Seduction of Lori


Topic: Seduction of Lori     The day started out for me just like any other typical Sunday morning. I slept in a little and then sat in the kitchen sipping my coffee and read the Sunday paper. I had about an hour before I needed to get myself ready for church. I couldn’t miss this particular service because my niece was going to sing a solo for her first time ever and I didn’t want to miss it.
    Perhaps I should introduce myself before I go on. My name is Lori; I’m 44 years old, I’ve been divorced for going on 8 years, I have a decent job, I attend church a couple of times a week, and if I have to say so myself I’m not hard to look at even for my age. I jog three times a week to stay in shape, and I’ll be honest; the boob job I got about a year ago didn’t hurt how I look. Despite being what I consider to be still attractive I’ve been dateless for awhile. I just can’t seem to meet the right guy for some reason. I did have a friend with benefits but he’s now in a relationship so that leaves me out. I guess I masturbate an awful lot since I seem to get more and more sexual as I get older but I live in a two bedroom apartment with my youngest son David. The apartment is a little small and our bedrooms abut one another so I have to be quiet about it. David is twenty years old and I’m helping him pay for college since his asshole of a father refuses to help him at all. My oldest, a daughter named Chelsea lives about three hours away but visits when she can.
    I enjoy having David still at home since I really don’t like living alone. He’s a big help around the place.

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   He’ll cook if he’s home before I am, takes out the garbage, and if my car is on the fritz he’s usually able to fix it. He’s the spitting image of his father, tall, handsome, athletic looking, but unlike his Dad he’s a caring person.
    When it was time to start getting myself ready for church I went to David’s room first as I always do. He doesn’t wake easily and I’ll usually rouse him, get started with my makeup, go rouse him again, finish getting ready, and usually on the third try he’ll finally wake up. Well this time it was different. As I opened his bedroom door what I saw shocked me. He was propped up against his headboard and he was naked. He had headphones on so he didn’t hear me but his attention was elsewhere anyhow. David was laying there stroking his cock. He had his eyes closed and it looked like he was utterly lost in some unknown fantasy. I hurriedly closed his door and decided to leave him to his privacy.
     I decided to just leave him be and go to church without him. I’ll just tell everyone he isn’t feeling well. I hurriedly finished getting myself ready and sped off to church. I was getting angry with myself however because the sight of him masturbating kept flashing in my mind.

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   One of my biggest turn-ons is seeing guys do that but this was my son. I admonished myself for even thinking about it.
    I kept picturing what I saw as I drove to church. Even during the service it flashed into my head. I remember thinking to myself “My God! What would all the other Moms here think of me?” as hard as I tried not to I kept picturing it in my mind. I even recall thinking “He has a really nice cock, it must be about seven inches long and kind of thick. ” I honestly tried not to think such things but I guess my sexual side has a mind of its own.  
    I stopped for some takeout and headed home. When I came in the door David was sitting there watching the TV. He asked right away why I hadn’t gotten him up for church. I wasn’t sure what to say. Should I lie or tell him the truth? I thought it best to be honest so I told him “Well when I went to get you up you seemed to be having a good time in there all by yourself so I thought it was best to just let you be. ”
    I was pretty embarrassed telling him I’d seen but tried to be cool about it. I thought he’d be real embarrassed as well but he didn’t seem all that bothered. “Oops sorry, I guess I thought it was earlier and didn’t think you’d be coming to get me up.

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  ” was his excuse. Then he said, “Next time I’ll just hang a sign on the door or something. ” And he laughed. Nothing more was said about the whole thing and I was actually pretty relieved that he wasn’t all uptight over it. Made me feel like I must have raised him pretty well; to not be all uptight about sexual matters.
    I spent the rest of that day being extremely horny. That in itself isn’t unusual but try as I might I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’d seen. I sort of kept playing it out in my mind over and over. What really only lasted a second seemed to last forever in my mind.
I ended up going to bed early that evening. I got my favorite vibrator out and gave myself a couple of wonderful orgasms before I was finally exhausted and fell into a deep sleep.
    Nothing of interest happened for the next couple of days but on Wednesday that changed. I had gone to bible study that evening. When I came home I walked into the apartment and David was nowhere to be seen. Thinking he must be in his room I just figured I’d say hi as I walked by going to my room to change.

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   “I’m home David! I…”
I never finished what I started to say. There he was again buck naked and jacking off.
    David just hopped off the bed and came over to shut the door. He didn’t even seem embarrassed. In fact he didn’t even stop stroking. He just stepped over to the door with his cock still in hand, said “Oops sorry about that. ”, and pushed the door shut. I quickly retreated to my room and shut the door.
    I considered knocking on his door and admonishing him over this. I decided not to however thinking he’s only doing what’s natural. I shouldn’t make a big fuss over it. Just as I had decided not to say anything to him about it I realized something. I had just stood there. I saw him there stroking his cock and just stood there. Even as he hopped off the bed and came to close the door I hadn’t walked away.

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   He never stopped stroking and I just stood there.
    The whole thing made me tired so I just crawled into bed. When I closed my eyes however all I could see in my mind was him standing there stroking. I tried to block it out but I couldn’t. I couldn’t sleep until I finally just gave in and fingered myself to orgasm.
    I truly hoped that was the end to these little accidents and for over a week they seemed to have stopped. Then Friday night came. I got off work and stopped for groceries just like I do every Friday night. When I opened the door there sat David in the easy chair and you guessed it. He was totally naked. He was watching a porno on the TV while stroking again. I instantly admonished him as I slammed the door shut behind me “David you have got to stop doing this, three times now cannot be an accident!”
    He just casually got up and grabbed the grocery bags from my hands. “I’m so sorry Mom, it really was an accident, I thought you’d be later getting home. ” He claimed. “Let me just set these bags in the kitchen and I’ll go put some clothes on.

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    He set down the bags and headed for his room. Just when I thought it was safe to breathe again he walks back into the living room still fully naked and still sporting a hardon. He said he forgot to crab his DVD. Before he left again he stood there with his erection pointing at me and apologized once again.
    I wanted to be mad but somehow just couldn’t be. I know how much I love playing with myself so I guess he loves it just as much. Truthfully once you’ve seen it the shock kind of wears off. I was more surprised by walking in on him than anything. I just hadn’t been expecting it. Once again though I just couldn’t stop replaying what I’d witnessed over and over in my mind.
    As we sat and ate dinner I felt we should at least talk about what’s been going on. “David”, I said “masturbation is a very natural and enjoyable thing. But you need to be more careful so that I don’t keep walking in on you. ”  Also thought I should tell him this though, “I will admit something here though, I’m proud of the way you don’t seem at all ashamed of your body because you shouldn’t be. ”
    David replied that he was not ashamed of his body.

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   “I see no reason to be ashamed” he said then adding “I didn’t bother covering up since I know it’s not like you’ve never seen a hard dick before. I’ll really try to be more careful from now on though. I promise. ”
    After dinner we sat down to watch some TV and as usual there was absolutely nothing on worth watching. When I sighed and said I wish I’d stop and picked up a movie David was quick to say “Well we can always watch the one I brought home.
    I didn’t think it was right for us to watch porn together and said so. David however countered with “Look I’m going to end up watching it at some point anyhow. If we watch it together when it’s over we can both just go to our rooms and do what it is we do. ” When I asked him if he was serious he said that he was.
    I probably should have never said this but I did. “Well go get it then. ”
    The movie turned out to be pretty hot. It opened with two girls fooling around by a pool. They were soon joined by a guy and the scene got really hot. The second scene was just as hot but was just a normal guy and girl scene; they were both really hot though.

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   Now I do want to point out that at first I felt pretty uncomfortable watching this with him but I was able to relax some and enjoy it.
    By the third scene which was a girl with girl scene I noticed David had slid his hand down inside his gym shorts. I found myself trying to watch the movie and trying to look at what he was doing at the same time. I was thinking so many things at the same time that my head was spinning. “I should tell him to stop that. I hope he doesn’t know I’m watching. I could just get up from here and go to bed right now. Is he going to take it out? Oh God I’m breathing so loud he can hear me. ” I found myself watching him slyly more than I was watching the movie.
     By the next scene which was two guys and a girl I almost wanted to just make it obvious that I was watching but I just couldn’t. I kept acting like I didn’t notice but I was staring at his hand working his cock. My heart was beating so loud I thought it would drown out the movie. I still had a million thoughts racing through my head but few of them were about stopping him. “Oh God David take it out, please take it out. I want to touch myself so bad but I can’t.

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   Does he know I’m watching? Oh please don’t let him know I’m watching. ”
    Half way through this scene of the movie he pulled his hand out of his pants. I quickly refocused on the screen not wanting him to know I was watching. When I looked back he’d pushed off his shorts and was stroking his cock. Now I was convinced my heart was going to erupt out of my chest or I’d vomit out my lungs. I just completely stopped watching the movie and just watched his hand slowly slide up and down his hard shaft.
    He had kind of a routine going. He’d give it a few quick strokes then a couple of long deliberate ones. Then he’d grab it just at the base and shake it a few times. He kept repeating this pattern and I kept watching him do it. My panties were soaking wet but I dared not touch myself. I knew when I finally could it was going to be good.
     A few quick strokes, a couple of long ones, and then shake it. A few quick strokes, a couple of long slow ones, and shake it. Suddenly he stopped stroking it and just kept shaking it.

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   He did several times; He’d give it a few shakes and then just kind of wait a few seconds and then do it again. I’d never seen a guy jack off quite like that before but I couldn’t stop watching.
     I don’t know what made me do it but I glanced up quickly to look at his face. I expected him to be staring at the screen intently but instead he was staring at me. I looked him right in he eye then quickly fixed my gaze right back on his cock. When I did he shook it again. I once again looked him in the eye and he smiled so I quickly looked right back at his cock which he again shook. I suddenly realized what he was doing. HE WAS OFFERING ME HIS COCK!
    There was no use in hiding it any longer. He knew I was watching so I turned my head completely toward him. I was telling myself “Run! Run as fast as you can!” but I didn’t move. I realized my lips felt so dry and I was licking them. I was licking them as I stared at David’s cock. I looked back into his eyes and wanted to speak but nothing would come out. All I knew was I couldn’t stop licking my lips.


    As I purposely returned my stare to his cock he started to move. “Oh my God he’s coming towards me! Oh God Lori don’t do this!” but he brought his cock to my mouth and I willingly opened and accepted it. “Oh my God! I have David’s cock in my mouth! Oh my God it tastes so good!” There was no turning back now. I cupped his balls and sucked like only a Mother can.
    I can’t tell you how good his cock tasted. I’ve never had anything in my mouth that tasted so good before. As I sucked him I could feel his hand reaching into my pants and I opened my legs to give him access. When I felt his fingertips touch my mound I knew I was his to do with as he pleased.
    I could feel him tugging my sweat pants off and raised my hips to allow him. Then as we fell into a 69 all I could think about was tasting his cum. I wanted to taste it and I wanted to taste it now. I’m really not sure how many times I came before him but I assure you it was several. Then I got my reward. I heard David saying “Swallow it Mom, yeah swallow my fucking cum!” and he exploded in my mouth. As I liked him clean I heard him say “I knew you were going to love my cock!” and he was right.

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