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My parents had left town for a month on business and left my younger sister and me home, with the instructions I should watch her. At 15 Tracy is quite a sight. 5'5",about 115 #, 34C tits and an ass that most women would kill for. It was my second summer home from college and the previous year had done wonders for her. Watch her!!! I couldn't keep my eyes off her. She constantly paraded around in short-shorts, middie tanks and around the pool the smallest tie bikini I guess she could find. This kept my 8" cock in a state of semi-hardness. As much as I was eying her I knew that she had been checking out my 6'2", 200# frame. I also thought I had seen her looking at my crotch when around the pool.
After a couple of weeks we were low on food and I told her I was going to the store and would be back in an hour or two and should I get her anything?   "No" she said, " Anything you decide to heat up I'm sure I will enjoy it. I'm just going to hang around the pool. " Her statement kept me thinking the entire time I was at the store. Was I reading too much into it? I had only started looking at her sexually in the last couple of weeks and even though she is my sister I sure would not pass up the opportunity to fuck her. Just thinking of sliding my hard cock in and out of that young pussy had me hard right there among the cherry tomatoes.
I returned home and got the food put away, changed into bemuda trunks and headed for the pool to look at Tracy and think of my fantasy some more. When I got there she was not so I started to look for her.

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   Living room? No Tracy. Bedrooms? No Tracy. I was starting to get a little wori and headed for the garage and the basement. As I got to the door I could hear smooth jazz coming throughthe door and a smell that could only be a little bit of grass that had been smoked. I opened the door and went down the stairs. As I went into the rec room I saw something I thought only happened in the movies. There in the middle of the room was Tracy, a little high, in that damned bikini, dancing slowly with a straw broom.
So she wants to dance, I thought. I'll dance with her. I walked over to her, took hold of the broom and said, "Would you dance with me?" As she let go of the broom she kind of giggled and said "I have been looking forward to dancing close to you. " I put my arms around her and she put hers around my neck pressing that body of hers into mine. As I led her around the floor I could feel her pressing into my already hard cock. My hands moved up and down her back  getting ever closer to that perfect ass. Finally in one bold move that would decide the afternoon one way or the other I slid my hands onto her ass and started to lightly squeeze. A small mmmm came from her throat and I knew.

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   I danced over to the wall and pressed into her body. She looked up at me and said "Kiss me. " With that I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers and as the moments passed we kissed deeper, our tongues fighting for dominance. I slid my right hand up along her hip and grabbed the string that tied the bottom on her bikini pulling and untiing. At the end of the string I let go and continued up to cup her tit.  My other hand let go of that ass and did the same with the othe side of the bottoms and they fell to the floor. I moved my hand from there to the front of my trunks and undid the 2 or 3 buttons that held them on me letting them drop to the floor. Except for her top which was up over he tits now, we are naked. My cock is rock hard and pressing into her stomach. I put my hands back on her ass only a little loer and lift her. She helps by tightening herself around my neck. My cock slips in between her legs and I lower her so her pussy lips are now on the top of my cock. Her legs are wrapped around me. I move her pussy allong the length of my cock feeling the juices run out and around my shaft. I keep this up for several minutes, all the while our tongues are locked.

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   She removes her lips from mine and starts to breath heavily as her first orgasm hits her. As she is shuddering from this delight she feels I raise her up just a little and place the head of my cock against her quivering pussy lips.  As head of my 8 inches enters her hot love I hear her groan "FUCK ME! OH GOD FUUUCK MEEEE!" I slide my cock into the tightest pussy I have ever felt. After a few inches I hit resistance and realize my little sister, Tracy, was still a virgin.
I slid her up and down those few inches for a bit and she yelled "PUSH YOUR COCK INTO MEE!! I WANT ALL OF YOUR COCK!" She loosens her grip just a tad and slides down hard onto my cock, breaking her hymen with just a bit of a scream. She re-tightens herself  around my waist and neck and whispers " Stay still. It's so big in me. Let me get used to it. " I feel her pussy clenching my cock. It is all I can do to keep from coming inside that sweet tight pusy of hers. She starts to breath heavy again again and as she does starts to push back and forth. "I'm. . . .

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  going. . . too . . . coooome" she moans and I use the bottom of her ass to help and soon I am fucking her with about five inches of my cock. "I'm coming I'm COMING COME WITH ME!! FILL MY CUNT!! COME INSIDE ME!!!" I need no more and jam her all the way onto my cock, press her back into the wall and unload stream after stream of hot come into her spasming young pussy. As our orgasms subsid she looks into my eyes and says. "We are going to have sooo much fun!"

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