The Tree House - Chapter 2


Gill drank her glass of milk, which left a cute moustache on her upper lip. She wiped it off, stuck out her tongue at me and dashed out the patio door “Bet you can’t catch me!” she screamed, and so I ran after her in hot pursuit. By the time I reached the tree house she was already climbing up the ladder. I looked up. I could see up her short denim skirt and caught a flash of powder blue panties. I climbed up after her, and collapsed on the deck, panting. “Slow coach” she taunted me. “I’ll show you who’s slow!” I said as I lunged on top of her, pinning her arms to the floor with my legs. “Get off me you creep!” “I will if you give me a kiss” I replied“That’s gross! I’m not kissing you, you smelly…”I didn’t let her finish, but instead planted my mouth on hers. She resisted kissing me back, but I kept up the pressure of my lips on hers. My sister still resisted, and kept her lips firmly together. After a minute of this I said to Gill,“I’m not letting you up unless you kiss me properly” “I don’t know to kiss properly,” she said in a whisper. “Just copy me” And so I kissed her again, more tenderly, and she responded by kissing me back. Gill closed her eyes. I opened my lips slightly, and she did also, and once again my sister surprised me by slipping her tongue between my lips. Our tongues met, and caressed.

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   Our mouths were now wide open, our lips glued together, our tongues were swirling around in the other’s mouth. I lay down in a more comfortable position on the hard floor, and Gill put her arms around me. We kissed like this for a long time; I wanted to savour every wonderful sensation. The only noise was the slight rustle of leaves as a breeze blew through the tree, and the little wet noises our lips and tongues made. I was incredibly turned on. By my sister’s response it occurred to me that she might be turned on also, her face was again flushed, and every so often a little moan escaped her. I decided to see how far she would let me go, and I put my right hand lightly on her bare thigh. Gill didn’t object, and so I moved my hand up, tentatively. I slid my hand along her thigh, under her short skirt. Again she didn’t object, and even moved her legs apart slightly. We both continued to kiss deeply, as if nothing was going on below. I placed my hand on her panties, and I could feel her soft mound under the cotton. My fingers moved over her mound, down between her legs, and I was surprised to find that the fabric was damp there. I could feel the heat of her sex against my palm, and I decided to go even further. I gently began pulling my sister’s panties down, and she lifted up her bottom to help me.

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   I broke off the kiss, and pulled her blue panties down her legs and over her sneakers. I could now see my sister’s pussy; it was almost hairless, save for a few faint dark hairs that had begun to appear above her slit. I reached out and touched her bald slit, and ran my finger up and down its length. Gill opened her legs wide, and took my hand in hers, and showed me where to touch. I put my fingers where she was wet, and slipped my middle finger in. I was surprised how slippery it was, and pushed most of my finger into her before I met resistance. I Began finger fucking her, as the boys in school called it, and Gill just lay back and said in a dreamy voice-“That feels nice, do it a little faster”. And so I did as ordered, and quickened the pace of my middle finger in and out of her little pink hole. While I did this, my sister began rubbing the folds of her pussy lips above my finger, until she found her clitoris. We kept this up for a few minutes; my hand was beginning to ache, until Gill began pushing her hips upwards, so that her mound was thrust up to meet my hand at every stroke. Without warning she began to shiver, and I could feel the walls of her vagina contract around my finger. Her orgasm lasted a few seconds, during which she made barely audible whimpering noises. Gill opened her eyes and looked at me dreamily. She had a faint smile on her face. I leant over and kissed her on the mouth again.

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   Our tongues met once again. Gill was still on her back, with her denim miniskirt bunched around her waist. How I would love to see her fully naked! But the risk of Mum catching us would be too great. The sun had moved and was now streaming in the door of the tree house, bathing us in light. I stole another look at Gill’s pussy, she had made no attempt to put on her underwear. Her little lips were now puffy, and glistening in the light. Gill caught me looking, and laughed at me. “Have a better look, if you want”, she said, again opening her legs wide. I lay down, and examined her closely. My face was about six inches from her bald vulva, and I could catch her musky aroma. Her outer lips were slightly swollen from arousal, and the lips around her vagina were bright pink. Some drops of clear liquid were seeping from her. I could have looked on that beautiful sight for hours. I remembered my earlier promise. “Can I lick you?” “Okay, just wait a sec.

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  ” And she put an old army blanket that we sometimes used as a door under her bottom, for comfort. This raised her hips, and she opened her slim legs for me. I lowered my face to her wetness, and inhaled her musky scent. My own erection was so hard I thought I would come just from the smell of my sister. I kissed her pussy, and stuck my tongue out, and licked the whole length of her slit a couple of times. I licked my tongue inside her wet hole. The taste was bittersweet, and totally intoxicating. I had my tongue as far into my sister’s pussy as it could go. I continued to lick and suck her bald cunt for what seemed like hours, until I made her come again by fingering her, this time with two fingers, white sucking and licking her clit. When she came, my sister shivered and thrust her hips up again, and I ground my face into her mound and sucked her cunt hard. This time her orgasm was more intense, her stomach muscles quivered, and she let out a long moan while her slim legs closed around my head. I needed release badly, I had a hard on for about an hour and my balls were beginning to ache. Gill was still in the same position, recovering from her orgasm. I pulled my shorts down, and released my cock. Clear pre come was dripping from my shiny knob as I kneeled between my sisters spread legs.

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   Her engorged cunt lips were slightly parted now, and seemed to beckon me. Although I was a virgin I had seen porno movies, and had dreamed of the day I would be able to fuck a woman like in the movies. I never dreamt that I would lose my cherry to my sister, but now it seemed right that I should lose it to the girl I loved more than anyone else in the world. Gill and I looked into the other’s eyes, and an understanding silently passed between us. I knew she wanted my cock inside her as much as I wanted to fuck her. I lay on top of her slim body, and she grabbed my erection, and guided it into her wetness. I pushed it in, slowly, and felt the tightness wrap around me. It was like a dream, I could not believe I was fucking my sister. I continued to push my cock into her tiny pussy, but there was something blocking the way. “Push harder, fuck me, please” Gill begged, and so I pushed with all my might. I felt something give way, and suddenly I was completely buried in her cunt. My pubic bone met hers, I was in so deep. Gill let out a whimper, I think I was hurting her, but I was so horny I didn’t care. I began to fuck her in slow strokes. Gill wrapped her legs around me and grabbed my hair in her hands.

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   “Sean, fuck me, please!” she shouted. I pulled her t-shirt up, I wanted to see her tits before I came. Gill pulled her top over her head, revealing her lithe body. Her chest was like a boy’s, except that her nipples were puffy and erect. This sight put me over the edge and I came, hard, ejaculating deep into my sister’s cunt. I cried out as I came, and my sister stroked my hair until my orgasm ceased. I lay down beside her, and slept for a while, until the sun went behind a cloud, and it was time to go back into the house. That was the first my sister and I time we made love, and though we did it again many times during our teens, nothing again was ever as good, or as intense, but the memory lives fresh in my mind to this day. THE ENDMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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