Sleeping sister...


Okay, as said in the description, I have a crush on my step-sister. I will not tell the ages, for I do not know the requirements, though I can tell you that my step-sister is 8 years younger than me, so you can presume that I'm in my twenties, or in my teens, it doesn't matter, as long as you like the story. I had just started my freshman year. My step-sister also had a crush on me, but this was before I even liked her, I hated her when we first met. My dad married her mom, who had 2 girls, and one boy. Jaden who was 2, Hailee who was 10, and Jenna, my lover, who's age I shall not reveal. Now lets get on with the story huh?!I've been reading a lot of things on REM sleep, and sleep paralyisis, where there is a time in your slumber, where you are in a deep sleep, and can't be woken up. This deep sleep can last from 10 minutes to over 90 minutes, and I took total advantage over my research. Night 1:12: 30 A. M. My dad had gone to sleep about an hour ago, and my sister's, who share a room, went to bed at 9, so I'm going to try to see what I can fit in for my schedule. I leave my room, closing the door, and locking it from the outside, so if anybody got up, they would think I was sleeping. I crept passed the bathroom, through the hallway and into my sister's room. They slept on a bunk bed, Jenna on top, Haile on bottom. I closed and locked the door from behind. I walked over to the bunk bed, and with a little flashlight, shined it at both girls to see if they were asleep.

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   They both were, so my violation began. I shined the light at Jenna once more, and notice she wasn't covered with a blanket, she was just in her shorts and shirt. I first started by gently touching and rubbing her legs, working my way up to her thigh. I got a couple twitches, but not much. Now her eyes weren't moving, so she isn't in a deep sleep, and she could wake up any second. I kissed her shin, then thigh and arm. I met to her face, and pationately kissed her lips, and poked my tongue through her mouth, and astonishingly, she didn't wake. Once I was done kissing her, I moved in on her shorts. I touched her thigh and she twitched, and raised up a little bit, I ducked below the top bunk, and I heard her fall back down and continue sleeping. I got back up and yet again, I continued for her shorts. I couldn't really pull them down, for she would wake up, so I reached up and pulled one of the short legs/sleeves back. I pulled it acrossed her thigh, and saw her panties. I rubbed them in her vagina spot, hoping to make her wet. I wasn't scared of her waking up now, I had felt my first vagina, well almost. I tried to pull her panites back but they were a little tight, and once again she twitched, but didn't get up.

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  I put my focus on the lower part of her panties, right under her vagina. I lifted it up and raised my finger, sliding it up past her pussy. I was right above it, getting ready to pull the panties to the side and lick her, but she woke up. She raised up and shifted on top of her knees, she was daised and disoriented. I faked a lie, and got her to go back to bed. I told her that her fan fell over, and I picked it up and she saw me leaving, I'm a very good lier. I went to my room, and I figured I'd give her some time to get back to sleep. I set my alarm clock for 3:00 A. M. When I re-awoke, I instantly julted for her room. She was under her covers now. Crap, oh well, I'll give it a try. I kissed her again, and gently tried to lift her blanket, but she raised again, she was still awake!!! I pushed up against the wall, hoping she wouldn't see me, I lowered down again. I kissed her fohea and left. This was the other day, I'm planning to do another one, so expect more to come!.

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