Strip Poker with Mom


"You wanna play strip poker?" she asked with an inviting smile. She was being playful and I wasn't sure if she really meant it. Mom's often a tease and I've never been one to take her too seriously, but with a thrilling feeling running through me just at the suggestion I said," That might be fun. "Mom looked a little uneasy as if silently saying to herself, "Oh my God, what have I done. " After all, she was now going to play strip poker, and with her eldest son! I was a little nervous too but acted calm. "I don't mind," I said, and I meant it. Then with a smile added, "I don't have anything you've never seen before. "She batted her eyes at that and remained silent but was smiling nervously. I said "I don't have a problem with it. You should see how I was dressed on the beach in Hawaii last summer. ""I can imagine," she sniffed. "Wearing your little thong and showing everyone your behind. ""I don't wear a thong," I replied. "But I am rather skimpy. I have an exhibitionist streak in me. " Mom remained silent as if debating the situation.

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  "Okay!" she exclaimed loudly, up to her own challenge. "Let's play. ""We can have a fanny contest," I joked, to which she laughed. "You had a cute fanny when you were a boy," mom said with bright eyes and a smile. "Still do," I replied. She looked away and nodded. "I'm sure you do," mom said. "You're right," she continued. "A fanny contest sounds good. " Then she let out a huge grin that masked her bouncing nerves. Mom has always been good at hiding her insecurities behind a smile. I asked her in the course of playing if she wanted to leave her top on. She had a mastectomy almost twenty years ago, and not wanting either of us to be uncomfortable she agreed that her long tee shirt would remain on. Then we set the ground rules. Mom was wearing slip-ons with no socks, long white pants, panties, and the shirt that was not part of the game.

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   I was wearing sneakers, socks, tennis shorts, paisley briefs courtesy of Frederick's of Hollywood, and a sweatshirt. Since mom was wearing less that was within the limits of the game I suggested that to make it even, if she lost a hand she only had to remove one shoe while if I lost, I had to remove both shoes and socks. In this way if I lost a second hand I had to remove my shirt. Third lost hand meant my shorts and then finally my briefs. For mom it was easy: first the left shoe, then the right, then her pants and finally her panties. She seemed in a daze as perhaps the realization of what she had suggested was finally hitting her but instead of copping out she just nodded and said "okay. "Now let me describe mom. Her name is Susan and she's in her mid-fifties, but easily passes for mid-forties. Mom is about five-two with short blond hair, blue eyes and very fair skin. Her legs and ass were always husky looking, in an athletic sort of way, when I was younger, but several surgeries over the years forced a dramatic diet change and now she has great legs for a woman twenty years her junior, and her ass is truly fine. As for me, I look just like her, with that same baby-faced appearance which is why even at thirty I still get carded for alcohol. It's true I have thought about mom sexually, which is why I had no problem in accepting her strip poker suggestion. I had no idea how far this would all go but I knew, whatever else happened, things were going to change forever. Maybe that's why we were both nervous. Sitting on the couch with her I dealt the first hand and asked what she had.

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   Queen-high. I lowered a pair of sevens and then mom slowly removed one of her shoes. Her eyes were laughing and excited and she was trying hard to contain a smile. She looked me in the eye and I just stared at her with my own little smile. I was trying to exude a self-confidence which seemed to make her that much more edgy. I lost the next hand and mom let out a little sigh of relief. "Okay!" she barked. Take it off. " I untied first my right shoe and then my left and pushed them off. I then picked up my right leg to role down the sock in as sexy a way as I could. Mom started laughing. Then I did the same for the other sock. I dealt the next hand and sure enough I lost again. "Okay!" she yelled, teasing me. "Take it off! Take it off!"I stood up right in front of her and slowly, seductively took off my shirt with mom commenting on my hairy chest.

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   As I dealt the next hand I noticed my mom smiling because she was winning and not feeling so threatened -- yet! When she lost that hand she took off her other shoe and reached out to play footsie with me. I responded as our toes got better acquainted. After dealing the next hand I noticed I didn't have a thing. Mom seemed confident. "What do you have?" I asked. "Two jacks and two tens. "I raised my eyebrows and swallowed a little and said, "Okay. " Looking back I'm almost amazed that mom didn't try and stop me from taking the next step. I stood up right in front of her, looked in her eyes and she was all smiles with her baby blues dancing. She was really enjoying this. I continued my Full Monty routine, unsnapping my shorts and slowly pulling down the zipper. I then warned her about my paisley briefs so she wouldn't be shocked. "Why do you wear that stuff?" she said with a little sneer. I then oh-so-slowly brought my tennis shorts down exposing all of my legs and a slowly growing bulge in my briefs. She noticed it and then looked away.

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   She may have been my mom but this whole thing was now quite a turn-on. I did a little pirouette for her and sat down to deal again. Mom then got quiet and I saw her swallow hard. She knew we were at the moment of truth. Even if she lost she would have to remove her pants. And if I lost! When I looked at my I knew I was safe. I had three jacks. Lucky me. Mom looked nervous but excited. She knew she had a dead hand. She looked at me and then batted her eyes a few times. I then lowered my jacks. Mom tried to control a little laugh and just looked at me. I stared at her as if to say "Well? What are you waiting for?"Mom then stood up, exhaled, unzipped her pants and dropped them to her feet exposing her creamy white legs for my eyes to devour, which they did from her feet, up her calves, and to her soft thighs. I then motioned for her to turn around so I could view the back of her thighs and calves and the well-rounded, shapely panty-covered ass, which at this point I was really hoping to see.

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   She gave me a nice show. I felt a little twitch in my briefs and knew I was leaking pre-cum in them. "Last hand," I said as she sat back down. "Listen, we don't have to go any further," she said. This has been fun. " Ah ha! I thought. I knew it. "I thought we were going to have a fanny contest?" I asked. "I haven't shown you mine yet," I said with a little smile in an effort to get her to relax so she wouldn't think she was going to lose. I then started dealing before she could cop-out. When I looked at my hand I knew the truth. I saw a two, seven, jack, eight and ten. There was no way I was going to win. I looked at mom and she had a somewhat more relaxed smile. I lost.


   She batted her eyes at me once again and I asked what she had. Two kings. When I showed her my hand she had an absolute look of triumph on her face. "Congratulations," I said. "You win. "As I stood up to remove my briefs she said I didn't have to do it but I insisted. She seemed more nervous now then I was. I then turned around and preparing to expose my buns to her, slowly, seductively began removing my briefs. When my ass was naked she exclaimed "Oh wow!" and then laughed. With a burst of confidence she reached out to touch my ass. "You're right," she said. "Your fanny still is cute. ""Go ahead," I replied. "Give it another feel. "She then massaged my asscheeks not at all realizing the affect it was starting to have on me.

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   When I was out of my shorts I knelt down to pick them up and said "maybe you'd like the grand tour?"With that I swung around to show her my nearly erect cock. Mom let out a gasp and looked away. Full Monty, indeed. With mom trying to catch her breath, I noticed her totally bare legs giving me all the inspiration I needed and I began pumping my cock, quickly getting it to its maximum length. "I'll be I didn't look like this in diapers?" I asked bringing her attention back to my fully erect cock. She looked at it again, a longer gaze this time, and then back up at me. "No, you didn't. "I then bent down to pick up her left hand and brought it to my thigh. She let out another gasp and held her breath. If she really wanted to stop this she could have but didn't. I then placed her hand around my cock and together we jacked me off, giving her fingers all the precum she could handle. Then I removed my hand to let her go solo. She did too, tugging at my hard cock and developing a little grin. She was starting to enjoy it. With that shot in the arm I removed her hand from my dick, much to the surprised look on her face.

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   I then took a step forward to where the tip of my cock was inches from her mouth. "Go on," I said softly. "I want you to. "As if on cue, mom took my cock in hand and guided it to her mouth. She parted her lips and then I felt the warmth of her wet tongue encircling my cockhead. With that mom took over. She started to suck cock like a pro and I knew I was going to have the best blowjob of my life. She alternated sucking slowly up and down the shaft, and then with harder and faster head movements, coating my prick with warm saliva mixed with my own precum juices. I had been turned-on since midway through the card game and knew I couldn't hold out much longer. I then grabbed her blond head and announced I was cumming. I began shooting off inside her mouth and in my own state of ecstasy just stared hazily ahead feeling the wonderfully powerful bolts of pleasure course through me and out my cock. I wasn't the only one enjoying it as mom eagerly drank my cream down her throat. When I finally looked down I noticed my still hard cock in her mouth. Mom began caressing my thighs, asscheeks, and balls, never once taking her mouth from my cock, milking every last drop from me. I could have left my cock in her mouth forever but then she removed it, looked up at me and said "I've wanted to do that since you were thirteen years-old.

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  ""Really?" I asked catching my breath. "Yep. I didn't have the guts. And you were always so passive. I wanted to be the one to do it, to teach you. I was afraid you'd be angry with me if I ever suggested it to you. "Passive no longer I said "Get out of your panties. "Mom opened her mouth, trying to comprehend. "Get out of your panties," I demanded. "I wanna fuck you. "Mom swallowed hard but did as she was told. "I figure after a blowjob like that your pussy's got to be even better. "Quietly mom stood up and wiggled out of her panties, but with excitement in her eyes. I then commanded her to lie down on the couch. "Spread your legs," I said.


   She did what I requested, slowly parting her white thighs, exposing her black-haired cunt. "Spread them wide so I can get in-between. " I demanded. She then flopped her left leg on top of the couch and the other on the floor. All the while her cunt was getting moist and the smell of womanhood emanated throughout the room. I sat down in-between her legs and began fingering her snatch. I put my index finger in first and then my middle finger, slowly fucking her with two fingers. I then pulled the slick fingers out and proceeded to rub her clit with them. Mom was moaning now telling me how good it felt. I then began to massage her clit with my left hand and reinserted my fingers into her cunt with my right. First two fingers, then three, then four, and finally I tried working my whole right hand up inside her cunt. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed wide-eyed. "What are you doing?""Giving it all to you," I said. I began fisting her with my hand and couldn't believe how tight she was. I'd forgotten that me and my brother were born caesarian section.

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   She still had the cunt of a girl. It wasn't until later that she told me she had never felt so full before. As I continued to fuck her with my right hand, and rub her clit with my left, mom was too far gone, moaning, crying, talking to God the whole time about how good it felt. I then pulled my hand out and moved away from her cunt, wiping her juices all over my cock. Seeing what I was preparing to do, mom spread her legs wider, licking her lips with a really slutty look on her face. She was ready. "You want it?" I asked. "Yes, I want it," she replied. "What do you want. " I said looking her in the eye. "Your cock! C'mon lover, fuck me!"With that I moved forward and inserted my cock into the folds of her cunt. I went in easily and it was so warm and wet. I grabbed her legs and she flung them around my waist. I then began thrusting into her cunt, slowly at first but quickly gaining rhythm. Mom was moaning with each thrust of my dick.

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   I began to lose myself with eyes glazed over, loving the feeling of being inside her. I grunted and groaned but simply enjoyed the thrill of this fabulous fuck. I felt mom's hands holding my arms, gripping tightly, and crying in pleasure as I continued to fuck her hot cunt. I lasted a lot longer this time, bringing both of us to orgasm. It was great to hear her gasp letting me know that she was cumming. I smiled at that knowing it was the ultimate gift. Happy birthday indeed! After her orgasm subsided, she seemed to drift off in a pleasure-haze simply allowing me to fuck away to my hearts content. I did too. A few minutes later I quickened my pace and groaned loudly "Oh yeah! I'm gonna cum!" I then shot my load into the cunt that once took a load to create me. Full circle!I stayed in her cunt a long time, pumping as much sperm out of me as possible and enjoying the wet warmth of her pussy. I finally grew soft and pulled out of her cunt. Mom then brought her legs together and curled up in a contented ball on the couch as I plopped down beside her, my wet, sagging dick flopping onto me. When we caught our breath I managed to say "That was good. "Smiling and looking away, mom seemed to be in her own world. "What?" I asked.

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  "Nothing. " She paused for a moment and finally spoke up. "So, do you want for your birthday?" she joked. Mine is in January. We knew our mother-son relationship was never going to be normal again. We made plans to do it again the next day at her place, where we spent three hours together, with my cock in her cunt or unloading cum down her throat. I even fucked her in the ass. Speaking of hot and tight, that was the best. Just the sight of her shapely cheeks and little puckered hole was enough to make me wet the sheets with cum. I loved having every inch of my prick buried in her rectum. When she felt my balls nestled against her cunt she let out a moan. "Do you like it?" I asked. "Oooh, yeah," she hissed. "Your whole cock's up my ass. "The only thing better was when I came in her ass.

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   I later reminded her of my birthday saying that was what I wanted: her asshole all night long. "I'll be too sore if you do that," she replied. I said that was the whole idea, to fuck her up the ass so many times that the hole wouldn't close and she'd leak my cum for hours afterwards. Her eyes grew wide and her mouth fell, looking away in disbelief that I had said that to her. There was excitement in those baby blues just the same. Well, I had my birthday on the 24th and it was the best party I ever went to. There was one other guest; and I came five times that night. Twice in mom's ass. We get together once a week on the weekends and we've actually grown a lot closer. Good sex will do that. .

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