Twins In Love Chapter 6


I thought of Karen, being older than Cindy, going through her changes. How her body changed almost in front of my eyes. Seeing her become more and more "Private" with herself through all this time. Seeming to want more and more privacy. Remembering the first sight of the box of tampons under the bathroom sink. Realizing that my twin was now menstruating. Noticing how her tits showed much more in the Tshirts she wore. Watching as her nipples sometimes became hard under her blouses and shirts. Making me pay closer and closer attention to them. Not realizing that SHE wanted this attention. Not my OWN sister!Stupidly not realizing that she was "accidentally" brushing her "new and improved" chest against me at different times. Not realizing her gazes at my crotch when I had occasional bulges when around her. My thoughts of feeling another girl's tits at school, running through my mind. Yes! I had missed a lot of signals from her as she desperately sought to learn about guys, at the same time I was desperately trying to learn about girls. How many times, laying out at the pool, had she casually tried to quiz me about differences in the way guys and girls thought,Just occasionally noticing her gaze to my bulge in the bathing suit as I suntanned. Her, catching MY gaze at her "new and improved" growing lushness of her chest.

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   Both of us beginning to silently blush. Not realizing that her nipples were hard because she was getting excited looking at my bulge. Remembering how many times I desperately wanted to see what she looked like naked. Only fleeting thoughts, then, because of being my own sister. My twin, at that. Stumbling through my own growing stages, with "raging hormones" myself. Remembering how "proudly" I occasionally moved so that she would have to see the outline of my hardening cock hidden in my shorts or bathing suit. Proud Peacock, then. As if saying, "See what I have?" "See how hard this new cock of mine gets?""See how big its gotten?"Yes! I remembered the younger stages of our both growing to this point. BOTH of us doing our best imitations of the PEACOCKS for each other's benefit, and never really realizing it. BOTH of us too terrified to go that extra step to actually see each other as we really wanted to do. Only the occasional accidents in those years. Neither of us paying much attention to our younger sister and HER growing body, and HER "raging hormones" that were also taking place. Never realizing that mom was observing all of us, from her vantage point a million miles away from our "growing world!"Each of us thinking that mom would "Never Understand" what we were going through. Yes! Now instantly remembering the casual glances of mom, Karen and Cindy at different times as they watched me swim in the pool.

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   Sometimes feeling that "he man" proudness as I began to "pose" during my dives into the pool. Knowing they would just have to notice my growing manhood. Enjoying all their individual stares at my wet trunks, barely hiding my hardened cock. Remembering back in my hornier sessions with my cock. Laying in my bed stroking it to the images in magazines I gathered. How glorious I always felt when I massaged my raging cock into blasting orgasms and watch my maleness shoot from it. Just dying to show this proud event to some girl. Wanting to let her watch this cock spurt. Hoping I could convince HER to help me make it spurt also. Never realizing that mom knew of these episodes I had with my treasured raging cock!Never realizing that mom also knew of the mags hidden deep under my matresses. Never understanding her certain "looks" at me later in the kitchen. She, knowing full well I had just raced my hand over and over my hard cock til it spurted in a glorious explosion. Her smiles then. Never realizng that mom had fully understood what was going on inside my young teen mind and body. Thinking that she, being an adult, was far, far too removed to understand about my "man" stuff.

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  What would SHE know about these important "man" things?Hell, I thought, women don't understand what our cocks are all about. They are just supposed to want them inside them. Then I finally realized, somewhere between that 12 year old boy, and about to be eighteen, that I really needed to learn how to close in that distance. The majorly huge difference in distance between my cock and a girl's pussy, that I had seen in so many glossies. Feeling this demanding urgency to close this distance of my cock and those inviting pussy lips in those pictures wasn't all that easy, I decided. Studying my sisters and even my own mom as they laid out on the pool deck. Praying they wouldn't notice me as I desperately tried to see more and more of their tits. Noting the differences between each of them. My mom's fuller, more rounded tits, against my twin's equally full, but a bit smaller tits. Then, Cindy's sprouting chest. Her noticeable mounds as she laid on her back. Not even realizing they were making my cock rage in my bathing suit. Not catching the significance of each of them when getting out of the pool. Each in their subtle ways of "giving me a show" as each knew I could see further down their bulging suits. Each seemed to do it so casually.

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   So innocently. Yet each of them deliberately wanting to show me a part of their bodies that they knew I was so interested in. Not realizing I was doing the very same "Peacock"strut with my bulge, for their benefit. Not realizing that I was "demanding" their attention to my exhibition of my superiority over them, because I had a cock, and they didn't!Now, at almost eighteen, I had learned this dance a little better. I watched all of us at school going through the very same thing. The girls with their struts, as well as the body language of us guys. The girls almost always subconsciously pushing up their tits as they spoke with or passed a group of guys. Undeniably wanting us to take notice of their budding tits, and therefore. . . . THEIR passage into womanhood. Just as us guys tended to flex our arms and raised our legs on a stump so they could see the hair on our legs, the BULGE that this caused alongside our other leg still on the ground. Still, always thinking of how I could close this major distance between my cock and a girl's pussy. The very same cock that my youngest sister had just sucked into her cute little mouth with such fervor.

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  The initial shock of her seeing me naked, and then even accepting it all. How she just sucked my proud male cum into he mouth so eagerly. My very own sister! How content and proud she seemed to be afterward. Realizing now, she was doing her own "raging hormone" thing, and fulfilling her own needs as a girl. Wanting to see and touch my cock as much as I needed just the very same things. I realized that BOTH of my sisters needed this. THEIR curiosities needed fulfilled also. Thinking now of Karen! Wow!We fucked! We actually fucked! My very own twin sister let me fuck her!How beautiful her body is! Her nice full tits she let me touch and lick. Looking down at my hardening cock right now, just remembering how nice it felt when we fucked. Remembering her eyes as she saw it so hard. Her feeling it for the first time. Her own excitement as she saw my male cream shooting from it. Wow! My own sister. Telling me I could touch her anytime I wanted to now. Knowing I could satisfy my hard cock from now on.

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  OHHHH I thought. How great this would all be. Answering her never ending questions about guys. Letting me know how to touch a girl. How to make a girl feel nice. Wow! Fuck all the mags, and books I had hidden. My own twin would let me learn with her own body. Now knowing our younger sister has already had her boyfriend's cock in her last night! Wow! I thought. All these things, all these thoughts from these past few years. . . . . all happening in just the past day. All happening so quickly.

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   Remembering the vision of seeing my naked sister as she came into the bathroom. Remembering her eyes so wide as she studied my cock hanging down in front of her. That within that hour she would be stroking this cock and watching it spurt my proud male cum!How beautiful her tits looked. The glorious feeling of her letting me feel them and caress them as I had only dreamed about. That I had jerked my new growing cock over, so many times. I could only hope it would always be this way now. That she would always want to see and touch this cock, and let me continue to feel her beautiful body forever. Remembering the expression on her face as my hard cock slid inside her pussy for the very first time. Love, need, passion!I thought, I must have had the very same expression as she looked up at me?Her own twin, about to make her a woman. I knew how very important this was to her life. Her newfound "womanhood. "Making ME feel so proud that it was ME she wanted to have this precious present of her maidenhead. I silently realized just how deep our love really was between us. How much it meant to HER that I be the one for this precious honor. Wow!Sitting there on my bed now, the same bed that she had touched me, and then even sucked me so nicely just a day before.

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   Wow!My cock was now raging hard with all these thoughts. Coming back to the present, Being forced to come to the present by her walking in to see me. Wanting MY approval for her dress, her hair, her femininity. Realizing I had not even put any clothes on yet! Seeing her gaze again at my hard cock between my legs. Standing up proudly once again for her to see, desire, amuse and gratify. My thoughts being forced to the present to answer her question of "How do I look, Kenny?""AAAABB. . . . Abs. . . "Absolutley beautiful, Karen""Geez!" You're so hard again, Kenny" Wow!Now, I felt my embarrassment once again. Looking down at my raging cock. Looking up to see her smile.

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   Her perfume, her beauty. Then her expression change to pity. "Would you like me to jerk you off, Kenny?"You certainly can't get dressed like THAT?"Why was I stuttering? She left and quickly returned with the bottle of cream. Kneeling quickly before me. Once again seeming to adore my hard cock. Spreading the cream on her hands as she reached to touch her needing brother. The wonderful tenderness of her fingers and hands as they caressed my hard cock. Her soft touch,OOOOHHH so needed right now. Her warm smile. Knowing it was all OK to touch her brother's cock now. Please him, please herself to touch a boy/man. Her soft words in retelling how nice this cock in her hands felt when it was inside her. Making me harder still, remembering. Her gentle and firm stroking. Laying back on the bed as she continued her massage.

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  OOOOHHH Karen, Thank you honey! OOOOHHH I. . . I. . . . needed this right now. I was just thinking of you and me yesteday. . . . !"I was too, Kenny. " It's in my mind all the time too. ""OOOOHHH You made me a woman, Kenny.


  ""This cock made me a woman!"Her stroking was getting me there. There. . . to that place I had done myself, so many times in the past. "OOOOHHH Karen, That feels sooooo". . . . her eyes wider than my own. Realizing she was genuinely enjoying touching me like this. "OOOHHH Its so hard and big, Kenny""Almost hard to believe I really had this big thing way inside me yesterday. ""Shoot, Kenny, Let me see it shoot. ""OOOOOHHH Karen honey. .

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  . . I'm almost. . . . OOOOhhhh" and I started to spurt!"OOOOHHH Kenny, here it is. . . . . wow!""Oh my God, Kenny, so much of it. ""Don't stop yet Karen. . .

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  . PLEASE. . . . " as both of her creamed hands gently stroked and caressed my cock into a wonderful explosion within them. "OOOOHH This is so exciting for me Kenny. "I raised up on my elbows now, as My cum began to subside. I was flustered still. Breathing harder. Watching her head lower now to suck me lightly. Feeling my softening cock enter her warm mouth and lick around it. "OOOOOHHH Karen honey!" Feeling her suck what remained in my balls. "OOOHHH, its so nice honey. "My very own sister with my cock in her pretty mouth!Even smiling up to me as she licked it now.

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  Knowing, as a new woman now, that she had just supremely pleased me. Watching closely, her expressions as she eagerly licked me, sucked me softly, all the while looking into my eyes. I shivered once again, and then my cock became too sensitive for her to continue. I rose, and pulled her up to me. Her perfume, gorgeous hairdo, makeup. . . . . Wow!My twin sister just sucked my cock and made me cum!I had to kiss her. I didn't care that there were still some traces of my own cum on her lips!I pulled her to me and we kissed. As lovers now. With passion and much, much deeper feelings between us. My own twin just sucked my hard cock and took my cum inside herself! This thought was blowing my mind as I kissed her hard. Her very first words after the kiss was broken.

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  . . . "I have my brother inside me now. ""I have your cum in me, Kenny. " "Remember that at the dance tonight. I'll be thinking of it too, hon. " Now, she smacked my ass slightly. . . "Get dressed or you'll be late. "She leaned up and kissed me once more and smiled. "I love you Kenny". . .

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  . on her way out the bedroom door. .

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