Swimming With Someone Special


Topic: Swim Time. It started innocently enough, just a normal day. My mom and brother left on a trip to visit my aunt who had just got divorced. My Dad and i both had to much work so we stayed behind.
It was mid-summer and everyday was very hot and humid so our pool was getting a lot of use and so were my skimpy bikinis. I guess i should describe myself, i had just turned 19 and am a size 4 with 36 C breast, Chestnut short hair and deep blue eyes. My dad is in his early 40's and is hot, He has dirty blonde hair a nice muscular build and the same deep blue eyes as myself.
So the sun was shining hotly down on the world and i was just waking up 8:30. I got up and headed for the shower  like i always do, as i walked towards the bathroom i heard a noise coming from downstairs, i headed towards the stairs and slowly snuck down as i neared the middle i leaned over the banister and saw to my surprise my dad  sitting naked  with his eyes closed stroking him self. I almost fell down the stairs but caught myself and then watched as he slowly fucked his hand i heard him moan and say oh yeah thats right fuck your daddy. at that point i almost gasped but quickly covered my mouth and ran back upstairs.
I got into the shower quickly and started rubbing my pussy. i was so hot i couldn't believe that my hot dad was thinking of me as he masturbated his gorgeous cock. i took the detachable shower head down and put it on the pulse setting and slowly allowed myself to become engulfed in a fantasy of my own dad licking and eating my pussy, i couldn't hold out any longer i gasped and burst into the most amazing orgasm ever a flood of heat enveloped me. I shuddered with wave after wave of pleasure until i finally came down. i had never felt so alive as i did right then.

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I got out of the shower and went to the room. i knew that i would be going for a swim later so i slipped into my new red skimpy bikini. then threw on a baggy tshirt.
I headed down stairs and saw that my dad now had clothes on and was drinking coffee and reading the news paper. i smiled at him and walked over to the fridge.
"Have a Good Shower" he asked
"Oh yeah it was very relaxing" i responded
i think i will go for a swim after breakfast want to join me dad?" i said with a smile i hid behind the orange juice.
he agreed and went up to put on his swim shorts.
i headed outside and set up one pool chair with a towel on it then waited until i saw dad coming out to slowly and very sexily take off my tshirt revealing my very skimpy bikini i heard a gasp and smiled to myself. My bikini was doing the trick. I yelled over my shoulder Dad don't forget the sun tan oil. i heard him muble something back about sure sure.
 I lay down on the pool chair and dad passes me the oil, he then goes and dives into the pool. I take the oil and slowly start rubbing it all over my body starting with my lower legs and massaging my way up my thighs and then my stomach paying close attention to all the right places. took the chance and looked at my father and he really seemed to enjoy my show. I wanted to see how far he would go so i got up and dove in.

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I swam over to him and gave him a big hug i felt him tense up and new he was nervous. i swam back a few strokes and started splashing him hoping to get him going so he would pick me up and throw me like he used to. I got what i was hoping for he dove under the water and swam over to me and picked me up i was laughing so hard and when i flew the air i couldn't wait to have some fun with my daddy.
i popped back up from the water and charged at him knowing exactly what he would do he went left i went right and we got all tangled up so i wrapped my legs around him and could feel his cock start to twitch agaisnt me. i knew then that this would be easier then i had planed. i let go and swam away to the edge  of the pool then spun around and dove under the water i swam deep down and came up under him sliding along his lean body. He grabbed me and threw me again this time i was ready and i 'accidently' lost my top in the water. i heard daddy gasp again and it made me hot i turned around pretending ot to notice and started swimming back to him. \
'honey your top,, iit caame off' he mumbled
i dove under so i could say i hadn't heard him. then i popped up and hugged him tight pressing agaisnt my breasts. His cock jumped and i felt it growing against my pussy. i knew than that he couldnt help him self. i whispered in his ear ' daddy i want you to fuck me right now'
He sucked in his breath but didn't push me away.
i reached down and grabbed his cock he moaned.
We swam over to the edge of the pool, i removed my bikini bottom on the way over and saw dad take out his cock.

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   he was looking my body over like it was the first female body he had ever seen. i reach him and pulled my body close to hisfeeling his cock slide between my legs and press against my pussy which was throbbing looking for attention. I reached down and guided my daddy's cock into me. Ifelt it pentrate and i gasped he stopped thinking he hurt me and tried to pull out but i wouldn't let him and pushed myself down all the way so i could feel his balls touching me.
Daddy fuck me please hard fuck me hard.
He need no further encouragement he started pumping fast and hard going in and out. Every inch was amazing and filled me so perfectly. I was in heaven and everytime he pushed into me i felt like i was going to explode. I kissed him deeply and our tongues danced with each other. I felt his body tense and he broke our kiss.
"honey i am going to cum'
'Fill Me daddy i want to feel your cum hit me'
At my last word he erupted and started filling me with his cum, i couldn't hold on any longer and i shuddered in an intense orgasm even better than the earlier one in the shower. i almost passed out, my pussy clenched his cock and milked him dry. i collapsed onto him. He carried me out and l placed me on the pool chair then lowere himself down beside me. we kissed passionately.

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I pressed my still weak body against him and drifted off to sleep. I woke up a little later to feel a hard cock pressing into my pussy my dad fast asleep.