Uncle Eugene and Mom and Dad and Me


Well, after Mom got over the initial shock of me and Daddy and Uncle Eugene having sex she came to my room one morning early after Daddy had left for work and Uncle Eugene had gone to town for a few hours. She was still shocked that I had discovered that she liked women more than men and that is why Daddy was doing with very little from her. She had on a long white gown that, when the sun was behind her was transparent. I was sleeping nude as I had begun doing at Uncle Eugene and Aunt Maggie's. Oh, Mom and Maggie were sisters by the way. Anyway, I had just rolled over and begun to open my eyes and I saw Mom come into the room and her gown was transparent and her lovely curves were visible to me and I began to get wet suddenly. Her nipples were dark and big like mine and I saw where I got my body from right off. I was still growing though and was likely (and in fact did) pass Mom in the size of my tits and hips.

"Good morning" she said as she sat on the edge of the bed. "Good morning yourself. " I said smiling and being playful touching her leg. "Did you sleep okay?" she asked me. "I slept great. " I told her. "How about you, I heard Daddy doing you last night. " "Yes, but I really don't like it that much.

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   Sometimes when I am in the right mood maybe. " I had begun to tickle her thigh and move my hand up and down from her kne to her upper thigh and was watching her react by little shivers she did. I moved her gown up to touch her skin and she almost fell off the bed. Then I did the same thing, knee to upper thigh and to the inside but she kept her legs together as much as she could. I saw it was affecting her and so I turned over and put a pillow under my tummy so I could lay on my tummy. My boobs were to big for me to lay flat. Massage my back please Mommy" I asked her as I turned over. She slowly began massagging my back as I directed her. The shoulders where the bra strap cut into them and then under there and then to the small of my back and then my hips just at the waist. "You sleep naked all the time?"she asked me. "Yeh, never know when something might happen and you may need to be naked for it to happen. " I teased her. She had a nervous laugh and I knew that she wanted to make love but I was going to play with her first. I started making sounds like I do when I am getting hot and in fact I was getting wet from her massagging me.

Suddenly I grabbed the pillow and pulled it out and turned over just as Mom was at my shoulder blades and so she now had her hands right on my tits.

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   She froze. "Don't stop, you are doing great. " I said and she began massagging my breasts as she liked to call them. My hand went back to under her gown and up to her upper thigh and I left it there, running circles higher and higher towards her pussy. The other hand was between my legs slipping it between my pussy lips and some into my pussy making my hips move. She began pulling and twisting my nipples some and she was leaning down lower towards my face. I sank two fingers into my pussy and pulled them out and put them to her mouth and said, "Lick them for me. " and she did and her breathing got faster and I knew she was almost ready. I took my fingers and got them nie and wet with my juices and then got my nipples wet with my pussy juices. I hel them for her, "Now lick these for me. " I said and she leaned down and sucked first one then the other of my pussy juice wet nipples. She was very good at it and so I pulled her face to mine and we began kissing and she was really massagging my chest and kissing me and then my fingers were between her legs and in her pussy making her moan loud as we kissed. The kiss ended and we were both in heat like animals, "Time to get these pussies eaten Mommy, you do mine and I will do yours, come on, move over my face. " I told her and she did. "We are going to shave you fter this Mommy, I like shaved pussy.

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  " and she said "Okay. " and we began eating each other. She was so good at teasing that I thought I was going to explode and finally I slapped her ass and said, "Enough already, make me cum. " and she laughed and did just that. I was eating her and she had a constant flow of juices from her pussy that soaked my face, hair and pillow and ten she finally had an orgasm and I felt like she had pissed all over.

We laid in each other's arms for a while and then went down to get some breakfast. Uncle Eugene was there and saw us naked and said that he was hungry and I told him, "Sorry, just us girls today, go find another fuck. " and Mom and I laughed. He sat down on the chair and said, "Okay, found my fist. " and he massaged his cock slowly till it shot a load of cum all over his stomach. I felt my pussy convulse at watching him and told Mommy, "Sit on him and let me eat you please. " she resisted but finally did and he was hard and ready. She did moan when I began eating her with Uncle Eugene in her facing away from him. She had a orgasm and when Eugene was ready I pulled him out into my throat and swallowed his load. Mommy said, "Thank you, I hate men's cum a lot.

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  " "Well, I still like it for now. " I said and she would not kiss me till I had cleaned out my mouth. We both put on something light and airy and I suggested we go to the Mall and look for something good to eat. She looked at me, "Something or someone?" she asked me. With neither of us wearing bras or panties I slipped my fingers into her pussy some while she drove and said, "Both if we can work it out but first we shave that pussy" We went to a spa and got that taken care of sand she was playing with it saying how good it felt to be shaved. "So what should we look for?" she asked me. "How about another Moher and daughter?" I said and she said that sounded great. We parked and walked into the air conditioning and both our sets of nipples got hard in a second and we laughed "like mother like daughter" we said and walked to the Learners and looked around. It was stil early so we went to have cofee and talk some while we waited for people to get to the Mall so we could "shop".
More about that later.
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