Sarah slowly removed her hand, so Jessie could enjoy the full length. Her hand started tentatively stroking at the cloth covered bulge, caressing my shaft.

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   Sarah's face was full of joy, we both felt Jessie was ready.

     Sarah whispered huskily, "Why don't we all just go upstairs, Jessie, you said you wanted your virginity taken, and my Daddy gave me the most loving, gentle deflowering I could ever have wanted, you'll love it. "

     No more words needed to be said, two teenage girls, their eyes alive with sexual heat, pulled me up, and led me upstairs. In Sarah's bedroom, we all took turns stripping each other, and Jessie stared at my 7 inches, rock hard and ready for action.

     "Come over here, baby, watch yourself in the mirror, and feel what Daddy can do to you with his foreplay" Sarah growled huskily, as she led Jessie to the mirror.

     She had Jessie stand with a side profile to the mirror, I was there in a moment, cupping her chin, turning her face up to me. Her eyes were bright, her full, pink lips trembling slightly. I pressed my lips to her, I could feel the soft press, then she let out a moan, and her lips melted against mine, I could feel her tongue slide out, eager to meet mine, and we shared tongue filled swirls of passion. I broke the kiss, eager to kiss and lick her sexy body. I took a peek at the mirror, and oh my god. Sarah was behind Jessie, kissing her shoulders and the area below the nape of her neck. I saw her peek over, seeing me looking, she gave me a devilish grin, and as my mouth wandered lower, she moved lower, kissing the area directly opposite Jessie's chest. I gently cupped her full, generous melons, licking at first one, then the other nipple, feeling them turn into stiff, excited extensions, her nipples stuck out at least an inch or two, large, hard, pink buttons that kept me going, licking at them over and over again, listening to Jessie's moans of pleasure.

     I started to kiss my way down, between the valley of her breasts, along the trail to her navel, noting that Sarah kept pace with me, kissing her way down Jessie's back. Just like my sexy Sarah, Jessie's tight teen pussy was bare and smooth, and I started to gently, lovingly lick at the tight labial lips, taking a peek at the mirror, I almost lost it right there.

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   I felt Jessie's hand reach down, stroking at my head, in the mirror image, I saw Sarah's hands gently pulling apart the moons of Jessie's ass, spreading open her sexy rear cleavage, then her face pressed forward, nuzzling against Jessie's tight back door. Jessie's other hand was pressed against the back of Sarah's head, her growls of pleasure urging us both on. The thought that my daughter was licking her best friend's tight asshole made me fight to keep from shooting off right there, my cock had never felt so hard, so swollen.

     Jessie growled with pleasure, cooing, "Oh my god, that feels so wonderful, don't stop!"

     Sarah had other ideas. I saw her pull away, she tapped me on the shoulder, and whispered, "Let's do Jessie the way you did me".

     In a few moments I was flat on my back on Sarah's bed, and Sarah was helping position Jessie right over my eager mouth. The heat, the dewy wetness of her tight pink lips hovered right above me.

     I heard Sarah coo, "Look, see yourself in the mirror, watch as you cum all over Daddy's face, let yourself go, and enjoy it all!"

     I pulled Jessie's hips down, as soon as my mouth made contact, I went to work, eager to lick Jessie to her first orgasm of the night.

I could tell that Sarah was squatting over me right behind Jessie, I opened my eyes, and I could see Sarah cupping Jessie's swollen full milk jugs, caressing them, pulling and lightly tweaking at her stiff, swollen nipples. Jessie was letting out continuous growls and sighs of pleasure, I could imagine the hot sizzles of pleasure that Sarah's fingers were stirring up.

     Jessie started to grunt and slowly rotate her hips, and I had a feeling that Jessie was ready to fly. Sarah did too, she leaned in and cooed, "Are you ready to cum baby?"

     "Fuck, oh yes, fuck, don't stop!"

     "Keep your eyes open baby, look at yourself, look at your sexy body enjoying all the sexual pleasure, do it Jessie baby, let it go sweetie, let yourself cum, cum for us baby, CUM, now!"

     I heard Jessie gasp out, "Yes, yes, gonna, gonna, fuck, fuck FUUUCCCKK!"

     Her voice spiraled up to a shriek of pleasure, her body shaking crazily, and I felt a gush of her juices as she released her pent up sexual pleasure, cumming all over my face, my mouth busy swallowing all her tart juices. I looked up, saw Jessie looking down at me, a smile of dreamy wonderment on her face.

     She cooed, "Did I just cum like that, that felt like nothing I'd ever felt before!"

     Right behind her, Sarah growled huskily, "If you think that was something, just wait until you ride Daddy's cock! Now that we've got that sweet pussy all stirred up, take the best ride of your life!"

     I was treated to the sight of Jessie squatting over me, the entrance to her sweet virginity nudged against the head of my cock.

     "Now, just take as much as you can, it may take a bit to loosen up, but you'll love it, but if you just can't stand it, just stop, there'll be no problem.

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   I'll take care of Daddy, he can finish his passion inside of me, since he's already plucked my cherry!" Sarah giggled.

     Jessie growled huskily, "If you can take it, so can I, I want to take it all, and have my virginity out of the way!"

     Jessie got a determined look, and she started to slowly slide down. The heat and the tightness clamped around my cock, oh she was virgin tight, for sure. She took me in about 2 inches, squirmed around, lifted up, again was stopped by the barrier of her hymen.

     Jessie said, "Sarah, help me out, when I push down again, push down hard on my shoulders, I don't care if it hurts, I just want that stupid virginity out of the way!"

     She got that look of determination on her face again, and this time, pushed down hard, as Sarah pushed down hard on her shoulders. That did the job, Jessie flinched and gasped, but she didn't stop, she kept on pushing down, and I felt the sudden loosening as her virginity gave way, bursting apart as my cock surged in, pushing past her torn hymen as she kept pushing down. I felt her tight walls spreading apart as my cock opened her up. Sarah was again fondling Jessie's luscious jugs, Jessie was letting out moans, of pleasure I hoped, as her virginity vanished, her tight walls getting their very first fuck. The eager wrap of her around me took one last hard push down, and with another moan, and an answering growl of pleasure from me, she had buried my cock balls deep in her, completing her deflowering.

     "Oh, oh, oh that feels so big, I feel so full!"

     Jessie held herself still for a minute or two, I was more than happy to let her adjust, the way that Sarah had adjusted.

     Jessie lifted up slowly, and slid back down again, then again and again, and I felt just a slight release. She did too, she smiled as she started to ride me, the pleasure pushing aside any fast fading twinges of discomfort. Being her first time, her movements were a little unsure, just a tad bit clumsy, but the terrific feelings shooting through my prick more than made up for that.

     Jessie gasped, "As much as I like to watch, can you roll me over, and fuck me back into the mattress? My Dad has a secret stash of porno videos, sneaking a look at those tapes, that was the position I first saw, and want to try the most. "

     I hugged her tightly to me, and over we rolled, my cock staying inside her all the way.

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   I pulled back and plunged into her, the heated center hugging at my cock tightly. Sarah helped Jessie hook her long legs around my waist, and she started to let out continuous noises of passion as I plunged in right to the balls, over and over. I could feel it start climbing, I was gonna cum soon, the milking action of her was making my cock start to sizzle.

     Jessie cried out, "Yes, oh fuck yes it feels so wonderful, fuck me Daddy, fuck me good, I wanna feel Daddy's cock squirting deep inside me, let me have it Daddy!"

     Hearing Jessie call me Daddy took me to the edge, and I lifted my head, looked up at the mirror image. Sarah was laying next to us, finger fucking herself wildly as she watched us. There I was, fucking my daughter's sixteen year old girlfriend, Jessie's body writhing ecstatically beneath me as my cock drove her back into the mattress again and again, the sounds of her cries of pleasure, Sarah's answering moans of joy, and the wet squelch of Jessie's creaming cunt being pounded towards orgasm, while my daughter, overcome with lust, masturbated wildly to the view of Daddy fucking her best friend, the squishy sounds of her nimble fingers wildly fucking her sopping pussy. My cock jerked, swelling tight with a massive urgency, Jessie let out a squeal as I stretched open those tight teen walls a bit more.

     Sarah was laying next to us, with her fingers flying wildly, masturbating furiously, she saw me looking, and growled, "Now, now, now, cum with me, cum with me, just like I am, oh fuck, looks so fucking hot, I'm, I'm, I'm, CUMMMIIINNNGG!"

     Sarah's voice let out a long, drawn out howl of pleasure, my howl joined hers, and just as my cock erupted furiously, Jessie let out a shriek of joy. Her tightness started quivering and spasming wildly, clamping down tightly around me, her pouring juices gushing over my spurting cock, our cries and howls of orgasm filling the bedroom. The feel of her milking tightness demanded every bit, my cock jerking over and over in repeated ejaculations, eager to obey that order of pleasure. My cock gave one last burst, shooting my hot cum deep inside her tight teen pussy, and I was spent. I tumbled down, two sweaty satisfied teens rolled into my arms, and I felt gentle kisses on my cheeks.

     "Good night Daddy" I heard Sarah and Jessie whisper in unison, as they snuggled up close to me.