The KissPart # 1


It was an early Saturday morning, waiting on my daughter Kelly to arrive. I have been divorced for about three years now and my daughter at the time was eleven years old. We both left on good terms and she has custody of her. Every two weeks she comes over to my house and spends the weekend with me, and in the summer months, while school is out, she stays with me for vacation.

I was in the living room when I heard the car pull up to the driveway. I went to the door and opened it up to see my daughter getting out and, carrying her bag, waving to her mother as she backed out to leave. She came up to the door, gave me a hug, and a kiss on the cheek as she headed for her room. Kelly unpacked her bags and came down stairs to the living room where I was sitting. She flopped herself down on the couch and says: "Well! What are we doing this weekend? "I looked at her and said: " Well, I got a little surprise for you. Lets go out on the porch where we can talk. "She looked at me kinda funny and said: " Uh oh! We need to talk on the porch phrase. I've heard this before and it is usually serious or I'm in trouble. "I just laughed and said: " No pumpkin. Your not in trouble. "You could see the look on her face as we head out to the porch as to say; " What's up? "

I go to the porch and lean over the rail looking out over the back yard. My daughter looks at me as I have my head down staring at the ground.

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  She puts her hand on my shoulder and says: " Sooo. What's up? "I look up at her and say: " Well pumpkin. I have been dating someone for some time now, and I am starting to get serious with her. I have even thought about marrying her. I thought that maybe you could meet her. " She looked up at me, with those big green eyes, and says: " Is that all you were worried about?I've been hoping for so long that you would find someone. I kept thinking you were still waiting on mom to come back and I'm glad now to know that you've moved on to find someone new. Sooo. What is her name?What does she look like, and when do I get to meet the lucky lady anyhow? "

Let me describe my daughter to you. At the time I left, she was this green eyed, five foot four inch, little freckled face red head with a pencil like figure. Three years later she has grown another three inches, and into a developing teen with her breast just starting to develop and her pencil figure is now the look of an hour glass. The way her ass is now rounded out like the shape of a pear, up to a slim tight waist line. (She got her small boobs from her mom who is a B-cup size. I like em that way!)I would look at her and feel a little stirring in the trouser department, but would blow it off as; " Oh yeah that's just my daughter, and it would soon go away.

I looked up at her and say: "Her name is Samantha.

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  She has blonde hair, and is about as tall as your mom. If you wouldn't mind. I would like to have her come over today. I told her I would talk to you first, to make sure that you were all right with it. She looked up at me and said: " I can't wait!Sooo when is she coming? "I said; " well as soon as I call her, she'll be over. There's something else I have to tell you though. Her eyes get real big and she says: " Let me guess. She's pregnant! "I laugh and say: " No!She's not pregnant. I just want to let you know that she hastwo children of her own. The boys name is Jack, who is fifteen, and the girls name is Cindy, who is thirteen. So! Are you still OK with this? "She says: " Yes I am fine with it. Hey! I'll have a big half-brother, and a little half-sister.

Kelly met with Samantha, Jack and Cindy that weekend and they hit it off great. It's about eight months later that I married Samantha ( I call her Sammy, She likes that. ) I have a five bedroom house, so there is plenty of rooms for every child. 

   It was the beginning of the summer and the kids had fun together playing outside, swimming in the lake that's connected to my back yard. Doing the typical teen things having friends over for sleep-overs, etc, etc, etc.

It was a year later, my daughter now turned fifteen and had come over to spend the summer with us again. Sammy took jack to his football event, which was in another town, and Cindy to keep her company, and wouldn't be back till late. Kelly arrived in late afternoon and unpacked her bags. We ate some spaghetti and decide that we would watch some Pay-Per-View movies on the tv tonight. We went upstairs to change into our sleep wear for the night. I always wore my pajama bottoms and a loose tank top, and Kelly always wore a long white shirt that went to just above her knees. ( Man! It was getting harder to ignore that young teen body that was under that shirt! )We met each other at the couch, me carrying in the popcorn and she carrying in the soda. I said: " Well pumpkin. We haven't been able to do this in awhile. "She smiles and says: " Yeah it's kinda nice. "

We snuggled on the couch, my daughter's head resting on my shoulder, and my arm around her side just above her hips. We watched the first movie and when it was over. I asked her what she wanted to watch next?She looked up at me and said: " Daddy I really need to talk to you about something.

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   " I looked at her and said: " What is it honey that has you worried? "" Well daddy it's Jack. You see I think I have feeling for him, and I think he has feelings for me too. I have one problem though, I have never kissed anybody before, you know really kiss, and I don't know how. "

She put her head down and said: " Daddy, This is where I need your help. I've seen the way you kiss Sammy and the way she kisses you back, and that's the way I would like to be able to kiss Jack. I've seen Jack kiss girls in school, and I know he knows how, but I wanna make sure the first time I and Jack kiss, is that it's good. Would you teach me how to kiss like that?( With a small tear in her beautiful green eyes)Please daddy! Teach me! Please! "(After I picked up my jaw and my mind stop spinning)I looked at her and said: " Honey it will be ok you'll learn as you go. It's ok not to know everything. "" Daddy. I not just asking, I'm begging for you to teach me!It's just us here alone and no one would have to know!I'll never tell anyone!So please daddy, just this once please!

I saw the sincerity in her face and the look of, " no " was not an option in this conversation we we're having. I let my morals step down for a moment to think about the question at hand and to think about it logically. It's just a kiss after all. It's not sex. It's just teaching her how to kiss that's all, like learning to swim. I had my hand on my little girls butt, when I was teaching her to swim, and it wasn't sex.

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  This wouldn't be either. My defense walls were down and I gave in. I looked at her and said: " OK. Just this once, and only once!We will never bring this up again and I want you to know that I love you and that I am only doing this just because I love you and you're asking to do this for no other reason but to learn how to kiss. Agreed? "

She jumped up on my lap, her legs spread across my hips and her knees bent back and the bottom part of her leg resting on each side of my upper legs. She put her arms around my neck kissing me with her usual peck kisses saying: " Thank you daddy! Thank you! Oh thank you! "She suddenly stopped what she was doing,realizing the deal she had made with me. She Looked straight into my eyes and said: " OK daddy. Teach me.

I told her to tilt her head a little to the right and just open her mouth just a little bit. I put my hands up to each side of her face and started pulling her to me. Her whole body shook as we got closer to our lips meeting. My lips came in contact with hers, she jumped for a moment as they touched, but still moved forward to experience her first real kiss. I began to massage her lips with mine, kissing her slow and very soft, feeling this young teens lips mixing with mine was so exciting. I loved the way her lips felt so young and so tender. I brought my tongue out and touched her lips with it and again she jumped for a second.

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   She just held her lips open while I caressed the outside of them. Soon she had her tongue out doing the same thing back. We had our tongues dancing with each others, exploring each other mouths, kissing the outside, and pressing our lips hard against each other.

My hands were moving down her sides, holding onto the sides of her waist, while I kept kissing her. She moved her body closer into mine, and the folds of her hot cunny was now pushed up against the outside of my engorged member. The only thing that separated us was her thin panties and my pajamas, which had just one button to hold the flap shut in front. I could feel her heat coming off her little pussy against my nine inch throbbing love muscle, and I knew she could feel me as she began moving her hips back and forth across the length of my steel rod. Her breathing was getting faster and I could tell her body was starting to respond to the new pleasures she was feeling, as I could smell her sex coming off her tiny sweet pussy.

I never thought in a million years I would be doing this, but my mind was gone in lust, and all I wanted to do was to shove my cock into her young virgin pussy as far as I could get it, and release a ton of hot cum right into her waiting fertile valley. I moved my hands down further onto her little sweet ass and pushed my hips up to meet her grinding assault against my cock. I kept grinding hard into her faster and faster, till I felt her body stiffen as her first ever orgasm hit her from another person. She screamed loud yelling: " OH GOD! DADDY! I'M CUMMING OH GOD I'M CUMMING!I'MUUUUNNNNGGGHHH!Her screaming sent me over the edge, and I pushed up hard, pushing my throbbing member into the fold of her very wet pantie covered vagina.

When she came she had pushed down hard and then lifted up letting my cock go right against the entrance of her honey hole. When she pushed down again, the head of my now exploding cockwent in about aninch only held back by the panties she had on. She felt the heat as my cum splashed against her panties and the outer walls of her labia.

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  Her eyes got big and she said: " Oh wow! Is that what it feels like? I bet it even feels better inside. "

We both came down from our sexual high and just looked at each other. Both of us said about the same time that what happened to just a kiss!I looked at her and said: "Honey I didn't mean for it to go this far. Do you think you can ever forgive me. She looked at me smiling and said: " forgive you? For what? That was the best orgasm I've ever had. I've never even come close to cumming like that with my own fingers!Daddy you can kiss me like that anytime. I'm really tired and I think i'm going to bed. Night daddy. Sweet dreams!"(giggles)"She got up off of my deflating cock and headed upstairs.

I went upstairs, changed into other pajamas and waited for my wife and the other two kids to get back home from the game. About an hour later they walked in, and my wife came over and said: "Where's Kelly? Didn't she come over yet?"I said:"Yes She's just tired and went to bed early. "She tells the kids to get there baths and get to bed. Jack and Cindy give a kiss on the cheek and head up stairs. Sammy leans over, grabs my cock, and gives me a kiss saying; " Come on big boy. Mommy needs a touchdown.

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Tell me what you think, and would you like a chapter #2

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