The Sleep Over


I suggested ice cream and the other two thought that it would be a great idea, so off to the kitchen i went and the first part of my plan. The sleeping pills we easy to crush into a fine powder and mix into the ice cream so i mad theirs first so as not to mix them up with mine, As the started eating the ice cream i got mine and sat down on the couch and waited for the pills to take effect, it was only a short time after they finished the ice cream when they both started getting really sleepy, so we made a bed on the floor for bonnie and my girlfriend and i headed for our bed. I waited for about twenty mins. to make sure my girlfriensd was asleep and after gently shaking her make sure she was out i set the second part of my plan into effect. I slowly made my way in the dark to the living room where bonnie was sleeping, and gently shook her to confirm she was out cold, and as the adrenline was pumping through my veins so was the blood rushing into my cock in anticapation of waht i was about to do. The blankets were already half way off her body so taking them all the way off was easier than i thought, there she was dressed in a thin night gown and with the little bit of moon light in the room from the window i could see her soft pink panties the night dress was pushed up her body and almost off her perky little tits so with little effort i lifted the dress to get a look at her naked chest and to my surprise her nipples were hard and begging to be touched, as i gently placed my finger on her left nipple she let out a soft moan that made my heart skip a beat, Well i had better get down to business i thought before i get caught. So i turned my attention to the waist band of her panties and slowly lifted the top enough to slip my hand in, as i did she moaned again making me even hornier (if that was possible). The feel of her naked pussy almost made me shoot my load in my pants, so i took my hard cock out of the front of my boxers and as i sroked her young pussy i stroked my hard cock which by this time was leaking pre-cum like a hose, feeling lucky i gently rabbed the panties in both hands and pulled them down her legs totally exposing her pussy, I knew i was out of control when i placed my face between her legs and tasted her virgin juices but i didn't care, I licked and sucked her hole and was even lucky enough to get a few licks of her pink puckered asshole,after a few mins. of licking her pussy i needed to cum so bad it hurt so i got between her legs and rubbed the head of my dripping cock along her slit, it took only about five strokes and i blew the biggest load of my life all over her bald mound, with the high from my orgasm still controling me i bent down and licked my own cum off her mound which caused me to have another orgasm. After i had her all cleaned up and her panties some what back in place i went back to bed with the biggest smile on my face, and in the morning the two of them never had a clue. So when bonnie asked if she could come back soon i was thought to my self the sooner the better. . . . IF YOU LIKED THIS PLEASE TELL ME! E-MAIL ME AT bluedoormember@yahoo. com.

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