The first indication


Topic: The first indication- 1The first time i noticed my sister sexually was when i was about 15. She was just hitting puberty, and i noticed that she was starting to develop in areas i had previously only discovered in school yard fumbles. Dont get me wrong I was not thinking about having sex with her at that time, i only say that i started to notice the changes in her. These were small. Such things as her breasts starting to take shape, and her hips becoming wider. She gained small amounts of weight on her bum, and she started to act more like a woman. Also my mum took her to buy her first bra, which as you know is always an event in a young girls life.
It wasnt until about 2 years later that i really started to take notice of her. I was now 17 and thankfully had had sex, once with a girl at school. Although i thought it was the best thing ever, i would later find out that it was only the beginning of a lifetime of experiences. My sister by this time was around 13 nearly 14, and her bra sizes had been shooting up rapidly. She was now a healthy 34c and still growing. My mum thought that it wouldnt be soon before she hit the magic D cup. Anyway, my sister still showered and bathed without locking the door, as she was still very innocent. One day i was lying in bed playing on computer games, when i realised i was busting for the toilet. I ran down the stairs and flew into the bathroom, i had unzipped and was sighing in contentment before i realised she was there.

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   It was the first time i had seen her naked for a while and i was surpirised at how well she had developed. I must have looked over her a little too long, as she went a bit red. Her sudden rosy complexion was what turned me on, and suddenly i felt myself start to react. I realised i had finished peeing a long time ago, and could feel myself swelling at the sight of her innocently blushing body. She started to say something "I. . . . ", then she looked at my crotch, and i knew she knew id started to get aroused. I fled.
To this day i regret it because i wish id been more forward. I probably missed out on some amazing times for months because i hadnt had the guts to be direct. I wish i had just turned, smiled and stroked her cheek. Then stroked down towards her perfect breasts, place her hand in mine and guided it toward my cock. But i didnt, i was a coward and i ran.

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The next few months i caught her again and again in the bathroom, it became a regular occurance for us. And i do believe that although she wouldnt of admitted it, my sister loved it too.
The following spring my sister was what i would say fully developed. Perfectly round 34 D tits, and the most beatiful arse i had ever seen. I was regularly masturbating away to dreams i had had of fucking her slowly, whilst groping those lovely breasts. I knew it was worng, and after every session i used to feel incredibly ashamed. Until summer came, and we went away as a family, then my whole life changed forever.
We never had a lot of money as a family and used to go away camping a lot. In that summer we happened to go camping near some mountains, and my mum and dad loved to take long walks across them. They would be gone sometimes for the entire day, but my sister and i just loved to laze around. It was on one of these lazy days when my sister turned to me and asked whether i would read her a story from one of mums books.
"that's stupid, why would i want to read those books" i said
"oh go on, you can imitate the voices better, and you know it would be funny" she replied
I grudgingly said that i would. "great" she said "i will go get changed". "Why"? I called out. "because i like to be in my nightie when im reading and its getting late anyway".

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   Mum phoned the mobile just then and said that her and dad would be going to the pub for dinner. 'Typical' i thought. While mum and dad are swanning off getting battered, i get to babysit. "Ready"!! Sis called from the partitioned bit of the tent which was hers. I walked in and she was lying propped back on her elbows in a cute little cotton nightie. She looked gorgeous, and even though i thought it was wrong i just couldnt help thinking what it would be like to slip that nightie over her head and fuck her slowly. I shook my head, as if to clear such images (i was in shorts and didnt need a semi just then) "whats wrong"? She asked. "nothing" i replied, "just a bit of a headache". "Perhaps you shouldnt read" she suggested. For about a second i deliberated whether or not to just say 'yeah you're right', but i didnt. I said "nah i'll be ok", "good" she said "then you can sit here", indicating a place directly behind her. I sat down and she scooted up between my legs with a book in her lap. She wrapped my arms around her shoulders, and shunted her bum into my crotch. As she put the book in my hands i began to feel excited at the feel of her arse against my crotch, the smell of her hair was amazing, and the way my arms hung over shoulders, allowed me to just slightly rub her perfect breasts. She looked back at me a bit indignant and said "read boy", i laughed to try and break the tension i felt, and started to read.

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For about half an hour i read, until my sister decided that it was her turn to read. She looked at me and honestly her big eyes seemed to grow larger. She turned to face me and hung her legs over mine. She read for about five minutes, then a certain passage i will never forget came up in the book. I will remember that passage forever as it was the point of no return for a brother and sister. She started reading it "i have always wanted you, i have always wanted to feel the warm embrace of your naked flesh. . . " And then she looked me dead in the eyes and completed the last sentence. "to bask in your glow, and feel the seed of your love within me". We sat looking at each other for a long moment, then i felt her arm snake up behind my neck, and tentatively pull my head towards hers. Our lips just brushed each other. Then she pulled away "I. . .

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   i'm so sorry. . . i. . . i think i got caught up in the story, i'm sorry" "shhhhhh" i said " it's ok". Then i took a decision, for once. I leaned forward and kissed her soundly on the lips, for a moment my world collapsed as i thought she would pull away. Then she responded with equal passion.
Suddenly our tongues were in each others mouths, and she was pushing me backwards to fall on top of me. She straddled me effortlessly, and my cock sprung to life. I pulled the hem of her nightie up just enough to expose her perfect arse. She guided both hands towards it, and whispered feverishly in my ear "i always knew. .

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  . I always knew". Then she proceeded to explain to me in great detail how sometimes she had listened to my door as i masturbated, she said that she had sometimes been forced to plunge fingers deep within herself at the mere mention of her name from outside the door. "Why didnt you just come in"? I choked out between kisses. "I was afraid" she replied, "but not now". I quickly decided that she should lose the nightie. And we got it off, sharpish. I didnt seem to care whether or not she had had any sexual experience or not, i just wanted to fuck her slowly like in my daydreams. As i placed one of those perfect breasts in my mouth, and sucked the nipple she moaned with ecstacy "oooh. . . yeah, baby suck my titty, suck your little sisters big titty". I realised that she was groping at my shorts and feeling my, by now, huge erection. I was so horny i wanted to come in my pants at the thought of fucking my sister. I reluctanty let the nipple out of my mouth and stood up, my sister had my shorts down in no time and started licking my rock hard cock.

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   She sucked and licked up and down the shaft, as i gasped in pleasure. I knew i wouldnt last long like this and decided to get back on the floor. As she sucked my cock i couldnt help but try to throat fuck her. I grabbed her head and rocked my cock up and down inside her mouth, she gagged a little but didnt stop. In fact she just kept looking at me with her big eyes, i could not believe this was happening. "Why dont you let me do you too"? I offered she stopped sucking my cock and said "mmmm i thought you would never ask", "how do you know how to do all this" i asked breathless. "Dad's porn" she replied.
I took her legs and swung them around, with her perfect pussy directly above my face. Her soft fuzzy hair tickling my nose, and the sweet juices already flowing down her thighs. Now im no expert at licking pussy, so i just dived in, but it seemed to work just fine. I sucked and licked her pussy all over, i even licked her arse a few times while she squeeled in pleasure. I found her clit by accident, and when i did she bucked and came down hard on my mouth. I was completely suffocated as she rubbed her pussy juices all over my face. She was so wet, and so hot. She was flicking my head with her tongue and rubbing the shaft up and down, faster an faster.

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   She put more spit on her hand as she sucked my cock harder and harder, the harder she sucked the more i licked and the deeper in her tight hole my tongue went. She suddenly went very rigid, and i sucked harder, concentrating on her clit. Thankfully as she did this she kept rubbing my cock while it was still in her mouth. Then she screamed "don't stop. . . . . harder baby, suck your sisters pussy. . . . harder. . .

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  . . . faster. . . . uh. . . . oh. . . .

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   yeah. . . . . . . . . . i'm coming. . . . .


  . . . . . ohhhhhhhh baby yes. . . yes. . . yes" then i felt it as she climaxed all over my face. I licked all over her pussy until she couldnt take it any more and had to jump off my face. Just then she grabbed my cock turned and looked at me and said "your turn". "It wont be long baby" I replied, "I hope not i want your cum everywhere.

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  . . . In my mouth, on my tits and all over my pussy". She started sucking my cock with a frenzied motion, rubbing it harder than it had ever been rubbed before, all the while she sucked at the head and tongued my japseye. Then she cupped and massaged my balls with the other hand, i couldnt take it for long and two minutes later she smiled up at me, and was rewarded with load after load of steaming hot cum. She swallowed most of it, dribbling some down her chin. Then still wanking my cock she rubbed it all over her beautiful breasts. I sighed with pleasure, the first sound i had managed to make for the last three minutes "oh my god. . . . you were amazing" i told her. "so were you" she replied.
I was a bit embarrased after, and naturally a bit guilty.

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   But all that went away after she just cuddled up to me, placing my hands on her arse. "play with me" she said. I started toying with her at first, and then i ran one finger over her arsehole "mmmm" she moaned, and closed her eyes, "put a finger in". So i slid a finger first into her pussy and then into her arse. It was so hot, "i want you to fuck your little sister tonight" she whispered in my ear. Instantly my cock sprang to life as she said that, and she rubbed her thigh against it.
Just then we heard the car pull up to the tent, and the sound of the doors opening, naturally we dived for our clothes.  However before scrambling into them we shared a look that said we knew more was to come.
 Any Comments or feedback is greatly appreciated. If good then there may be more to come. Thankyou.  

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