The Silken Family Trap Part VII


The Silken Family Trap – Part VII
Michele Nylons
From Part VI
We both slowly came back to earth from our shattering orgasms and Matron went limp, whimpering in the last throes of her climax. I eased back and my now deflating penis popped out of Matron's asshole; my semen began to mix with her cunt juices and ran down through the folds of her pussy and on to her smoky grey nylons, staining them with our combined come. She turned around and pulled herself upright off the desk, her heavy makeup ruined by the face fucking she had given my Sister and by the exertion of our frantic fuck. I could smell my Sisters cunt on her breath as she wrapped her arms around me and pulled my face to hers and gave a hard sloppy kiss, thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth. She pulled back and smiled at me.
Part VII
And so it was for the next six months. I engaged in all the nylon fetish sex I could possibly want. I had my Mom, my Sister, and Matron wrapped around my fingers. They enjoyed our sexcapades, sure, but beneath it all was the undercurrent of incest and forced sex; after all I had raped all of my now willing participants to begin with.
I had the company of my three nylon queens individually, Mom and Sis together, and occasionally all three of them together; and of course they always wore nice sexy outfits, often their respective uniforms, and always pantyhose or stockings and nylon panties; my fetish dominating our incestuous relationship.
Mom was at first quiet shocked when she found out Eileen and I had blackmailed Matron into our 'silken family trap', but quickly submitted to the new rules of my game. She eventually capitulated to a foursome when we invited Matron around home for dinner, followed by lashings of sex for desert. I had the pleasure of watching Mom and Matron sixty nine each other fully clothed, their heads buried under each other's skirts as they pleasured each other lying on the couch in the lounge whilst Sis stroked me off into a sheer stocking. I managed to fuck all three of them that night but was so tired I had to take the next day off school.
And then things took a strange turn that I never would have expected nor ever dreamed could happen.
It was a cool sunny winter afternoon when Mom came into the house excited.

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"Look kids, we've been invited to fancy dress party by the girls on my shift at the Ward," she beamed.
"Not fucking likely!" I responded. "That sounds like girls fun to me. "
"Oh come on Mike, it sounds like fun, it's a 'Whores and Pimps' night," she said.
"What's a 'Whores and Pimps' night?" Eileen asked.
"Well obviously the girls go to the party dressed as whores and the guys dress as pimps; you know the sort of thing," Mom explained.
"Well Mike, if me and Mom dress as whores, you know what that means don't you? Short skirts, high heels, sheer nylons, pretty panties, lots of slutty makeup, all the things you hate. " Eileen teased.
"Now that you put it that way, it sounds like it could be fun, especially on the way home in the car after you girls have had all night to tease me, not to mention the other 'whores' who will be at the party. Ok, count me in," I said.
"Well its three o'clock now and we've to be there by seven, if you get showered and changed by five Mike, that leaves your Sister and I plenty of time to find suitable costumes and prepare ourselves for the evening. If you behave we might even give you something before we go," she winked.
"Well Mom, having an intimate knowledge of yours and Sis's wardrobe, neither of you will have problems dressing up as whores," I taunted.
"Hey!!!!!!" they both chimed in together; but it was too late I was of to my room to see what I could throw together for fancy dress.
'What the fuck does a pimp wear?' I wondered.


As I shaved, showered and dried myself off, I fantasised about the evening to come; lots of women and girls dressed up as whores. They were all bound to wear revealing clothing, miniskirts, hot pants, that sort of thing; and all whores wore nylons didn't they? I could hardly wait!
I wondered into the lounge room about six o'clock looking despondent. As a teenage lad I had no idea what a pimp wore and the best I could muster was a wrinkled suit that I had almost outgrown, and a cowboy hat.
Both the girls burst into laughter when I entered.
"Oh fuck Mike, you look like a dickhead," Eileen chortled.
"Hey, that’s not fair. He looks like a kid who hasn't a clue how to dress," Mom laughed in time with my Sister.
"Oh cut it out you two. It's easy for you, your costumes are just the sort of thing you wear for me around the house anyway, and I must say you both look like eminently fuckable whores," I retorted.
Mom was wearing her shortest black leather miniskirt, a black low cut short sleeved blouse, matching black patent leather, six inch high heeled 'fuck me' pumps, and sheer black seamed stockings. Her reinforced stocking tops were easily visible at the hem of the miniskirt and they were clasped into bright red garter straps that disappeared under her skirt and led up to her garter belt. The crotch of her matching gauzy red nylon panties was just visible whenever she made the slightest move and her identical red bra was on display for all to see, pushing up her tits and hardly covered at all by her blouse. Her flaming red hair was worn frizzed and big, framing her heavily made-up face; lashings of black mascara, mauve eyeshadow, blushed cheeks and ruby red lips. The outfit was completed with a gold necklace, gold bangles on her wrists, gold teardrop earings dangling from her ears, and a matching anklet glittered on her sheer stocking encased ankle. She looked just like an eighties whore!
My Sister was wearing white skin tight nylon bustier, her lovely adolescent tits on display.

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   She had squeezed into the tightest hotpants I have ever seen. The taut red lycra hotpants were moulded to her ass and emphasised her pubic mound; there was no visible panty line meaning that the glossy taupe pantyhose that glittered on her long legs was the only underwear she was wearing. The ensemble was completed with white platform shoes. She wore her red hair in a similar style to Mom; her makeup was also identical, although her selection of jewellery was gaudy and ornamental. The single exception being the gold ankle bracelet, identical to Mom's, sparkling on her gossamer encased ankle. She looked like a seventies whore!
I was enamoured with my pair of whores from decades past and could hardly wait to get my hands on them.
"Well come on Mike, cant you do better than that for a costume, look at the effort me and Mom have put in," Eileen complained.
"Leave him alone," Mom replied, "Let me look in you wardrobe Mike and see if we can't find some thing more pimp like shall we?"
Mom led the way to my room and I couldn't take my eyes of her ass and legs. Her pert buttocks, encased in her sheer red panties peeked below the hem of her skirt, and her legs looked so long, accentuated by the seamed nylons and high-heeled pumps. We rummaged around in my wardrobe and found nothing suitable for me to wear. Returning to the lounge we I sat down next to Eileen and Mom went to the kitchen and returned with drinks. Mom figured that as been as we were all fucking each other and breaking the incest taboo, what difference would a little under age drinking make? Mom handed me my favourite drink, a rum and coke.
"Well I do have one idea Mike," she said coyly, a cheeky grin on her face, "but I'm not sure you would be up for it?"
"What?" I asked.
"Well………. what if you come along as a whore too!" she exclaimed.

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"FUCK OFF!" I responded immediately; but then Eileen piped straight in,
"Great idea Mom, I bet we can make him look a proper trollop; come on Mike it'll be fun. "
"No fucking way!" I again replied, "You are not dressing me in drag!"
"Come on," the girls chimed together.
"Think of it this way Mike," Eileen said smugly, "You are always getting into our pantyhose and knickers, now it will be our chance to get into yours. "
I thought back to the time a few months ago, before I had 'tamed' my Mom and Sis: 'Alone in my room I would enact my pantyhose fantasies. I would wear them, sniff them, and wank in them, all kinds of pantyhose perversion. I loved the sight, feel, and smell of nylons. I could get an erection just rubbing their silken material against my face, and could orgasm by just rubbing my cock against the silky fabric. Yes living with two ladies who wore pantyhose every day had its advantages'.
I had loved the feel of nylon on my legs and balls, and this would be one way to experience that lovely feeling again, and maybe I could enact my ultimate fantasy after the party; fucking a girl in nylons while I was wearing them too! Maybe I should go along with their harebrained scheme to please my own appetites. Besides, the drink was starting to kick in, I felt relaxed and uninhibited.
"Ok," I found myself saying, "you can dress me like a whore, but you girls are really going to have to put out to repay me for this little party trick. "
"Oh you will get repaid Mike," Mom said, "you will get repaid. "
Eileen bought me another rum and coke, "Here Mike," she offered, "drink up, we're going to a party remember?"
"Ok Sis, you bet, these drinks are great. "
I was really starting to feel woozy as I gulped at the second drink, I can usually hold my liquor pretty well, even for a teenager, but this evening it was going straight to my head. I vaguely remember being led to the bathroom and the girls running me a bath.

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   They gave me another drink while they ministered to me.
"I have already had a shower," I said, my voice sounding like it was coming from a long way off.
"Silly, we're shaving your legs Mike, you can't be a sexy whore with hairy legs," Mom laughed.
"Fuck off, you can't do that," I tried to get up, but it was no use; I fell back in the tub and started giggling.
Eileen helped me drink my drink by holding it up to my mouth. The rest of the evening was blur. I can remember little episodes of clarity, the girls drying me, dressing me in lingerie, helping me into a skirt and blouse, Eileen holding my head still while Mom applied makeup and pulled a wig over my head, Eileen bending down and buckling shoes on my feet. Shoes that I couldn't stand up in when they finally got me to my feet. After that I don't remember a thing, the world became one big blur, then it was dark. I felt this tremendous rush as I breathed in the fumes from under my nose. Mom was standing in front of me waving a phial of something in my face, the vapours of which instantly sobered me up, and made me wide awake.
I knew something was terribly wrong. I was standing but my arms were extended above my head, my wrists clamped into what could only be cuffs. The weight of my body was suspended from my wrists and I struggled to take my weight on my feet. Then I realised that my feet were in some kind of strange shoes that made it hard for me to get my balance.

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   Then I remembered my sister strapping me into a pair of Mom's high-heels. I also realised that my legs were held apart about a metre and no matter what I tried I couldn't close them.
Mom moved away from me and I looked down and was shocked. On my feet was indeed a pair of Mom's black high-heeled open toe pumps. I could see that my toenails were painted bright red through the opaque reinforced toe seam of the fully-fashioned smoky grey nylon stockings I was wearing. ( Similar to Matron's favourites I though somewhere in the recesses of my mind. ) I remembered vaguely about volunteering to dress in drag for a party, that explained the shoes and stockings; but I couldn't understand why there was a metre long stainless steel bar clamped above each ankle with a leather cuff holding my legs apart.
My eyes continued looking up my body. About mid thigh began the hem a black miniskirt made of some silky material, my other senses were awakening now and I could feel the luxurious feeling of the nylon stockings on my legs. The hem of the skirt sent little electric shocks along my thighs as the material stroked against my stockings. I was wearing a pink nylon blouse that felt so light and sexy against my back and chest; but I noticed I had false breasts and felt what could only be a bra around me. I followed the sleeves of the blouse up and saw my wrists clamped securely in the cuffs, my fingernails were painted red and my hands had been shaved; they looked positively feminine.
Ok, I figured out that the girls had dressed me as a woman for the party as I had agreed to, but why was I in captivity? I noticed some other things too, I was obviously wearing nylon panties, as I could feel the sensuous material against my balls and cock, and snug against my ass cheeks. I could discern a silken garment tight against and just over my panties, a suspender belt; I realised as I sensed the silken garters extending to the tops of my thighs. I could feel the little clips of the garter snaps on my thighs where they were attached to my stockings.

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Mom stepped in front of me and held up a large mirror. I looked at her confused but she just held the mirror up to me. I saw a tawdry whore looking back at me. She was quite attractive in a cheap fuckable way. Framed in a blonde bob, was a face that had been heavily made up complete with lashings of mascara, eye shadow, rouge and lipstick. I realised it was me!
Mom smiled at me as saw the realisation on my face.
"Mike, we've turned you into Michele. Don't you like her?"
"Why?" I asked. "Why am I handcuffed like this Mom. "
"Well Mike, er Michele, I spiked your drinks, being a Nurse I can get all kinds of drugs you know. Then your Sister and I shaved you all over and dressed you just like you are now. We applied that makeup and wig and then strung you up. Finally we put that restraining bar between your legs. "
"Of course even me and Eileen had to have help to drag you down here to the basement and truss you up; so Matron helped. "
Matron stepped into my sight.

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   She was dressed in a black full body corset and waist cincher, her tits pushed up and out. From the bodice of her waist cincher, suspenders ran down her legs to her favourite smoky grey fully-fashioned nylon stockings. She had on a pair of the highest heels I had ever seen; black of course. She too was heavily made up.
"Hi Michele," she smiled at me and winked.
"But why?" I pleaded again.
"Because Mike, you need to be taught a lesson. Although we enjoy having sex with you and each other, and really get off on your nylon fetish, you did rape us!"
"What?!?" I asked amazed.
"All of us Mike, you forced yourself on all of us to begin with. So now you are going to see and feel what it's like to have someone force themselves on you. We have turned you into a girl; and now we are going to rape you!" Mom said viciously, her heavily made up face angry but so sexy.
"See! I knew you were the sort of lad who would have more fun if I left my nylons on," she said.