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Let me begin my describing myself, I’m a 43 year old woman, brunette, with nice C cups and a small waist and a nice jiggly ass.  I’m 5’9 and have great thighs and never had any complaints from any men I’ve been with.   In addition to all of the above I’m a mother of a beautiful boy he’s 16 now and quiet the handful. Not only am a mom, I’m also a wife and a homemaker which leaves me a lot of time alone as my husband works for a local company. My husband is very driven and is more focused on his next promotion and not on his matrimonial duties. This is where my life and son’s life takes an exceptional turn for the worst and eventually the better.

As I stated before my son lacked the man’s influence he needs to be under control and make the correct decisions in his young life. Instead my husband decided it would be a good idea to get our son a corvette for his sixteenth birthday. That was my husband’s way of ‘bonding’ with my son, I was more the traditional mom, I kissed his ouchy’s and dressed him until he was 9, I was a very touchy-feely mom and I felt he appreciated it. But when he turned 9 it was then that I started feeling something changing about my son. Whenever I would hug him, I could feel him flush and get hot…and then one day I felt IT!

From that day on I did my best to raise him properly, but my husband would encourage unruly behavior from my son. This encouragement is what led us to the predicament were at now.   Shortly after my sons 16th birthday he took the corvette and the police on a high speed chase all over our town.   The judge had no mercy on my son and sentenced him to 90 days in prison.   I mean he was just a boy!

The first time I was able to see him he had been incarcerated for almost 2 weeks. I was so nervous as I had never been to a jailhouse and didn’t know what to expect.

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   I signed in was searched, hell I felt like I was being processed in the jail. When it was finished I was ushered passed several inmates who were being transferred to another cell. One inmate was leering at my legs. I had made sure to wear something nice to see my son, but now I think I might have chosen a longer skirt. The one I was wearing was stretchy and silky and came just above my knee, but I think the ‘hooker heels’ as my girlfriends call them might have been too much. I was wearing a white silk blouse and in the light I realized that my thin lace bra was showing, this was not the half of it, my nipples are very dark and wear clearly visible.

The officer opened the door and I clicked my way over to a clear table with an office chair on one side and a metal folding chair on the other. I waited for about 5 minutes, the room was hot and had a medical smell to it, then finally the door opened and there was my little boy. He was in an orange jumpsuit and hand cuffs. When he saw me he let out a small moan and I could swear he adjusted his cock in his suit.   The officer led my son over and told us we had 20 minutes. The officer turned and left the room.

My son sat there and soaked up my body for what seemed like an eternity. When my son sat down I noticed a bulge in his suit and I could feel myself becoming flushed, I made an excuse stating the room what unbearably hot. My son finally spoke and it was like the dam of his emotions broke! He told me how he’d been in a couple of arguments and some skirmishes, but stated that it was starting to get very stressful for him.

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   He stated that the food was horrible and that he was getting hit on by some of the older men and that he was scared someone was going to eventually rape him. He sat there for what seemed like hours unloading all of his fears and thoughts…and then he said something that hit me like a ton of bricks. He stated he would stand a better chance of avoiding being raped if the inmates knew he had, ‘a piece of ass’ coming to visit him. He stated that he was relieved to see me dressed kind of sexy and that he could use that to his advantage, but also said that sooner or later the inmates would find out I was his mother. I asked my son if he had a girlfriend I could possibly persuade to come visit him but he said he never had a steady girlfriend. He then asked if it was possible for me to hire a hooker for him to fuck!

I was floored that my son would talk to me like that! What was this place doing to him? The officer opened the door and said we had five minutes left. My son seemed very apprehensive and had a look on his face like he just wanted to jump in my arms and me rock him to sleep. I knew then I had to help my son in any way I could. So very quickly I asked my son what kind of woman he is attracted too so I could try and figure out on how to get him one. He stated he want a redhead, and said he wanted the ‘carpet to match the drapes’ (oh my, this place is hurting my son!) and that to explain to the ‘bitch’ that he didn’t want to talk, he just want her to be naked, bent over, and ready to fuck – no need for small talk mom. And then my son glanced down at my heels and stated he would like her to have some shoes like mine on when he fucked her good (oh my).  

As the officer led my son away I sat there dumbfounded. The little boy I had known had been taken away from me. He was not to blame, his father was. His father did this, his father bought him the damn car, never should him any love or affection.

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   And his father sure as hell was going to help him now.   I didn’t want my boy to be raped by a man or even my worst fear – gang raped by men! I was going to help him I was even if it was the last thing I did. So I had a plan as I drove away from the jail house.

I found myself searching the hooker laden street in the red light district. I drove slowly down the street, window shopping for a ‘bitch’ that would satisfy my son’s sexual needs and hopefully keep him safe in the county lock-up. I was in awe as I continued down the street, there was fat hookers, skinny hookers, black hookers, white hookers, tall, short, ect…. how was I going to pick one for my son?

After about 30 minutes I finally found one that I thought would quench my son’s hormones. I slowly pulled to the curb and pushed the window button and leaned over to the passenger’s side to speak to woman who at my first glance appeared to be about 29 years of age. As I leaned over I noticed that I had grown quite wet and my panties were now soaked. I didn’t consider myself a lesbian but will all the flesh these girls were showing it was all most impossible not to get drenched. The woman had too much make-up on and the smell of cheap perfume was overwhelming. I asked her what she charged to which she responded, “ at least I know you’re not a cop!”. The woman told me she charged 100 dollars for an hour. I asked her what she would charge for a conjugal visit and she said 500.

After agreeing to the amount I gave her all the details that my son had requested.

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   She stated she needed the money upfront and with that I was on my way to the nearest ATM. I withdrew the money and returned to the woman. She stated she would be there at the appointed time and I sped home trying to concoct a story to tell my husband if he asked about the missing money. I arrived home and commenced to make dinner. My husband arrived shortly and we sat down and ate, I told him about visiting our son today and was going to take him a surprise tomorrow. He stated that was fine and grabbed a cigar and a glass of rum and proceeded to watch the news.   I cleaned the dishes and got ready for bed…I was too excited to sleep and tossed and turned all night.

In the morning I rose and got dressed with a tight little black dress and hooker heels accented with some black thigh highs for fun.   I drove in a daze to the jail house, it was almost as I was going to be with the hooker! I arrived 10minutes early and waited for the hooker to show up. I waited as the time slowly crept by…minute after minute…at 30 minutes past I realized the hooker had fucked me over! That bitch! I didn’t know what to do I was frantic, I knew my son would be waiting…I had promised him a hole to fuck!  I couldn’t allow him to not be looked on as a man, I’ve always protected him, sheltered him, made sure he ate before I did, always put his needs before my own…this was no different right? NO!  Where did that thought come from…oh God the time is running out…only thirty minutes left?  Think! What could I do? Help him! It’s your only choice – you don’t have time to go look for another one. Then I remembered I had passed a vintage costume shop on the way to the jailhouse.  

I jumped in my minivan and sped over to the costume shop.   The girl behind the counter must have noticed I was in a frantic state and asked what she could help me with.   I made up a story of playing a joke on a fellow co-worker by dressing as a hooker; I don’t think she bought the line.   I found a red wig, lucky for me it already smelled of cigarettes, a large hat – the kind I used to wear for Easter in the early nineteen-eighties, and a pair of large ‘celebrity’ style white glasses with very dark lenses.

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   I paid the girl behind the counter and thanked her as she stated that one ‘lucky guy’ was going to have fun.   I practically leaped into the minivan and headed back to the jailhouse. I signed in as ‘hooker for conjugal visit’ and was escorted to a small trailer in a private section of the jailhouse.

My heart was pounding in my chest, my blood was rushing through my veins, and my knees felt as they were going to give out any moment. Was this what a hooker’s life is like; waiting to be used for nothing more than a sperm receptacle; a hole for men to fuck and dump a load of cum in? So many thoughts were rushing through my head and then a thought that freeze me in my tracks (but not the only one) – my disguise!  I quickly opened the plastic bag and donned the wig and extra items.   I sat there and looked around the 8 foot by 8 foot room, there was one twin bed in one corner and the white plastic chair I was sitting in that was opposite the door. To the right of the door was a small window with lace curtains on it. The lace was pretty see-through.   I noticed the bed had clean sheets and the room smelled of Lysol and sex.   My heart leapt in my thought when I heard voices coming from outside. It was my son being escorted by a rather large Correction Officer. They stopped short of the door and I heard the man tell my son that a very nice piece of ass was waiting for him and he wishes he was the one going into the room.   I was frozen, could I go through with this, my panties were soaking now – almost reassuring me of my commitment. Then I realized what my son had said, he wanted the bitch to be bent over, panties off and ready for fucking.

My hands flew to my hips and my thumbs looped under the black stings of the thongs and raced them down to my ankles as I wiggled my hooker heels out of the entwined thong.

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    Somehow I managed to stand and raised my skirt above my waist exposing my wiggly ass cheeks.   My hands were shaking…I heard the door knob begin to turn and I immediately grabbed the seat of the plastic white chair and arched my back, like a bitch-dog about to be fucked by a stud. I shuddered a little and dewy moister escaped on my pussy lips as I heard my son gasp at the lured sight before him.   His eyes roamed all over the white heart shaped ass, her legs were spread wide, he notice that her calves were large due to always wearing those ‘come fuck me’ shoes and then he spotted what he had been looking for…the hairy, moistened, bush divided by tight little pink lips. He noticed the lips were swollen and glistening, almost inviting him to have a quick lick.

I stood there motionless – or so I thought, because now I was swaying my weight from Stiletto to the other…I was almost daring my son to mount me, I couldn’t believe what I was doing, my body was tempting my son to invade the most private part of his mother. I had become a true bitch in heat.  I was slowly humping the air like a sex starved nympho. I heard his zipper start the long march down the prisoner coveralls, my hips began to wiggle…as I heard his moan escape his lips a wicked smile crossed my lips.   I contracted my ass cheek muscles and releasing them over and over again and reveled in the show I was giving my son. As I continued the seductive propositioning, my son asked me a question that would freeze me in my tracks for the second time today.

“Do you have a condom?” Oh My God!  In my rush to get the costume and come back here I totally forgot to get protection!  Since I’m not on the pill (my husband, his father hasn’t touched me in a loooong time) I froze like a deer in some trucks headlights.   I was bent over, my fat white ass in the air; holding on to the seat of the white plastic chair, all I could do was swivel my head to look back at my son who was closing in fast.   I shook my head and my son grinned a wickedly and stated he preferred ‘raw-dog’ and all I could do was hang my head as he grabbed my hips and prepared for the entry.   My son rubbed the head of his cock on my cunt lips and smeared a lick layer of  pre-cum on my already dripping pussy, the electricity of his touch was shooting up my body and making me shiver.

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My son stepped closer to me and kicked my legs even further apart with his knees making my cunt lips naturally open up to accept it rampant cock.   My son maneuvered his slick cock head between my lips with a small thrust.   Then he grabbed my full soft hips and thrust with all his might deep into my tight womb.   I instantly moaned in the shooting pain.   I felt my knees buckle but I didn’t fall; how could I?  I was thoroughly impaled by my sons blood engorged cock.   As he began his fucking me with all his might all I could do was suck the stale air through my clenched teeth.   I was moaning from the sheer pain as my son continued to invade the very womb he was birthed from.   My son was practically raping his mother as I held on to the chair for dear life, pounding and pounding, his assault was relentless, my son was determined to rupture my fertile womb at all cost.   I moaned and twisted hoping to find a position that would alleviate the dull to sharp pain my groin was feeling. With every moan and twist I would produce it would only spurn my son’s cunt-lust to new elevated heights. His grip on my hips was like a vice and I succumbed to my fate, . . and finally focused on my white knuckled grip I had on the plastic chair.

My son continued to pound and thrust and pull and jerk my pelvis around.   I started to repeat to myself this is for my son, I was starting to get over the pain and noticed that my cunt was slick with not only my son’s pre-cum, but my own aromatic juices.

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    I began to slowly meet my son’s lust filled thrust with my own timid one.   I began to loosen my grip on the chair and once I felt that familiar thrusting I knew my son was close to cumming. I began to move my hips and back and flipped my fake hair back and made little whimpering sounds.   This had the same reaction on my son as it did on his father, and I began to feel his thrusting become more and more earnest.   As I glanced back I saw my son’s body shine with sweat, his eyes were clenched and his pounding was almost unbearable, I was moaning like a cheap whore…and became more and more vocal as time passed.  

Soon I heard the labored short pants emanate from my son’s throat.   My back was curved like a mule whose been working the field too long. I stood there and became ridged and allowed my pussy to be fucked like a hole in the wall by my son.   My son continued with urgency and his panting became shorter and shorter until he thrust his thick shaft deep into my waiting womb.   His engorged cock was buried deep in my cervix and began to pulse. The thick ropes of cum began to coat my insides as he continued to mechanically pump deep in me.   As if on a mind of its own…my pussy began to milk the Iron rod of my son,  coaxing the impregnating seed of the man I raised from a child. His cock began to slow the tide of hot sperm and I clenched the head with my cunt muscle and held him in me, it felt soooo good to have a man use me, and then please me with his baby batter.   Was I truly a whore?

My son was arched backwards when he came in me and now began to slump down as if the sperm draining into my womb was robbing him of strength. He stayed wedged deep in me…my ass cheeks were spread apart because his abs were wedged between them.

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    I became aware I was panting as well and sweating profusely, my legs felt like jell-o and I realized I must have cum…my head still hung down and could see between my spread legs at the obscene view.   I stayed motionless as my son stepped slowly backwards…I clenched my cunt with everything I had as my son ‘oohed and aahed’.   One or two step more and he *popped* out of me and I could see his thick cock swing and point down as it pulled a thin rope of cum between us.   As my son collapsed on the bed to catch his breath, I reached down in my bag and grabbed my thong and quickly slipped it on.

I smoothed my dress down and tried to compose myself with my back towards him.   My mind must have been in a fog when I turned to look down at my son laying there with his coveralls still bunched around his ankles and noticed his cock.   It wasn’t limp anymore. . it was throbbing and the head was swollen and looked angry.   Our mixed cum still glistened off the tip. Then my son said he was ready for round two.   I could tell by the way he was eying me he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.   Luckily the correction officer knocked on the door and told him times up. Wow! 30 minutes just flew by!  My son stated he wanted to see me again and I absently mindedly answered yes…and left the room.

The next day I went to see my son at prison.

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   I sat in the chair and heard him being escorted down the hallway.   I was a bit nervous but wanted to hear his thoughts.   My son entered the room like a rooster in the hen house, he strode over to the chair and gave me a quick light kiss on the lips (he had never done that) and sat down across from me.   I asked how he was and he stated he felt like a new man and wanted to thank me for finding a bitch with such a tight pussy. He called me a bitch! The ungrateful fucker!  My pussy was sore as hell this morning and was raw from the inside thanks to him!  I controlled my reaction and told him he was welcomed. He immediately asked for the same hooker again.   He said she was really clean and he enjoyed  her hairy pussy.   He quickly pointed out all the highlights and made me promise him I would hire her again.   I begrudgingly agreed and that brought a huge smile to his face. He said you promise, promise? I said yes. And then he drops the mother of all bombs on me. He say quite matter of frankly, make sure and pay her extra because next time…I’m fucking that tight little hairy asshole of hers, and this time I’m going to jack off and cum before I go into the room, I want to last even longer and really make the slut cry for mercy! I didn’t know what to say, he had his way with my unprotected womb and now this? I sat there pale from the face, trying to grasp my fate awaiting me on our next visit.   How can I gather the strength to allow my son to rape my anus? How?  What am I going to The End?

“This is my first story, much less from a woman’s perspective so keep that in mind when leaving comments please as a guy it was difficult to write this as a woman!  All comments welcomed and again, ladies I’ not trying to over step my bounds, but just felt like the story would be more interesting from the mom’s point of view. So ladies let me know if I came close to your womanly perspective at  'my_bubs83' at yahoo. Thank you for reading, and hoped it brought everyone pleasure.


   Would love to hear from the ladies exactly how much pleasure!…yeah I know, guys will be guys, eh. . . live with it…lol”.
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