What a surprise


Topic: What A NightIt all started one night when I was out of the house working my second job. My wife (Teri) was home alone and decided to invite her sister (Steph) over to watch a couple movies to kill the time before I had gotten home. After they had finished watching the first movie, they decided to order some food and also Teri decided to take a shower, she recently had surgery and still wasn’t moving around very well. Now Teri and Steph have always been close, but have never seen each other naked before. They were both very modest about their bodies, both of them have great bodies in my opinion, both have b size cups, with Steph being a little bigger 36 b. Well Teri heads in to take her shower, she call out to Steph to come in and help her into the shower, she has had to use a chair in the shower so it’s a little hard to get in and out. So this is the first time that she has seen her younger sister naked and is a little flush in the face and a little wet. She had made a comment about how big her Teri’s nipples were and she is right my wife has bigger than average nipples, which I like very much, but she is embarrassed about, so now they are both red faced and wet, then Steph notices my wife bald pussy, she becomes even more wet and flushed and says that she never knew that she shaved, Teri tries to cover herself with her hands as she replies saying she likes to because it’s easier and less itchy and that I like it that way. Steph says that she has tried to but didn’t like the feeling when it grows back. So she just keeps it neat, Teri thanks her and asks her to leave, both being someone uncomfortable with the situation. So Steph leaves and continues to watch TV until Teri is ready, Meanwhile they are both thinking about what just happened and that they should feel all tingly in their pussies, but they kinda liked the feeling. Now neither of them have ever been with another women, although they have kissed other girls during their college days, but all in good fun. Teri shuts off the water and calls to Steph to come back in and help her dry off and out of the shower. Neither of them said much to each other but were still thinking of what was happening as Steph was helping dry her off, they both could tell it was wrong and both were enjoying the feeling, So Steph helps Teri to the bedroom where she can change and Steph was about to leave when Teri asked where she going. “ I was just going to let you change in private and go watch TV till she was ready to come back out. Teri says” You have already seen me naked now, you don’t have to leave.

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   So Steph stays and is trying not to look, but cant help looking and her sister, when to Steph surprise Teri says well now that you’ve seen me naked its my turn. Steph couldn’t believe her ears she was both turned on and embarrassed at the same time. Teri was shocked too she couldn’t believe how she felt having her sister see her, she was being a little bold and she liked it. So Steph started to strip down slowly while Teri took in every movement, her pussy was getting so wet, she started to play with her clit watching Steph undress, Steph asked her what she was doing, and Teri said “ I am not sure but I am so hot right now, Steph replied “ I am too” So as Teri watched and Steph unclasped her bra, Steph was watching Teri play with her pussy and wanting to touch her own as well, Steph quickly pulls off her jeans and undies exposing her trimmed blond pubic hair and pussy that was aching to be touched, Steph head over to Teri and started fingering her wet hole and she let out a scream, This was all too much as Teri cam right then, she not wanting to leave her sister out started fingering Stephs tight wet hole until Steph cam violently, They both laid on the bed wondering what just happened and what would happen next, they both wanted more. So without a word, Steph got up and put head head between Teri’s legs and started eating her out, Teri almost came right there, Steph was going to town, when I came home, they didn’t here the door open or me call out , they were entranced. As I walked into the bedroom I was in shock to she an ass and pussy in the air and was taken aback until I realized it was Steph, I had always been very attracted to Steph and always thought of what she looked like naked, so to see her blond pubes and ass was like a dream come true. I got an instant hard on, when Steph must of heard me she stopped and tried to cover up, They were both embarrassed that they were caught, I said its ok as long as they were having fun, but I was going to have some fun too, they both could see how turned on I was and both were still very much horny, they didn’t really put up a fight as I got undressed headed over to the bed I told Steph to go back to what she was doing, As without a fight she got back between Teri’s legs and went back to town, exposing he pussy to me. I got up behind her and started licking her pussy, this shot through and she started moaning louder and louder, they were both about to cum again when Steph came all over my face and Teri on Steph’s the 2 girls were spent. I said that isn’t fair, what about me, with that Steph got up and said “ I always wanted to do this” and she started kissing me, I could taste Teri’s pussy all over her lips and we kissed passionately for what seemed forever when I could feel Teri’s lips on my 7 and half inch cock.   She always loved going down on me but with me kissing her sister must have put her over the edge, as she never gave me a better blow job then she doing at the time, that’s when Steph looked down saw what was going on, she stopped kissing me and started kissing Teri , I couldn’t believe my eyes once again, then they broke the kiss and Steph took my in her mouth, I almost cam right then, I thought Teri was a good cocksucker, but Steph was in another class, Teri then got up behind Steph and started eating her out, I never would have thought I would have seen the day of my wife going down on another woman nevermind her own sister, it didn’t take long for Teri to get Steph to come. She then told me to hurry up, I couldn’t take it anymore and blew my load straight down Stephs throat, after that they both made sure to get me clean and Teri made sure not to leave and cum on Stephs chin, The girls were exhausted and I was in awe. We just laid there for a bit and took in all the nakedness, We never bothered getting dress the rest of the night and they forgot about getting food. We all just laid in bed together watching TV, no saying a word to each other. Hope that this isn’t a one and only, will keep you filled in.