The Three Paths


My family has a tradition that I always knew existed without ever really knowing exactly what it was. Since my birthday is approaching, my older brother Steven began hinting to me about what was in store for me. He would told me more and more every day but never a whole lot. Then one day he was drunk and I think he told me enough. He called it "The Three Paths" and told me it was set up by our stepdad who we usually called Michael (which is also my name).
From what I could gather it seems that on my birthday, my stepdad and my mom are going to give me the usual birthday gifts and then at dinner they are going to make a proposition. Now, I don't know if I heard this all correctly from Steven but the more I think about it, the more I hope that I DID hear it right. Steve was pretty freakin' drunk though so that makes me think he might have been joking. He BETTER not have been.
Anyway, supposedly, my stepdad and my mom, at dinner time, will tell me that my real birthday gift will be the opportunity to have sex with my choice of three different women. It's supposed to go like this. The first day, should I choose sex on THAT day, will be my opportunity to boink Bethany. She is a girl I just happen to know because she just so happens to be my freakin sister! Anyhow, on the second day, if I didn't elect to bang my sister I could have sex with Anita. And who is Anita? Well, you might have guessed that she is my mother! And finally on the third day, if I had held out, I could then have my way with the lady that lives two doors down who is married and is a friend of Michael's and just so happens to be the hottest MILF in my whole neighborhood (in my opinion). Needless to say I really like that last part!
When I heard this I acted all shocked but really I was just fascinated. But how could my sister be in on it? I thought this sounded too peculiar until I REALLY thought about it - I mean, it's basically all I CAN think about these days.


   Well, it's like this - my sister has been acting differently towards me lately. And by lately, I mean the last couple months. She is always inviting me to stay over at her house which is like an hour away. She never invites my brother who lives with me. Why we should do that? Why would she just invite me? I even asked her that once and her reply was simply hesitation and then "Why?, has he said anything?" And then another time, me and my sister and some family members were talking during Thanksgiving dinner about how famous people are always good looking. And what I said was that I don't think that most of these actresses and singers look that much better than average people. But I clarified, "I'm not saying that Britney Spears doesn't look good. What I'm saying is that average people DO look good. " Anyway, later on, my sister, when no one else was really listening, said to me that she's glad that I felt that way about "average people". The way she put it was, "So that means that you would think that even I look pretty hot. " And she smiled at me. To me that comment was so out of place and suggestive. I mean she said that last bit to me well after that topic of conversation had died already. And another thing, somehow my sister and I these days always wind up on the topic of sex. Always.

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   Mere coincidence? I starting to kinda hope not.
Every day, I get more and more jittery. My birthday is on the tenth of January. True or not, I have been fantasizing like crazy about this. And I can't decide which of these "three paths" I want. My sister is cute. She is 24 and has a nice thin body. To fuck my mother would be amazing! And the lady down the street is sooo hot. But I would have to wait two days and pass up the opportunity with my sister and mom in order to screw her. But maybe her husband will watch! And better yet, maybe I should purposely pass up my sister and maybe my mother too because if they're in on this right now then maybe they won't mind putting it off until a later day. I don't know.
If anyone responds, please let me know which path YOU would take. Until then I will continue to have sleepless nights wanking myself and thinking about all the possibilities.
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