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Topic: ugly little cousin    21 yo. just returned home drunk from the bar. Now all I wanted to do was go beat off and get some sleep. I still lived with the parents do to still being in school. I entered the house it was dark all except the livingroom, someone was watching t. v. . It was my 14 yo. cousin Letty. Now Letty was a homie looking little girl.  Small little face, long black hair, flat chest and a straight little body. Nothing sexy about her at all. I noticed that she looked alittle sad tonight. We small talked then it was off to my room. I stripped down to my briefs and jumped into bed. Letty knocked on the door as she entered.

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   "Could I please sleep with you" she asked in her little girls voice. Before I could answered she was under the sheets cuddling up to me. To my suprise I felt a stir in my 8" cock. She smelled so good. Her hair smelled like flowers and was so soft. She had that baby milk breath. Then she began to rub my chest with her soft little hands. My heart began to beat faster and my cock became harder. I slowly began to rub the small of her back. I could feel the heat of her boby as she pressed closer to me. She put one leg across mine, as I was laying on my back. That is when I noticed that all she was wearring, Was a tank top and her small panties. My hand slipped between her tank top and her panties. Her body has firm and her skin was so soft.   Has my fingers went under her panty lines Letty began to kiss my nesk ever so softly.

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   "You sure you want to do this" I asked in a shaky voice. She answered by grabbing my swollen cock. Her small hand felt great. As we began to kiss my hand was feeling her small little ass. Not much there but what her had was good enough for me. With the other hand I pulled her leg higher onto me. So, I was able to reach her pussy from behind her with my other hand. One finger at first. Letty's pussy was bald and soaking wet. Tight is an under statement. I don't even think she had touched it before this. I just rubbed it. Making her squirm. I don't remember how we got naked but there we we naked as Jay birds. Letty just climb on top of me.

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   Her hips straddled my cock, which was harder than a board. I broke our kiss, and grabbed my cock. I placed my thick cockhead to her virgen pussy. Has my cockhead pressed against her pussy, her juices ran down my cock. She came before we even started. Then she began to press down. Forcing her pussy to take my cock in. She moved up and down on the head till her pussy gave way. She took about 3 " and stopped. It hurt me, felt like some snapped a rubberband on my cock. Then she began to kiss me like a wild women. As she force her way down my cock. My cock felt wonderful buried deep inside of her. I reached around with both hands and grabbed her skinny ass. And started moving her up and down my cock.

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   Letty was panting and groaning like crazy as my cock ripped through her young body. Once I was able to I was able to long stroke her it was over. My was shooting loads after loads up into her. Letty just pressed her pussy down on my cock as she began to cum again. She just made little grunting noises as we both finished. Then she just laid there ontop of me. In our sweat.   She is not so ugly any more. .