Chocolate On The Outside


I like to drive late at night and wear shorts that have the liner cut out, you know the joging shorts. I wear them under jeans and a tank top and drive with the windows down and the shorts on and cruise for truckers that have a load to get rid of. I drive next to the cab and turn on the dome light and if they stay then I try to see where they will get off at and if they drop back I go on. Well, one night there was nothing happening. I had tried for an hour and was driving back into S. C. one last time then home. I got beside a cab and pulled my shorts down and exposed a half hard on and they stayed with me. I sped up some and they stayed next to me and so I flashed my lights off and on and they pulled in front and I got behind them. There is an exit that down not have much around it, it used to be a busy truck stop but now not too many trucks stop there and this is where we pulled over at. He parked next to the wooded area and I pulled near him and there ewre maybe 4 other trucks there.

I got out and saw him get out too, a black guy about 6'4" and muscular with a nice looking bulge. I walked towards the woods and he did too and once on the other side of his truck I stopped and he was about 10 feet from me and I pulled off my shorts and turned around and bent over spreading my ass. "Looks good to me. " he said and I walked into the woods some. He followed and we found a nice clear place and he tossed down a blanket I did not know he had.

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   I took off my shirt and was on my knees and he pulled me up, "Let's do it all. " and he leaned down and kissed me deep, pinching my nipples harder and harder. "You going to be a slut tonight?" he asked and said. "I guess so. " I said and he told me to take of his pants for him. I got down and pulled them off and his underwear and a huge thick cock was in front of my face. It was so thick tha I had trouble geting one hand around it but I got the head in my mouth then a little further. I was sucking and licking and getting it all wet and he was moaning. "Baby, you know how to suck a cock. " he saidand moved to the blanket and laid back. "Okay, you knowwhat to do with it slut. " he said and I again began sucking and licking and playing with his huge balls full of cum. It was straight up and I squatted over it and the head was at my ass hole and I held it there and slowly began moving down then up and slowly it went further and further in my ass. He was moaning and then with it half way in I sat all the way down on it making him moan louder. I was up and down on it and he was grabbing my hips wto hold me down and when he did I felt it pulsing and swelling.

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   Then he turned us over and I was on my back, legs spread and over his shoulders and he began pounding hard and deep everytime he went in it bottomed out and his balls slapped my ass. "You ready slut, here it cums. " he groaned and his cock swelled and he drove it in deep and filled my ass over and over. I laid there being filled by this huge black cock and he was there with every last drop draining. Then he began again and his hard cock drove in and out again and for longer. It had to be at least 45 min and he groaned again and shot another load in me.

I looed around and there were four more men all naked around us. He pulled his cock out and another guy got between my legs, "Here we go again slut. " he said and filled my gaping hole. He fucked me hard for a litle and then my ass took his load too. Another man did the same and then the other man slapped my face with his cock and I began sucking him. I finally got his load and swallowed it down and then my black lover got behind me after getting me on all four. "I gotta piss baby slut, hope you don't mind. " and he slipped back into my ass. He was still bigger than the other men and he was half hard.

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   He pushed in and waited and then his stream began. It filled my ass and he kept on pissing. He was just saying ahhhh, that is good. Finally he finished and pulled from my ass and a gusher came out of his piss.

He got me up and kissed me and gave me his phone number, "Anytime you wanna get laid, call me. " he said and I took it and picked up my shorts and went back to the car after I drained my ass so I could sit down. I think I will call to set up this week. After all, all the cum is white even if he meat is deliciously dark. .