The Night i watch my daughter become a mom


Hello My name is Brook im 35 yours old been married for now 16 yrs.   i have a very good sex live.   my husband wants for nothing.   i was not a very sexual person when i got married.   it was only after the birth oforu last daughter shes now 7 yrs old.   that i really started to experiment with my sexual desires.     i also have a 16 your old that is not my husbands .   and a 14 yr old that is.     it was after Lauren was born that i really started having the memories.    
My father and i were all we had.   my mom the whore left with a travling show go figure.   Sarah is my fathers daughter shes 16 and lives with are dad.   the 14 yr old she  the sweetest little angle you will ever meet.   Regan was born in germany.   just before my Husband came home from Dessert storm.   is was the best thing in the world to happen to me.

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    this is where the story come in to its own.  
we now live in a sweet little town on the outskirts of a big merto city.     i was working late on night im a nurse for a major Hospital.   i was driving home when this funny feeling came over me.   like i was being touched.   first from my lips   then on my thighs i remembered feeling that way the first time i was touched sexual by my father.  
i was in the car so i knew i was just rmrmbering the feeling.   Josh was home with Regan and Lauren and Dad And Sarah have been active for some time now.   i placed it out of my mind til i got home.   when i saw two figures in Regans room.   it was dark but the light in her room was still on.  
I opened the door quietly to the house. Walked upstairs slowly opening the bedroomdoor to regans room.   when i heard her" please daddy please love me" she asked
His hands were on her hips " this isnt right My sweetheart  your mom will be home soon" he said   "yes i love you but its so wrong and i know better" he told her
"Pappa please touch me again" she slide his hand back to her inner thigh she moaned  " doesnt it feel good pappa" she asked him.
with a slight push she fell onto the bed.

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    she opened her legs for him   she began to rub her wet pussy with the palm of her hand and then her finger slide up to her hardeng clit.   " touch me Pappa i want you please touch me" she begged.
he knealed down in front of her. with every thing he did trying to fight the feelling he toucher her.   his thumb first right to her Clit .   She moaned alound  "More daddy taste it. Taste your baby girl. "  she beged again.
He did leaned in and tasted the virginity. his tounge entered her.   her legs jerked as she giggled.  " you are as sweet as honey" he told her.   one finger pulsing on her clit he kept eating her swallow after swallow. he slowly slide a finger into her. she squirmed and maoned some more.

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   "please pappa dont stop. take it now please. " as her hips ground in the air.   with that one more that was it no more little girl i could see a blood trail slowly coming from her cunt. she was daddys slut now and he would make great use of it now.   
"you want me dont you whore"  he said.
"Y. . . . . . . . .

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  Yes" she cried
"Fine you cunt  you will get every thing you desirve" he told her forcefully.
( i loved it when he talked to me that way. made me feel so low and very dirty)
"your cunt is mine isnt it whore" he asked in a very demanding tone.
"Y. . . . . . . . . yes pappa" with more tears.
he slowly lifted him self into her sliding none stop into her.  " my toight cunt now   my whore every night is that clear " he told her.

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"pappa what about mom she will not like it if i have sex with you she will divorce you wont she " cying as she said the words.
"you (thrust) are ( thrust ) my ( thrust ) cum( thrust) Whore( thrust )" he wrapping his arms up under her shoulders  shoing his cock deep in to her.  
Screaming in Pain as her thrusted deep every time
"yess pappa" her eyes full of tears
"im going to cum in you you fucking whore cum slut cock tease.   So you can be just like your whore of a mother and have your daddys baby to. " he informed her.
" NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO   please daddy please dont cum in me" she tryed to fight it 
You cum slut i know you have wanted me in you you just told me that you have wanted me for 2 yrs you told me whore" he answered.
"yes daddy i have wanted you but a baby no i dont want that. " she pleded.
"You cum slut beg for me to cum in you beg your pappa to inpregnate you beg for my seed in you" he demanded
she did" yes daddy fuck me fuck me and plant your seed. plant it deep in me. make me your new WHore make me your new cock tease make me your new lover," she begged
and it was then he came his jerks   his musles his body feel on to hers.
he whispered in to her ear " your mother will train you on how to be a good whore understand BITCH" he told her.
i walks fast from the door and to are room. quickly went to the bathroom as if i hadnt just seen any thing.     i watched him come in to our room naked.

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    i started the shower and got in. he came in to see what i was doing.   : how long have  you been home. he asked me.
" just now i had to pee so bad i didnt even look to see if you where still up watching tv in the living room. " i told him
he climbed in the shower with me. i could see the blood rinse off of his cock
"Baby are you ok as i placed it gently in to my hand. " i asked with the most conered look on myface.
"yes lover in fine. " he said   he always called me lover when he wanted me to make love to him.
i knelt down placing his cock gentlying into my mouth. sucking him is what i loved to do.   it was as if 16 yrs had never happened. that was the one thing i did really well was sucking cock.
i could taste her on his cock.

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   but i didnt stop. it was so hard and so tasty i had to suck it. and i did nice and hard long and deep. faster til he grabbing my face   hands on both side forcing me to take it all sucking til it went down my thraot. and it was there taht he came 4 large squirts.
it was two weeks later that Regan came to me asking if i would take her to the doctor she was sick vomitting every morning i knew what it was but she didnt have a clue. the doctor did the whole nine yards but the pregnancy test.
he said its just the flu. it will be ok.
i told the doctor to do a pregnancy test on her. he did and there in front of the nurse and i said yes shes Pregnant.
i looked at her. she was crying she still didnt know i had seen her and her dad.
More to come Please emailme and let me know if i should continue.

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