My favorite day at the outlett


Working where I do I see a lot of random people. Each person being different you have to wonder what they are all thinking from one point to another.

Some folks express their minds pretty well and others are two steps above grunting and pointing!In the business of people you learn and see a lot of things, buetiful women being one of the best.

The outlet where I work sells damaged goods from big retail stores for lower prices, none of which are ever set in stone. This draws in all walks of life to see what we have and try to get themselves a good deal. The incident I'm about to tell you about happened one day near closing.

I close the store at six every night unless I have someone inside, in which case I let them poke around until they either buy something or leave. Late last Thursday I was closing up when a beat up little red car pulled in, there were a few minutes left before I was truely closed so I left the door open and busied myself around the store taking care of last minute things that needed to be done.

The driver walked and greeted me, the voice I herd was like sil, sweet and southern. I turned to see a buetiful ebony skinned woman in a tank top and pair of tan shorts. She couldn't have been over five feet tall. Her neck length hair framed her face perfectly.

"Oh good afternoon. " I said trying not to stair at her body for longer then what would be acceptable.

"Hey, how much longer will you be open?" she asked.

"Until I have no customers here" I replied with a slight smile.

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"Ok, I wont be long then. "

"Feel free, take your time and look all you want. "

She poked around and pulled some stuff out, putting it in front of my counter and then going back to browse the store. After about ten or so minutes of light conversation and her picking different stuff she was finished and came to the counter for her grand total.

"That comes to one hundred and forty-seven dollars" I said with a smile.

She frowned as she went through her purse and then looked at me innocently and asked "Can we negotiate that a bit?I seem to be a bit shy. "

"Well, I can drop it to $125 if that'll help. "

"Hmm, I really need all this stuff. Can I do something to reduce the price a bit more?Take out your trash or whatever?I just moved into my apartment and am still a bit shy. "

"Er, well I've already done all that needs to be done for the day actually. "

"Oh" she said with a look of disappointment. "Well, how about this?" she asked motioning to herself.

Refusing to believe that I was having a penthouse moment with this amazingly beutiful woman I stuttered, "I-I'm not s-sure what you mean ma'am. "

"Simple, I mean that we shut the door and I'll do whatever you want for you to knock off a few more dollars. "

"Well, I.

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  . uh. . . ok" I was able to stammer out.

She took me by the hand and we walked to the back room of my store, as we walked through the door she began to strip and turned to me. Her eyes had mischief and lust in them as the top hit the floor and her soft breasts tried to push out of her bra. With my hand in hers she pulled me close and softly whispered "Do you like me?"To which all I could do was nod. "Then show me" she put her hand on my head and gently pushed me to my knees as she hopped up on the table and spread her legs.

I softly kissed her legs, deeply inhaling her scent. I was so turned on and amazed, this goddess wanted me of all people!I'm nothing special, 5'11" 220ish lbs and a bit above average in the pants, and she wanted ME!

I began to unbutton her pants as she pulled me into a fiery kiss!Her hands explored my face as mine slid her shorts off of her amazing legs. Beneath her shorts was a red thong that reminded me of something you might see in the strip club. With a sly smile she reaced down and slid them off with one hand while the other released the deark orbs on her chest from their restraint.

I couldn't help but stair in awe at her body for a moment. She had perky C cup breasts and a perfectly shaven pussy that smelled divine.

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  She moved her hand up my chest and pulled me in for another deep kiss then shoved my face between her legs. Wrapping her legs around my head she said "Now, eat me!" her fingers pulling my hair so I couldn't pull back. I quickly starting sucking and licking every drop of juice from between her legs as she moaned.

"That's it baby, eat it!Eat that fucking pussy!" she encouraged me.

About that time I found her clit and softly sucked it between my teeth.

"Oh gawd yes! she screamed. This brought her to a quick climax as her finger nails ground into my skull.

She unwrapped her legs from my head and pushed me back a bit, getting on her knees she looked up at me as she unbuttoned my jeans. My cock sprang out as she unzipped my pants. Glancing up at me she took all seven and a half inches down her throat in one go. If you've never been with someone of another color let me tell you, it's hot as hell to watch the contrast of skin color.

My ebony goddess' mouth was just as amazing as the rest of her, she was sucking while going deep down her throat so that the storkes felt like I was in the tightest pussy I'd ever known. Her tongue swirled around my shaft, every time she'd pull off she'd go back down getting faster each time driving me crazy. I remember whimpering right before exploding in her mouth, she swallowed most of my cum but there was a bit that escaped her mouth slowly tricling down her face.

She hopped up on the table again and spread her legs "Now, eat me until your hard again.

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  " she commanded. I happily put my face back and began greedly licking and swallowing her juices. This time she got a bit more aggressive and started humping my face. At one point I almost passed out because I couldn't breath but managed to hold on and continue.

Within a few minutes I was rock hard again, noticing this my head was released fromthe death grip she had on it and she pulled me between her legs as the wrapped around my waist. I looked down and watched as she guided me in, my white dick disappearing into her beutiful hole, it was so tight too. I looked up at her face, she was biting down on her lip as i began to slowly slide in and out of her. I got blocked when I moved to kiss her again, she pushed my face into her heavenly chest putting my mouth on her left breast which I began to worship it while keeping my rythme.

"Oh god baby, fuck me fuck my pussy hard daddy!" she moaned.

I began slamming her as hard as I could, watching her body bounce around on the table. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as another orgasm wracked her tiny body. Her eyes shot open and a smile crossed her face as she pushed me away only to switch places with me so she could ride me. My small goddess mounted my cock and I watched it disappear inside of her. Starting slowly she rocked back and forth on my cock, just far enough for it to be revealed beneath her and then would cover it up with her amazing cunt. This didn't last very long as her pace increased as did the noise she was making, I had no idea who this girl was but she was fucking me with all she had and loving every moment of it.

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Pulling her legs up so that they were along my chest she really started fucking me hard. She reached another two orgasms in no time flat and then looked me in the eyes and slapped me across the face. "Cum for me right now!" I've never been one for pain, but for some reason this time it was a huge turn on and my body obliged my goddess, I began cumming and couldn't stop for what must have been half a minute. I've never cum that hard or long before, I filled her pussy to the brim. When I finally finished she climbed down off me and got dressed real quick. When I had gained enough of my senses to get dressed and walk out she was gone, she'd left everything she'd picked out where it had been and there was a note on my counter that read:

Hey cutie, sorry to fuck and run but something came up. I'll be back some other time to pick up that stuff.



The letter smelled like her and all I could do was think over the last half hour in amazement while locking the door. The stuff can be put up later, I needed some sleep.

There's another story about when she came in later with her boyfriend, but that'll come later ;)

Hope ya liked the story, feedback would be great!

A and T store clerk.

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