There Can Be Only One Chapter 13


My door was slightly ajar as I sat at the computer checking for any messages on Face book. I heard the door to mum’s bedroom shut. I quickly rose and darted to open the door just as mum was passing my bedroom. I could hear the girls laughing and giggling in the bathroom opposite.

Mum had changed from her Sunday outfit into a shirt and some Capri pants. The way her tits were held I could tell that she was wearing a bra under the loose shirt. I was a little disappointed that she had chosen to wear the Capris.

“How disappointing…” I spoke as she drew level with me.

Mum looked at me puzzled.

“Haven’t you learned anything over the past twenty four hours?”

Mum’s expression did not change from that of a quizzical one.

I stepped up to her and parted her shirt showing her plain white bra.

She pulled back slightly “I don’t have time son…your dad will be home soon and he will be wanting his lunch”

“Disappointed in the bra mum” I spoke quietly with what I considered to be some affection to the tone of my voice.

I released my grasp of her shirt and lowered my hand to cup her cunt…I closed my hand gently squeezing her mound.

“I don’t like this covered either?”I paused momentarily…”and are you wearing panties?”

“Ross…. ” I was sure there some sadness and regret in her when she whispered my name softly.


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  ” I muttered as my hand reluctantly let go of the soft flesh between my mother’s legs…I turned and entered my room easing the door shut just as I heard dad came through the front door downstairs.

“Where is everyone” I heard dad’s voice boom from behind my closed door.

“Ju…Just coming dear”… mum croaked

I spent the next ten minutes or so sat at my computer looking at the new folder I had created…sorting out the few photos I had taken, posting them into their own folders depending on what was the subject matter, thinking as I shuffled them that I needed to take more…a lot more. I was starting to get aroused. My right hand automatically fished out my hardening cock.

My head turned on hearing the coded knock on the door. “Come in” I responded, my hand remained stroking my cock.

The girls slipped into the room and came and stood behind me looking at what the screen was showing…they both giggled when they noticed the movement of my right hand.

“Aren’t you going to suck his cock then?” …Cathy laid her hand on her friend’s head and pushed her downwards.

I spun the chair around as Vicky with a smile to her face knelt down without question and licked my hard cock from tip to balls and back again before engulfing the whole head in her tiny mouth.

I let out a big sigh leaning back just watching the blond head bob up and down

“Are you going to take more?” I was shaken out of my thoughts by Cathy’s voice, noticing that her eyes were once again on the computer screen.

“Oh yeah…lots more…including you”

“Yeah that will be right…as if. . . dream on big brother”.

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   A broad smile crossed Cathy’s face

“Take one of this slut sucking your cock”

Before Vicky had time to release my cock from her mouth with what I presumed to be so that she would object, the room was flooded for a split second with the flash of Susie’s camera.

“Gimme the camera…let me take some pics of the two of you. ”

I handed Cathy the camera and pushed Vicky’s head back onto my cock. She didn’t resist, resigned to the fact that no matter what she said she knew that we would still take pictures.

For the first half dozen or so flashes I watched as Cathy moved around the fellating girl getting real close at times to my glistening cock with ruby lips wrapped around it. Soon however the sensation of my prick getting sucked made me close my eyes and start to enjoy the feelings. I was just aware of the slight click and flashes in the background.

“Kids…lunch” I was brought back to earth with a thump on hearing dad’s voice bellow from down below.

“Shit…fuck…shitfuck…” Vicky stopping sucking my cock and rising back to her feet when I was so close was not what I had wished for that very moment…

“Kids…did you hear??”

“Coming dad” Cathy shouted back.

The girls were half way down the stairs as I was still trying to conceal my erect glistening throbbing cock into my shorts. “Fuck…fuck…fuck…ahh bugger it” I left the room with the outline of my erection still visible.

It didn’t register at first when I entered the kitchen to take my seat at the table…I was more concerned trying to conceal the lump in my shorts. Dad and the girls were already sitting at the table tucking into the sandwich and salad that mum had made for us all. I slid into my seat pretty confident that dad had not noticed my erection but the girls made it clear that they saw my predicament.

Dad was pre occupied talking to Vicky…no doubt infatuated with the slut have ogled her hairless twat last night… it was almost comical with his ‘hip’ talk although his eyes kept on flicking between her face and her budding tits whose nipples were clearly trying to bore through her t shirt.

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  I also noticed the occasional glance in Cathy’s direction…also at her braless tits.

“Milk or juice?”

“Ohh Milk please mum”. It was when I looked at her with my reply that I had noticed.

Mum had changed into a skirt that stopped just above the knee. It was also obvious that her tits were also unfettered by a bra. There was a smile across her face as she looked at mine. I grinned back at her and nodded my approval. I also felt my cock bounce back into full blood. My hand dropped down to adjust its position.

As Mum stood by my side pouring my milk out, I pulled the waist band of my shorts out so that mum had a clear view of my hard cock…the head still shiny with Vicky’s saliva and my precum. It surprised mum slightly causing her to shriek and spill some milk.

Everyone looked in mum’s direction who, quickly composed herself and apologised for spilling the milk. Fortunately no one asked her the reason for why she spilled it and assumed the shriek was because of the spill.

She replaced the milk back into the fridge and came with a kitchen towel and a small saucer. She started to mop up the spillage.

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   The girls and dad were once again making mundane chat.

On mum’s return she shook her head from side to side miming me to stop on noticing that I had pulled out my erection which was on full view with the front my shorts pulled down and tucked under my balls.

She continued to shake her head with her eyes flicking between my cock and the others.

I felt her legs flinch and tighten as my hand gently touched her behind her knee. She tried to move away slightly but my hand clasped tighter around her joint clearly indicating that she was to remain where she stood.

I was confident that no one could see where my hand was with dad sitting at the opposite end of the table. I was also thankful that mum liked to keep a table covered with table cloths.

She looked nervous and her eyes now remained totally focused looking in dad’s direction as she started to mop up the spilt milk.

My hand slid up the back of her thigh…feeling her soft smooth skin. Her body shivered as my fingers came in contact with her pussy. A cunt that was moist with her juices…the randy cow was turned on. I felt her cunt tighten around my finger as it slid easily between the folds of her lips.

She bent at the waist slightly as my finger slowly fucked her, coating it with her secretions as she continued to ‘mop up’ the milk that was completely sucked up into the cleaning towel.

I pulled my finger out of her hole before the others would notice what I was doing to my mother.

I noticed a sharp intake of breath when she saw what I did with the finger that had been just sliding in and out of her fuck tube…her juices tasted like nectar.

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   Mum slipped the saucer under the damp patch on the tablecloth so that it would not stain the table and returned to her seat at the table.

“Just let me know when you want to go home Vicky…I will run you when it is time”

“Thanks Mr Gorman”

“So what you up to the rest of the day Ross?Going to watch the game with me this afternoon?

“Don’t think so dad…got some biology ‘homework’ to do” Both girls giggled at my reply. Mum just stared daggers…more at the giggling girls than at me.

“Well game starts in 5…need a hand with the dishes before I get settled mum?”

“No its ok dear…off you go watch the game”

Dad pushed back his chair and left the four of us sitting at the table.

The girls quickly gulped down their food and rose to leave.

“Need any help with that “BIOLOGY homework”? Cathy sniggered as both she and Vicky giggled Mum scowled at her daughter.

“No it’s ok…but you can continue with coming up with ideas for my ART project” I smiled and winked at them both.

Pushing and shoving each other the girls giggling left the kitchen.

Mum looked a little apprehensive as I rose from the table and approached and stood behind her. She let out a small gasp as I aid my hands on her shoulders.

“Ross…please…not here…not now…your dad…”

I was smiling as I leant down to whisper into her ear.

“You horny bitch…you want this as much as I want it”

“Please Ross…not now”

Her words fell on deaf ears as my hands slipped down her shirt and grasped two soft breasts…hard nipples digging into my palms. I started to mould her tits…squeezing and gently digging my finger nails into the pliable flesh.

Mum moaned softly and pushed her head back to rest against my stomach. My fingers felt for the hard nubs and took them between forefingers and thumbs.


   I started to pull and twist them with a little more force. Mums moans became louder.

Mum started to fidget as she sat on the chair. Her upper thighs seem to be rubbing against each other no doubt trying to put pressure on her pulsating clit.

“Play with your pussy mum…lift up the skirt and show me”

Mum moaned twisting her head around to look up at me.

“Please Ross”

“Go on mum…show me your cunt…you know you want to” I mauled her tits all the more.

Without taking her eyes from my face, she lowered her hands, shifted in the chair slightly and raised her skirt until the front was up exposing her hairless pussy.

“Spread your legs”

She did so and in doing so her cunt lips parted showing the moist inner flesh of her lips.

“Touch it…masturbate”

“Please Ross…noooo”

“Go on… you want to…you want to show me how randy you are for my cock…you want me to see I have a slut mother”

The sigh she gave was more a sigh of excitement than one of acceptance…her right hand moved across and started to gently slide between her lips…her middle finger teasing the pink tip of her clit.

My cock was ready to burst…and I was sorely tempted to twist mums head around and face fuck her mouth…but I wanted this to last.

With one more final pull and twist I withdrew my hands from mum’s shirt and stood back. Mum’s head swung to face me with a questioning and disappointment look etched across her face.

“Strip…stand up and get naked”

“Wha…I can’t son…not here…” She glanced quickly towards the hallway and the door that led to the lounge.

“Strip…right now …here…you know you want to show me your whole body. ”

“You know you have me excited…can do anything…but please son…not here…your da…”

I placed my finger to my lips…she stopped talking.

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“Stand up and take your clothes off”

She stood up saw my hand reach into my shorts and fish my cock out. It twitched as soon as I touched it…I was not sure if I could last long.

One final glance into the direction of the hall and mum raised her hands up dragging her shirt off with it. She looked nervous, scared…but her nipples were like projectiles and her eyes shone.

“Now the skirt…and slippers…completely bare”

Her skirt dropped and as she stepped out of it she left her slippers where they were.

“Now…masturbate…play with those tits and cunt”

“Please Ross…not here…not like this…. lets go upstairs and I will suck you co…cock”

“Do it mum…go on…finger fuck yourself…let me see how much you want to suck me off…let me see how excited my cock makes you. ”

“I do son…I do…but …”

“No buts…just do it”

Mum stepped aside slightly so that if anyone did come into the hall at least she was slightly hidden. This however made her move in front of the window…my cock was taking over my mind.

I gently lay my hands on mum’s shoulders and steered her towards the window. Mum looked puzzled and thought that perhaps I wanted her further away from being seen from the hall. As I started to twist her to face the window realisation of what was going to happen clicked.

“Son…Mr & Mrs Miles will see us. ”

The only house that faced us where that window backed onto was owned by an old couple…probably older than my gran and granddad.

“So…will give Mr Miles a thrill seeing such a hot woman naked…probably hasn’t seen one for over 50 years.

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“Please son…we can’t”

My response was to push her closer to the window and fully square onto it so that her upper torso was clearly visible if the Miles were looking out of their window. I was a little disappointed in not seeing anyone there.

“No one is there…play with your tits. ”

Mum looked at me and then out of the window…sure that she was not being watched she raised her hands to caress her breasts

I stood to the side so that I could see if dad was leaving the lounge…but was pretty sure he wouldn’t as it was the soccer team that he supported being shown live on the TV.

She started to moan slightly…”Play with your cunt mum…masturbate…let Mr Miles see what a slut he has living next door”

Mum took a sharp intake of breath on hearing those words…her left hand remained massaging and pulling on her left teat as her right dropped down to start playing with her cunt.

Her moans became slightly more audible as I started to whisper more and more obscene things at her. I started to stroke my cock all the more.

“You’re my slut…my fuck toy…I am going to invite Mr miles over to watch you fuck yourself…you want Mr Milesto see you masturbate…you horny cow…don’t you”

“Yes…yessss…I want him to know I am your slut”

I was ready to cum…I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“Suck me…suck me off”

Mum dropped to her knees. I fucking did it again…shot my load before I had a chance to make the most of what was on offer. Shot after shot my thick creamy juicy landed on her upper body…her tits got the lions share, but, the occasional spurt hit her on the neck and chin. I popped my sensitive head into her mouth for her to suck out the last dribbles that were still in my shaft.

Mum just looked up at me from her kneeling position as I pulled my cock from her mouth and slipped it back into my shorts. She licked my finger clean that was coated in cum that was seconds ago was sliding down her chin. I was just about to scoop up a glob that was on her cheek when we were both started back into the reality of the moment when the phone rang.

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“I’ll get it” I shouted and darted to the phone that was in the hall less dad were to jump up and maybe trap us in the kitchen.

As I reached for the phone I heard mum scurrying around in the background trying to get dressed.

By the time I hung up mum was standing fully clothed and flushed…

“Who was it?”

Mrs Foster…said she is on her way back and will pick up Vicky in half an hour.

“Ohh…oh ok…go tell her to get ready”

I took the stairs two at a time and barged straight into Cathy’s room without knocking. The flash of the camera momentary took me by surprise.

Both girls shrieked…and no wonder…Cathy held the camera in her hands whilst Vicky lay naked on all fours on the bed with her ass in the air…she held ahairbrush in one hand and a candle in the other…the other ends were firmly embedded in her cunt and ass.

“Don’t do that …” Cathy screeched…

I just smiled at her…”Your mum’s coming over in 30 minutes to pick you up.

“Ohhhhh”…. Vicky was disappointed.

“Hope you got plenty of pics for me” I grinned

“Should be enough to keep your right hand busy until Vicky’s mouth or cunt can take over” Cathy laughed.


“Ohh shut up…you know you will let him fuck you whenever he wants”

Vicky’s face grew scarlet as she raised herself from the position, extracting the fake phallus from her holes. Cathy tossed me Susie’s camera and I left the room closing the door behind me.

I would have been stroking my cock again had it not been so sensitive and sore as I down loaded the shots from the camera onto my computer. Cathy had been particularly inventive with her camerawork.

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   Vicky was seen in all sorts of obscene positions and poses…and true enough my right hand would not be idle whilst looking at them in my leisure.

I was distracted from the task at hand by the sound of a car pulling into the drive. I rose and went to look out of the window. Now there was a MILF if ever there was one.

“Vicky…your mum is here” mum called from the foot of the stairs.

“Coming Mrs Gorman…I am just going to say bye to Ross”.

Vicky and Cathy entered my room and approached me.

“Tell him…tell him what I told you to say…slut”

“Thanks Ross…can I…can I come and be your sex slave again”

I smiled and reached out and took a hold of her right breast and squeezed it…she looked shocked and stepped away from me…not because of what I did…but where I did it…in full view of her mother if she had been looking up.

“Sure Vicky…and tell you what…ask your mum if she wants to be my slut as well”

Vicky gasped…

“Yeah big bro…wouldn’t that be cool…fucking my best friend and her mum. ”

Mum was facing the house whilst she was standing talking to Mrs Foster who had her back to us. They both looked good.

I pulled Vicky and Cathy either side of me as I wrapped my arm around their shoulders. My hands grasped a tit of both girls. Mum’s face was a picture as she caught sight of what I was doing.

The girls left me with a big grin on my face having just given me a big kiss on the lips and both lifting up their shirts flashing mum.


   I laughed as they had just dodged out of sight when Mrs Foster turned around to face the house.

I waved at Mrs Foster. She is definitely one I would like to add to my harem…


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