The Four of Us - 4


The Four of Us - Chapter 4
The sex had been great between Katie (my wife), Ashley and Brit (14 and 13), and myself. For four months, the girls had kept our secret from all of their acquaintances and friends, largely because they had apparently been enjoying the sex with their mother and me. But this changed recently.
The girls were invited by a friend of theirs for a sleepover at her house. We didn’t see any reason to say no, so they decided on this coming weekend. The friend’s mother had one stipulation--that she get to meet both Katie and me, and get to know us a little before we left our girls at her house.
Friday rolled around, and we took Ashley and Brit to their friend’s house. Emily met us at the door. She was 13, and just a beautiful girl. Still a little short at 4 feet 10 inches, she had bigger boobs (A-cups) than Ashley. Emily had long straight strawberry blonde hair to her shoulders, and an ass that was already womanly, without being too large. Emily’s mother, Annette, was also a beauty--5’5” tall, honey-blonde hair, and 36B boobs by my estimation. Her ass was shapely also, at 35”, and her belly wasn’t an inch over 24 inches. I noticed that both Emily’s and Annette’s nipples stuck right through the fabric of their shirts, suggesting large nipples and no bras. I could feel my cock beginning to grow, and it was hard to conceal since I had worn no underwear.
The girls ran up to Emily’s bedroom right away, leaving Annette and Katie and I to talk.

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   We discovered that Katie and Annette had much in common, and the conversation flowed from there. Annette offered us some wine coolers, and we both accepted. Katie offered to help, and soon both ladies were laughing and talking in the kitchen. I decided to see what was going on, and when I peeked around the corner, both had their hands under each other’s shirt, fondling their nipples. I felt my cock grow to its fullest, and decided to sit down, or I would be discovered. They soon returned with the coolers and cheese, and we settled into the living room furniture for some conversation.
After we had finished the first of the coolers, Annette brought three more from the kitchen. The wine soon made her lips loose, and true confessions began. Annette revealed (provided we wouldn’t tell anyone) that she and Emily rarely wore clothing around the house, since there were no men to ogle them. Both were on the pill (Emily’s periods had been regular for 6 months now), and she also confessed that both had explored each other’s bodies “occasionally. ” As she explained the goings on in her house, she leaned over, and her shirt fell away from her chest, exposing both beautiful boobs to both Katie and me, a lovely sight indeed.
At this point, Katie jumped in. “Annette, we do the same thing at our house also. In fact, we have a rule that no one in our family can wear clothing once the door is closed. That is, unless we have guests.

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  ” We all got a giggle at that.
“Have you fucked your daughters, Jim?” asked Annette.
I acknowledged that I had, and how it came about. I also revealed to her that we all shave each other’s pubes, and how unencumbered we all felt with naked pubic areas.
“Can I see?” Annette was past curious by now. So Katie stood up and pulled her shorts down, revealing no panties, and also no hair. “That is so cool!” exclaimed Annette. “Can you do the same for me? And how about Emily? Maybe your girls can shave her at the same time. ” Boy the wine had really loosened her up, and quickly.
“If you’re sure you want to…” I replied. Annette called the girls down to the living room, and explained what was going to happen. “And Emily, I thought Brit and Ashley could shave your pussy hairs too? How about it?”
Emily said to Brit and Ashley “Are you both shaved too?” Brit explained that she hadn’t started to grow hair yet, but had shaved Ashley on several occasions. “Can I see?” asked Emily. My girls both looked at us to see if it was all right, and then pulled the crotch of their shorts aside for Emily to see.
“I can see some, but not all.

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  ” So Ashley said “If it’s OK with your mom, I’ll pull my shorts all the way down. ” Annette nodded her approval, and first Ashley, then Brit, pulled their shorts all the way off. “Cool!” was Emily’s response. “You both look like little girls, but sexy at the same time. ” Emily then removed her pants, revealing no panties, and the hair on her mons and her pussy lips. “Will you help me shave down there?” she asked my girls?”
“We’d love to” was Brit’s reply, and quickly Annette found two razors and some soap and water. Emily was first, and spread her legs on either side of Ashley. Brit applied the soap and water to Emily’s cunt hair, and Ashley began methodically removing each and every hair. Within just a few minutes, Emily’s cunt looked like a baby’s, and Brit jumped in, rubbing Emily’s lips. Emily quickly removed her shirt, revealing her boobs and very erect nipples, and Brit began tugging on her nipples. Quickly, Emily’s pussy began to seep some lubricating fluid, and Ashley began running her own finger between Emily’s cunt lips.
“Hold on, girls!” said Annette. “I think we have one more pussy to take care of now. ” And with that, she pulled her own shirt off, showing her boobs to all in the room. She sat in front of me, and spread her own legs, and said “Jim, would you do the honors for me? That is, if Katie doesn’t mind.

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All Katie did is pull her own shirt off, then reached over for mine. Suddenly, three girls and three adults were completely nude in front of each other, and none seemed embarrassed. I soaped Annette’s pussy up, letting the hairs get wet and soft, before starting in with the razor. I spread her lips with my fingers to be sure that I got to the hidden places in her pussy. I noticed that her inner pussy lips were unfolding and beginning to protrude between the outer lips, and that her pussy was getting moist. In just a few minutes, Annette looked just like the girls and Katie, and my cock was as erect as it has ever been.
“Jim, do we have a problem here?” asked Annette. Before I could answer, she began licking and sucking on the head, and I drew closer to my first orgasm of the night. Already, the girls had begun exploring each other, with fingers going any- and everywhere. Quickly, Annette moved around so that her ass was in my face. I took that as an invitation, and began licking her pussy with abandon. Katie sat with her pussy near my shoulder, and I stuck two fingers into her already wet pussy. The squishing sounds my fingers made in her pussy were quite sexy, but didn’t compare to the feeling I got when Annette moved around again, in order to sit on my cock.
It slid right in, completely up to the hilt, and Annette began moving up and down in time with my movements. Katie moved around to Annette’s back, and reached around to squeeze her nipples.

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   This excited her even more, and she nearly screamed with her first orgasm. I could feel her cum dripping from her cunt down my cock and balls. Annette then kept my cock buried deep in her pussy, and rubbed her clit on my pubic bone, and she had another orgasm that caused her to collapse on my chest. Katie then licked Annette’s pussy juices while I was still buried deep inside her.
Looking to my right, I could see that Brit was sitting on Emily’s face, and obviously enjoying every second of Emily’s tongue in her pussy. Ashley was licking Emily’s pussy as well, and her mouth was covered with Emily’s juices. Emily moved her head slightly so that she began sucking Brit’s clit, and my little girl fell forward from the intensity of her orgasm. Emily was able to suck most of Brit’s juices into her mouth, though some ran down her chin. Ashley then began licking Emily’s clit back and forth, and Emily’s legs suddenly clamped tightly against Ashley’s head. Ashley kept sucking for all she was worth, and Emily soon had another orgasm, scooting back on the carpet as though she were trying to escape the sensations. Then Annette saw that Ashley was still waiting for her own orgasm.
Annette moved in behind Ashley, and began licking and sucking like she had a lollipop. Ashley was already near orgasm, and moved her ass closer to Annette’s mouth. Annette sucked hard on her clit, and Ashley, with one final lunge of her cum-soaked pussy toward Annette‘s mouth, had a tremendous orgasm. Ashley collapsed onto Emily’s boobs, as both girls tried to catch their breath.

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  I still had two fingers inside Katie’s wet pussy, and began moving them in and out in a more rapid manner, eliciting a groan from my wife. Katie then moved to my cock, and quickly buried it inside her to the hilt. At the same time, Emily came over and sat on my face, grinding her dripping, freshly-shaved pussy on me, until I began sucking her clit. It only took a moment before Emily fell forward on her hands, and I could feel her pussy throb with another orgasm. I reached up to her A-cup boobs, and twisted them around a bit, and she had another less-intense orgasm. Upon seeing all this evolve in front of her, Katie began slapping her pussy hard against my body, causing me to say “Katie, don’t stop, I’m about to cum!!”
Emily then said to Katie “Can I see him cum? I’ve never seen a man’s cum before!” And with that, I said “I’m cumming, Katie, right now. ” Katie pulled my cock out of her, and let Emily watch me shoot glob after glob of my milky cum all over my stomach and chest. Emily reached out to see what it felt like, saying “This is slick, and real warm. ”
Katie said to Emily “Why don’t you taste it, Emily? It won’t hurt you, and all of us like the taste. ” Emily tentatively tasted a bit, paused for a moment, then took a bigger amount into her mouth. Katie joined her in licking my cum off my body, and we were quickly joined by Annette.
After I was cleaned off, we all relaxed. Annette then asked me a question. “Now, Jim, feel free to say no, but I would like you to be the first man to fuck Emily. Will you do it?”
“Oh, please, will you fuck me now?” pleaded Emily, and I realized that I couldn’t say no.

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   Annette said to Emily “Just sit on the chair, spread your legs wide, and put your feet on the chair arms. ” She did as she was told, and Annette motioned to me.
“Jim, put your cock head just at the opening of Emily’s pussy. Girls, I want each of you to hold on to one of Emily’s feet, and keep a good grip. ” After we all did as instructed, Annette said to my wife “Katie, I want you to hold on to Jim’s cock, and slide the head up and down Emily’s pussy lips. This should get both Emily and Jim very wet. ”
And wet was an understatement! Emily was making so much pussy juice that I would have sworn that she had peed. Then while my girls were holding onto Emily’s feet, Katie shoved my cock straight into Emily’s pussy. She was so hot inside that I thought I would pull a blistered cock out, but all that was on me was her slick juices. I pulled out and slowly went back into her pussy, while Brit and Ashley reached up and began pulling on Emily‘s nipples. Emily began moaning her pleasure, and though she tried to bring her knees together, my girls did a good job of holding them apart. I stroked further and further in, and though I encountered a little resistance at one point, there was no painful cherry-popping. I finally hit bottom, and began stroking in and out of her. Her moaning became louder, then she finally said a very loud “AAAHHHH” as her pussy contracted around my cock, drenching me even more so than before. I then stroked in and out even faster, and within seconds, my cock was about to spurt.

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   I pulled out of her pussy, and drenched her with my cum, landing on her boobs, chest, and tummy. I reached out and spread it all over her, from chest to pussy, concentrating especially on her nipples, making it look as if she’d taken a cum bath. She reached out to my cock and squeezed out the last drops of cum, licking it off her hands.
My girls were still holding her feet apart, but were quite horny after witnessing their dad fuck another girl. The ladies recognized their problem, and Annette lifted Brit off of Emily and laid Brit on top of her, and both began licking each other’s pussy. Katie likewise pulled Ashley onto her face, and proceeded to bury her tongue deep into her daughter’s pussy. Brit was quickly into her own orgasm, and ground her pussy hard onto Annette’s face. As soon as she began to come down, Brit dove right back into Annette’s pussy, taking long swipes with her tongue, and bringing her to an orgasm of her own.
Right beside them, Ashley was obviously enjoying herself, grinding her own pussy onto my wife’s face. Katie started out by sticking her tongue in and out of Ashley’s hole, before moving up a bit and applying tongue pressure directly on Ashley’s clit. Ashley’s movements became almost violent, and when Katie reached up to pinch her nipples, Ashley collapsed onto her mother’s body, with her pussy quickly draining cum.
After recovering for a little bit, Ashley realized where her face was, and took advantage of the situation, starting right in on her mother’s clit, and sucking it straight into her own mouth. Katie’s ass began to lift off the floor, and her orgasm caused her pussy and ass to become coated with her own cum.
Meanwhile, Emily and I were in the spooning position, with me behind. I reached around her to fondle her boobs, and my newly hardening cock was stuck between her ass cheeks.

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   As Emily got hornier, she unknowingly began to split her legs, and my cock quickly entered her pussy again. With just a minute’s stroking, she had another cum, and drenched my cock again with her juices. I recalled that Emily was on the pill, so this time, I shot my load into her pussy, but since she was still rather small, much of it leaked out and coated her pussy lips. I pulled out, and rubbed the cum all over her bottom and around to her ass. She then pulled my hand to her mouth and licked it clean.
We all just laid around trying to recover for a while. We decided it was time to take a break from all the action, so the girls all went together for a bath. It was so sexy to see all three of them walking out of the room, with asses jiggling and boobs bouncing, as the made their way to the bathroom. The adults began the chore of cleaning cum spots up in various places in the living room. None of us felt the need to dress, since none had any secrets any more.
Annette said the first word about tonight. “I hope you two had as much fun as I did. And I don’t see any reason for you to head home tonight. We can all find places to sleep, and wake up refreshed in the morning. ”
“But who will sleep where? And with whom?” pondered Katie.


"Good question” I responded. After a moment’s thought, I suggested “Why don’t we draw lots? The first two drawn sleep together, then the next two, etc. ”
“That’s sounds good to me” said Katie. “But how about if we just allow the adults to draw so that each one sleeps with a girl?”
Annette replied “You took the words right out of my mouth. ” So after the girls came back down the hall, names were drawn. Annette drew first, and slept with Ashley; Katie drew Emily’s name; and I was paired with Brit. The grown-ups still needed to take their baths, so all agreed that the girl that drew each adult would give him or her a bath. Brit washed me with liquid soap and a soft sponge. She seemed to know which parts to concentrate on, and gave me one of the best baths I have ever had. She even managed to get my almost exhausted cock to spring back to attention again, cleaning it high and low, and even doing my ass hole. As she bent over, I noticed that her boobs were beginning to show some form finally, especially the nipples sticking straight out of the centers.
After all were finished with their baths, Annette said “My house is yours. If you need or want anything, feel free to look for yourself. It may be hard to awaken me once I get to sleep. ” We all went to separate bedrooms, and all had a long night’s sleep.