Uncle Gene


Uncle Gene 
 Uncle Gene was tall and thin with a ready grin and quick wit. He had an infectious outlook on life. I don’t know which of us was more surprised when he arrived at our house to find me standing naked in the hallway with a beer waiting to greet my Dad. After a moment of stunned silence he stepped forward and took the beer from my hand, popping it’s top and tilting his head back to slam it down in a series of long gulps. He crushed the can as he finished and his head tilted down to leer at my naked form, a smile crossed his face as he quipped, “Cold beer and naked girls, I gotta hand it to your Dad. ” I smiled back and stepped forward to unbuckle his belt and open his pants. I drew his pants and underwear down his long legs while wrapping my lips around his now throbbing knob. His rigid cock filled my hand and I smiled up at him as my tongue slipped along it’s length causing it’s head to swell and drawing a groan from deep in his throat. Uncle Gene’s hands grasped my head as he groaned, “Baby your Daddy has taught you well!” I redoubled my efforts to please him. Than Uncle Gene did some thing I did not expect as he bent over me lowering his long arms to place his hands on my waist and lift me into the air, instructing me to wrap my legs around his neck. I wrapped my arms around his head as his face sank into the area between my legs. I could feel his warm breath in my crotch as his tongue snaked between the petals of my girlhood drawing a gasp from me. It felt wonderful as his tongue twirled around my pee hole. New unfamiliar feelings coursed through my body forcing a groan of pleasure from my throat. I found my hips swiveling in response to his tongue’s luscious ministrations. “Please, don’t stop Uncle Gene!” I begged.

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   I released my grip on his head and tilted my body backward as Uncle Gene’s strong arms supported my weight as his tongue trailed in longer laps along my gash, only arousing me more. He lifted me up again pulling my legs from around his neck and as I slid down his chest I wrapped my legs around his hips spreading my gash wide to receive his man pole. My well-lubricated hole eagerly received his rod merging our two bodies into one. His strong hands gripped my ass bouncing me on his manhood and stealing my breath away, sweat glistened from our conjoined bodies. Every muscle in my body was growing more taut, like a balled fist and my heart was pounding in my chest. I swear I could feel his rod swelling inside me until I felt his man jizz blast inside my belly and like a balloon bursting my body went into a series of spasms as the world drifted away.
 I opened my eyes to see Uncle Gene’s face starring down at me as he lightly stroked my head with one hand as the other held me tightly against his body. His warm embrace felt good. Uncle Gene picked me up in his strong arms and carried me to the bedroom to lay me on the bed. I knew what was coming and reached my arms out to him as I spread my legs to receive him. He needed no encouragement, his cock slid into my well-lubricated slit drawing a groan out of me as our juices gushed from my gash. This was a one of the happiest times of my life. I had a family that loved me and we partook of the joy of uninhibited sharing few families ever know in the weeks that followed.