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The Best Decision of My Life           It was the beginning of September. I had just moved into college and I knew the next four years would be insane. The party animal I am I had definately picked the right University. It was only 30 minutes from home so I was set. I knew quite a few people at school considering I was only a freshman. My cousin Amy went there, a few people from my high school, people I worked with over the summer, etc. .   I had two choices, study or party. I chose the latter.           It was sunday night and classes didn't start until Wednesday. My cousin Amy,  a Junior, had her own house with 2 room mates.  Parties there would never end. I got a call from Amy explaining that she was going to have a few people over. I decided to go, I didn't have much else to do besides sit in my dorm. I called her up and she told me they had a keg of Michelob Golden Draft. .

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  . . . One of my favorites.  This was the first of many times I would have keg beer, here at school.          When I got to the house, there were only 8 people there. It was cool, people I already knew, so I wasn't shy. We played some drinking games, more people came and suddenly the little get together turned into a full fledged party. I had to drink as much as possible before the keg ran out. Well I actually drank around 25 beers that night so I was pretty fucked up. I was sitting in the garage with a couple guys chatting when Amy came out. She was going to bed so she came out to say goodnight. She said goodnight to some of her guy friends and then came over to me.   "Oh Johnny, Im so glad you are going to my school. We are gonna have so much fun.

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  "         She sat on my lap and gave me a big kiss on the cheek and I kissed the top of her head. She told me she loved me and I just gave her one of my famous huge hugs.  "I love you too. " I whispered.           Then after a few minutes of hugging she went to bed. Now believe me, we are not  southerners. Our family is just so close. We love eachother so much. It was nothing out of the ordinary for us. I know, you wish you could be the same, but to tell you the truth, too many people these days are so miserable with the family it is ridiculous. Anyway, I knew from that point on, Amy and I were going to get closer and closer by the day.          A couple days later she called me up again and said she wanted to check out my dorm. I just told her come on over. I cleaned up a little bit, but for the most part I am pretty organized. Then I sat and played Madden 06' until she got there.

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   We sat on my bed and chatted for half an hour, talking about how messed up we were at the party and talking about school, family, and things. Then she had to go to class so we just hugged for a second and she was off.         September 24th was her 21st birthday so her roommates were gonna have a little fun night before she had power hour at the bars that weekend. So we all went bowling, had a good time, ate dinner, and chatted. After awhile, her two room mates Kaitlyn and Ashley had to go to the Cities to see their boyfriends. So I just told Amy, why don't we just go watch movie tonight, and that she will need to be rested for her weekend of insane drinking. So we headed back to her house and chilled for a bit. She told me she had to take a shower so I just sat and watched TV until she finished.        After 20 minutes or so of Family Guy, she came in the living room wearing some pajamas. My cousin is just so extremely beautiful, I just looked at her and told her I love her. She came in sat down and leaned her head on my shoulder. We started watching EuroTrip and cuddling. Out of no where she says: "John I'm sad, Mark is just so dumb these days, he has changed so much. All he does is get with other girls, and now there is no way we can get back together. "       So this was maybe the 5th time her and I talked about her ex since they broke up 1 month before.

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   I just told her to forget him, if he doesn't realize how much he is missing, then he doesn't deserve you. Consoling her is just easy for me because she fits so perfectly into my arms. I just squeeze tighter when I feel her get sad. Her and her ex were a great couple, and I was looking forward to drinking with them at their wedding but it seemed like that hope was shot to hell. I'm sure both our minds were racing with thoughts. She looked at me and said:        "John, I'm so glad you're here with me right now, you make me so much happier. "        I looked at her and told her she was so important and special to me and that we will always be close. I stared at her watching the movie and she looked so innocent. I was just so content at that moment. She looked at me and our eyes met, I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she smiled and gave me one on the lips. I looked at her in awe and she smiled again. She then started watching the movie again. I was stunned but happier than Crack Head Joe winning the lottery. I leaned my head onto hers and hugged her even tighter. With a yawn she looked at me again and told me she loved me.

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   She was getting tired so I layed her on the couch and put her head on my lap. Blanket free we sat for a while and I asked her if she was cold.        "I can see you shivering, want me to get you a big fluffy blanket?", I asked.        "No, I don't need a blanket, just lay down with me and hold me. " She said in her little girl voice.        I layed down next to her and wrapped her in my arms. She turned around and we just looked at eachother for a few minutes. I asked if she was ok, and she told me that she is now. I kissed her on the lips, lightly, like a family kiss. She smiled and kissed me back but for longer. I opened my eyes mid-kiss wondering just what was happening. She opened her mouth and mine and slowly put her tounge on mine. Suddenly I felt aroused. I laid with her kissing her for a quite a while. I hugged her and rubbed her back and down to her butt.

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   I had no idea what was going on but I was going with the flow. This was a girl I had loved all my life, I wasn't going to pull back. She stopped kissing, hugged me and asked me to tuck her into bed. I picked her up like a little girl and brought her to her room. I put her down and she patted the other side, motioning me to join her. I slid in and pulled the covers over us. She kissed me again out of no where and ran her fingers through my hair. She took my hand and locked fingers. She brought my hand to her breast and guidedly cupped it. I caressed it and then I took her other soft breast into my other hand and gently massaged her nipples. I kissed her on the neck and lifted up her shirt. After taking a shower, she didn't have a bra. I sat there with a blank look on my face, facisnated by the site of my beloved cousins breasts. I got down and began kissing down her neck to her sternum in the middle of her chest. She breathed in deep and her lungs expanded her chest.

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   I kissed one breast at a time and began to lick her nipples. Complete bliss fell over me. Who better to do such a thing with than one of the people you love most.          Out of nowhere I felt her hand clutch my crotch. My dick was pretty sturdy and she laughed. I came up from her breasts and kissed her another time. Tounges intertwined in passion she broke away and began unzipping my fly. She pulled off my shorts and put her hand in the hole of my boxers. Holding my johnson she stroked it downwards a couple times and then pulled out. She slid my boxers off and started playing with me. She massaged my head and cupped my balls. She leaned down and kissed it. It jumped playfully and she smiled. I told her that she was first, so I propped her up on her pillow and pulled down her pajama bottoms. I rubbed the bottom of her tummy and crawled to the end of the bed.

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   She opened her legs and I put my head inbetween them. I began by running my tounge around her labia and vagina lips. I rubbed her clit a little to heighten the mood. She jolted with excitment. I didn't want to ruin it, so I slowed it down immensely, barely touching her pussy. I stuck one finger in her slit and caressed the inside. The warmth engulfed my slightly cool finger. I felt her clamp down on it and told her she was getting too excited, so I stopped and she offered me a helping hand.          I propped myself up on the same pillow and she made for the end of the bed. I felt her wrap her small hand around my dick and begin to stroke. She kissed the head and put her mouth around it. More warmth to tickle my senses. I felt her salvia drooling and the sensation was excellent. She put it deeper and deeper into her mouth until she couldn't go any more. Her head bobbing up and down was my imagery.

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   I couldn't believe my cousin was actually doing this to me. She looked up at me, my dick still in her mouth and her eyes still innocent. I knew what she was looking for, and I myself was ready to give it to her.         She got up on top of me and we locked lips again. Passion was filling the room and we both kissed like we were the perfect lovers. I held her, and I could feel the anticpation from her tounge. As we kissed, I lifted up her ass and started guiding my dick to her lovely opening. Trouble was I was too focused on kissing her. It meant so much to me that I couldn't concentrate. So she put her hand between our bodies and held my dick until we found our goal, The tip of my dick touched her labia and blood flowed rigorously into my member. She began to push down and my dick began to disappear. Deeper into her holy body I creeped, as far as possible. We stopped and paused so she could collect herself. Then she started to push harded in my dick. Hormones raging I felt her lift up and push down.

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   Slowly but surely she sped up and every second was better than the first. Suddenly, we were thrusting at lightning speed and panting harder and harded. She was moaning and letting out high pitched squeals. I was just getting too hot so I slowed her down and grabbed her chest. I told her I wanted to work for her. So I layed her on her back and kept my dick inside her. I looked at her again, and her eyes were so beautiful. There was not another thing in the world I would rather be looking at than her eyes. I pushed my lips against hers and we again enjoyed eachothers mouths. I started to pull out and push in her slowly only 2 inches. I was teasing her and I don't think she liked it. So I pushed super hard and super deep and she let out a huge breath. I thrusted quicker and quicker, seemingly going deeper each time. Continuing to kiss her we were at full speed. We couldn't keep our tounges locked because we were moaning so much.


   I was lightning fast and I sat and looked at her. Everything fell silent and all I sensed was complete ecstasy. I saw her head moving back and forth but I didn't hear her moaning. I looked at her and explored her soul through her eyes. She looked at me and told me she was about to cum. With all my emotions running wild I didn't know I was as close as I was. I told her to hold on and pushed one final time, deeper than any other. She opened her mouth but nothing came out, I held my breath and she bit her lip. She began to scream and I began cumming inside my condom if I didn't mention it earlier. Her hips bucked at my body and she was going insane. After a couple minutes of her spasms she finally closed her eyes and fell to the pillow. I held my position and continued to stare at her beautiful face.  Her eyes opened slightly and again her lovely smile popped out. I couldn't think of a better sight. I pulled out and wiped clean with a towel.

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   I layed in bed with her and we cuddled even more lovingly than before. She kissed my cheek and I kissed her forehead. I told her I loved her without a drop of lust. I said it from the very bottom of my heart. She said the same and we gave eachother a peck on the lips. I held her for the rest of the night. She felt so perfect in my arms and I know she was the safest she ever felt in her life. I stayed up and watched her all night. Never to be forgetten is my little Amy.  I love you Amy.  (Names have been changed to conceal identities).