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Francine was staying home tonight but she did have company, Emily wasn’t going out either as she had just two weeks in which to revise like crazy for her exams and hope that all the knowledge learned throughout these last six years were relevant to the question papers and she passed with such high marks that they would ensure her going off to study law at Oxbridge. And anyway Charlotte hadn’t bothered to get in touch as she said she would so that fitted in with her plans for the evening and they could always try out the new club in town “The Bra strap” at the weekend.
“Watcha reading Honey Bunny?” asked Emily’s mother “Anything good?” she intonated as she picked up an apple from out of the fruit bowl looked intently at it’s over ripe flesh before tossing it back into the bowl amongst the pears and bananas a few rotten grapes and two kumquats that had been there since grandmother visited them, over eleven months ago!
“Oh nothing much just my revision for geography which is a fucking complete pain in the arse as I really cannot stand the subject nor can I stomach that cunt Brewson” she replied.
“Well you chose the subject as an option, when I told you to do a language instead. I mean what use is geography to you dear you can’t even find your way back from where you’ve just been you soppy cow!”
And with that cutting remark they both fell about laughing at the absurdity of it all.
Francine settled back on her chaise longue and began channel hopping in the vain hope of finding something worth watching she took a sip from her glass of wine and resigned herself to maybe reading a magazine or even heaven forbid a book! She switched off the goggle box and reached down and picked up a glossy periodical that catered for women of the more sexually liberated variety which roughly translated meant it was full of pictures of men’s cocks. As she perused the magazine she started to feel a little horny and as Emily had long since gone to bed she threw off her robe and lying there naked began rubbing her clitoris with the assured expertise that can only come from knowing your own body. She started slowly then speeded up slightly before moving through the gears up to her top speed faster and faster and faster, she was right off the clock now! The prize hove into view her orgasm the focus of this frenetic masturbating was moving ever closer until with a cry of elation which brought with it feelings of quite exquisite pleasure that became raptures of total ecstasy and then she had cum. Her breathing started to shallow and slow before returning to normal. As she recovered she noticed the flushness of her heaving breasts ( always a true indication of being highly eroticised and sexually turned on ) that were streaming with rivulets of sweat and towelled them dry.
Jon had not had a very good night he was caught chatting up a barmaid at “Bra strap” the new night club in town and was most unceremoniously dumped by Heather his, up until then, gorgeous girlfriend and now he was on his way home feeling down, but not out, but also feeling very very horny. Now all that he had to do was decide where to stick his penis. As Jon opened the front door he was startled by the sight in front of him, a beautifully proportioned naked woman in repose in front of the television, obviously dead to the world fast asleep still clutching a nearly empty goblet of wine. He spoke softly:-
“Hey wake up sleepy head time for you to go up to bed” There was no response just the faint sound of breathing coming from Francine’s mouth. He tried again:-
“Hey come on now wake up now you don’t want me to get cross and have to punish you” and with those words his mother stirred, stretching her arms out and upwards, thrusting her breasts skyward with nipples erect a position that caused Jon’s mind to wander onto matters of a fucking nature and right now thoughts of fucking his own mother !
As Francine came round she was pleased to find Jon there in front of her:-
“Jon you look fantastic, how were things tonight ok were they?” she scanned his face for any clues before he responded:-
“Yeah everything went well ‘cept that bitch Heather has ditched me the whore!”
“Oh I am sorry to hear that, come here and let mummy make it better” and she beckoned him over to her. He nuzzled into her bosom and latched onto her right nipple and started to suck it.

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   Francine sighed whilst running her fingers through his blonde locks. She then turned to kiss him fully on the mouth to which he was pleased to reciprocate forcing his tongue down into her throat feverishly and unbuckling his belt that was at this moment hindering Francine’s access and her being able to stroke his cock. He tore his mouth away from her and As he stood up the trousers fell to the floor with no pants being worn his erect penis was now exposed directly at eye level with his mother. She wasted no time grabbing his cock and thrusting it into her parted mouth and she lustily began sucking the helmet trying to deep throat the full ten inches of hard penis down past her tonsils into what seemed like her stomach cavity it was so large she skilfully worked on his dick for an age pausing only for a moment to lick the sperm from his girth before putting it right back into her mouth.

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