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-------------------- This is a true story, yet names have been changed-------------------
There were five of us living in the household at the time, my mum, Katie, My dad, Mark, my older brother Ben, me, James and finally my sister, Hannah. At the time I was 15 and horny as hell, standing at about 5 ft 3 I was fairly short for my age, and I’m not gonna lie, my cock was about average at 5 inches long.   Now my sister, she was 13, had some fairly petit breasts of size c and she had just started to develop filling out nicely.
It was the start of the summer holidays, and for a rare occasion I had been left alone on the house with my sister. I woke up at about 11 and heard my sister downstairs listening to her music, after having a quick shower I headed down stairs. Looking outside I saw Hannah lying on the grass sunbathing in just a thong and bra. Just seeing her like that got me very hard. Unable to move I just stood their watching her for a minute. Eventually she noticed me and the tent in my jeans.
“Eww James” she giggled obviously talking about my cock. Hannah and I had been close from a young age; I think it was because I had to look after her so often. But we were always joking and their wasn’t much we didn’t talk about so when she said this I just replied “What? You don’t like it?” whilst grinning.
“Well you won’t mind if I do this then will you” she said whilst taking off her bra, “I just hate those tan lines. You wouldn’t pass me the sun cream would you?” After I passed the sun cream she squirted a large blob onto her hands and started to rub it into her breasts, teasing me. I think she thought we were just joking about, but she just made me harder. Turning around I walked back into the house and heard her giggles behind me.

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That was all that happened that day and it was about two weeks before I was left alone with her again. For me it was the same process every morning, get up, have a shower, get dressed and then go downstairs and have breakfast, it was like ritual. Yet that day was different.
I’m known to be a notoriously heavy sleeper but I woke early because I heard movement in my room. I had kicked my sheets off my bed that night because of the heat as well as sleeping nude like I usually do so when my sister had come in to put some washing away she had notice my cock. Opening my eyes slightly I could see her staring at my cock; very quickly it became erect because of her. After a minute she looked at me then my clock and then back at my very erect penis.
Slowly she began to reach out and put a hand around my cock, her hand felt so smooth and even my wildest fantasies about her hadn’t been so good. I let out a soft moan to let her know it felt good. After deciding I defiantly wasn’t awake she began to softly move her hand up and down giving me the best hand job of my life, I could see she was nervous so I whispered “god that feels good Sofia (the name of my girlfriend at the time)”
Gaining in confidence she took a drip of my pre cum on her finger and licked it off. Then ever so slowly as not to wake me, she leant down and took my cock in her mouth. With increasing speed she bobbed her head up and down taking more in each time until eventually she had the whole thing in her mouth. By now I had forgotten I was meant to be asleep and was moaning loudly.
Looking up she realised I was awake and pulled off.
“Ohh, James, I’m so sorry, please don’t tell mum” she began to beg
“Calm down, I wont tell anyone if you keep going” I said
Wiping the tears from the side of her face she took my cock in her mouth once more and started to bob her head again.

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“Fuck that feels good” I moaned. Sitting up I began to take off her top and after a minutes fumbling got her bra off as well.

With one of my hands on the back of her head I used my spare hand and began to play with Hannah’s nipples.
“Ohhhhh” she moaned onto my cock, and with that I shouted.
“Fuck I’m gonna cum, keep gooiiiinngg” on hearing this she stuck my cock right down her throat as I shot load after load of my hot cum into her mouth overflowing it so it started to drip down her chin.
Pulling off my cock she wiped up all of my cum and smiled at me.
“Now its time for me to return the favour” I said in reply to her devilish smile.
“But what about you tell…” I stopped her with a passionate kiss
“Oh” was all she could say in reply.
Then, sensually I began to plant kiss after kiss down Hannah’s body pausing only to nibble her nipples making her moan almost orgasmically. Then continuing down I stopped at her belly button to pull down her skirt and her red thong which I had used many times to jack off with.
After all clothing had been removed I kissed her soaking lips, then using my tongue I began to tease her by licking the outer lips of her pussy making her moan uncontrollably until she was begging for me to do more. Finally I started to tongue fuck my beauty of a sister.
“Oohhhh fuck, ahhhh” she moaned whilst arching her back, pushing her pussy more into my face. “Shhhhhiiitt, here it comes, I’m gonna fuckking cuuuummm” she screamed, her body tense and shaking.
I moved my face away as her cum squirted into the air covering my face.

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   Her orgasm eventually died down and she was left panting, moving back up her body I kissed her once more. Moving my head to the side I whispered in her ear.
“This may hurt”, then I lined myself up and pushed my cock into her soaking pussy, “arhhh” we both moaned almost simultaneously. When I was just over halfway in I stopped and kissed more passionately than ever, then thrust in breaking her hymen. She pulled away from our kiss and winced as I little blood seeped out of her pussy.
Then I began to push in and out with Hannah meeting my every thrust, each thrust I entered deeper and deeper, both of us moaning yet her moaning loader than me, as if it were a competition. Suddenly she stopped moaning and her body became tense once more, then her pussy walls contracted against my cock and she came, the pressure on my cock causing me to cum as well. Pulling out I rolled of Hannah and just lay next to her, both of us panting.
Eventually she said,
“Wow, James that was amazing”. With that I got up had my shower and got dressed, leaving Hannah lying on my bed. Then just before I headed downstairs I stoked her cheek and smiled at her,
“Same again?” I asked. Planting another kiss on her lips I left to go downstairs.

This is my first story so I would really appreciate some feedback. If people do like this story i do have a sequel. Anyway, please send feedback to Alexrules001@hotmail.

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