Sisterly Love


“What are you doing over there?” Amy called across the dark room.
“Nothing. ” Sam said, breathing kind of hard. The noise she was making stopped.
“Doesn’t sound like nothing. ”
Sam sounded annoyed and embarrassed. “Come on. You know what I’m doing. ”
“No I don’t. You’re keeping me up, that’s all I know. ”
“I’m…you know, rubbing myself. ”
“Rubbing? Oh! You mean like…playing with yourself??” She gasped.
“Yeah, okay? Don’t act like you never do it. ”
“But I don’t. I mean, not really. I tried once in the shower but…I don’t know.

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   I don’t really know how. ”
“Well, sucks for you. Just go to sleep. I’ll be quiet. ”
Both girls were silent for a moment.
“Uh, Sam? Could you…show me?”
“What? You want to watch, you little perv?”
“Well you’re the one who’s been over there doing it for a half hour! I just want to learn how!”
Another moment of silence.
“Okay. Come on over come on before I change my mind!”
Amy got up and walked cautiously through the dark room to her older sister’s bed. Sam clicked on her bedside lamp and sat up. Sam really was very pretty. She had long blond hair, big brown eyes, a really cute face, and of course a body all the boys loved. Amy was always a little jealous of her sister. Everybody always said she was pretty too but she felt plain next to Sam. She had short dark hair and green eyes. Though she was only fourteen, two years young, she did have bigger breasts than Sam.

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   And unfortunately a bigger butt. She was just build heavier, not fat but well, “voluptuous” might have been the best word.
Sam pulled down the blanket. Her panties were down around her knees. Hesitantly she lifted her nightgown and spread her legs.
“Wow. You’re all, like, swelled up down there. ”
“Well of course. That’s what happens when a girl gets turned on. So, um-Jeez! Don’t just stand there staring! It’s creepy! Lay down!”
Amy shrugged and lay down next to her sister.
“So you spread your pussy lips open and rub. Just nice and gentle. ” She demonstrated. “Go on. Try it.

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Amy slipped her hand down her pajama bottoms and started rubbing herself.
“No, pull them down so I can see what you’re doing. ”
“Oh, um…”
“Hey! I’m sitting here half naked. The least you can do is keep up. ”
“Okay, okay. ” Amy pulled her pajamas down around her knees and opened her legs.
“Gently. You don’t need to jam your fingers into yourself right away. That’s what boys do. ”
“Have you ever been with a boy?”
“Huh? Well no. But that’s what I’ve heard. That’s better. Now can you feel your clitoris?”
“My what?”
Sam giggled. “What do you do online? Homework? Okay, your clit is at the front of your pussy. It gets hard and swollen and it‘s very sensitive.

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Amy felt around. “No I don’t…don’t know what I’m looking for. ”
“Oh…here!” Sam reached down and touched the soft wetness of her sister’s pussy. Her fingers probed gently and then Amy let out a soft moan. She giggled. “That’s it. That’s the spot. It‘s a little different for every girl. ”
“Wow. You’re really good at that. ”
Sam realized that she was still stroking her sister’s pussy in time with her own. She didn’t stop immediately just so Amy didn’t realize she was a little freaked out.
“Yeah, well, I’ve been doing it for a while. It can also feel really good to play with your nipples. ”
She bolding reached over and unbuttoned her sister’s shirt.

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   She reached in and freed one of Amy’s big, luscious breasts. She started swirling her thumb, still wet with her pussy juice, around the nipple.
“I’m jealous that your breasts are getting so much bigger than mine even though you’re younger. ”
“Ohhh,” Amy’s voice was husky and breathless. “It’s not so great. They get in the way all the time. Bigger’s not always better. ”
“It is with boys. ” Sam really sounded envious. Amy was surprised. Sam was the really beautiful one.
Amy grabbed the edge of Sam’s nightgown and pulled it up until her breasts were exposed. She cupped one in her hand. It was so nice and soft.
“See? Yours are really nice.


   So cute and perky. You don‘t need big heavy bras. ” She started imitating Sam’s motion on her own breast.
She knew she was doing it right but her fingers were dry where Sam’s were wet. She thought to spit on her fingers. She leaned forward and Sam’s breast was just inches from her face. She gave in to a sudden impulse and leaned down to lick it. She’d thought of licking her own nipples once or twice but never actually tried it.
Sam gasped.
“Sorry! Sorry!”
“No, it feels nice. You can keep doing it. ”
“O-okay. ”
She started licking her sister’s nipple again, resting her hand on her flat tummy. Sam was still rubbing her clit and playing with her nipple and it felt incredible.
Sam moaned happily.

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   Amy looked up to see that she had her eyes closed and a big smile on her face. She was actually proud of herself. She must be doing well. She slid her hand down Sam’s stomach between her legs and started stroking her pussy.
“Ohhh! you found the clit, Sis!” Sam gasped happily.
Sam started rubbing her faster, squeezing and kneading her breasts and nipples. Amy rubbed faster too and switched breasts.
Suddenly Sam’s back arched and she groaned loudly. Her hips thrust up and her pussy seemed to suck at Amy’s fingers. Then they were drenched in wetness.
“Oh Gooooddd, that was the best ever!” Sam gasped.
Her movement on Amy stopped for a moment and then she started up again hard. Her thumb stroked Amy’s clit while her fingers plunged in and out of her. Amy’s body went ridged and then seemed to explode with pleasure.
“Shhh!!” Sam hissed and Amy realized she’d pretty much screamed out loud with pleasure.

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Sam put her arm around her. “There you go, Sis. ” She panted. “You just had your first orgasm. Or was it your first?”
Amy’s whole body felt weak. “It was. I’d remember if I ever felt anything that good before. ”
They just lay like that for a while. Finally Sam said “What about kissing?”
“What? What about it?”
“Have you ever kissed a guy?”
“No. Have you?”
“Yeah. Just twice. Do you know how?”
“Of course. What’s to know?”
“Well, do you want to practice?”
“Practice kissing? With you??”
Sam laughed. “Well why not? We just practically had sex.
Amy blushed.

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   Maybe it was naïve but she hadn’t even thought about it that way while it was happening. “Sure. Why not?”
She leaned toward Sam, aiming for her lips, and their noses bumped together. They both started giggling like little kids. She tried again, tilting her head this time, and their lips successfully met. Sam’s mouth was open and her teeth scraped gently against Amy’s lower lip. Amy opened her mouth and their tongues met in the middle. Touching tongues with somebody else, especially her sister, it felt weird but strangely good. Sam playfully sucked Amy’s tongue into her mouth and Amy fought back.
The fun, playful kissing continued and Amy felt Sam’s hands on her breasts again. She really did seem to like those things. She shifted and rolled on top of Amy, continuing to kiss her.
She pulled back a bit and looked into Amy’s eyes. She ran her fingers through Amy’s hair. “You’re so beautiful, Amy, you really are.

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“So are you, Sam. ”
Sam planted a gentle kiss on her lips and then moved down to start kissing her neck. It felt really good. She moved on to kissing and licking Amy’s breasts and sucking her nipples.
“Mmm, I love these!” She murmured.
Amy ran her fingers through her sister’s beautiful golden hair as she continued to lavish attention on her breasts and then finally made her way down to her pussy.
She groaned and thought she was about to come again the first time Sam’s probing tongue slithered around her swollen pussy.
Sam licked for a few seconds. It felt really great. “Do you want to lick me too?” She asked, obviously wanting the answer to be yes.
“Huh? Oh, um, sure. Yeah. But I can’t promise I’ll be any good. ”
Sam kissed her swollen mound, sending a shiver of pleasure through her body. “That’s okay.


   I’ve never done this either. Just try your best. ”
She pulled her nightgown off over her head and Amy pulled her pajamas the rest of the way off. Then she turned and got on top of Amy again. Her pussy was right in Amy’s face. It was swollen and very wet. Pussy juice dripped down onto her lips and she hesitantly licked them. The taste was pretty good and the smell coming from her sister’s pussy was amazing. She leaned forward and licked experimentally as Sam started licking her again.
It tasted so good! So much stronger than the little drops on her lips and the smell was much stronger too now that her nose was practically in Sam’s pussy. She grabbed her butt and pulled it down, mashing the luscious pussy into her face and started licking like crazy.
Sam was surprised and delighted by Amy’s enthusiasm and started licking faster herself. They came at almost the same time. Their moans were muffled by each other’s pussies.
“Ohhhh God! That was even better than the first time!”
“You’re really good with your tongue.

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“You too. ”
After a few minutes of recovering Sam crawled up next to Amy and pulled the covers over them. They put their arms around each other and cuddled up close.
“Sammy, does this mean we’re gay?”
“I guess. Or at least bi. Does that bother you?”
“No. As long as we get to do it together. I love you, Sis. ”
“I love you too. ”
They kissed again and a few minutes later they fell into a deep, satisfied sleep.
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