20 years of passion: Becca and Sandra


The morning light woke me from sleep as it filtered through the long yellow curtains. I rolled over, spotting my lover next to me, her gentle sighs like hearing waves lapping upon the shore.  I slowly caressed her pale and smooth face with my lips, giving her a soft kiss. She yawned, smiled and raised her arms above her head before retreating under the sheets. Apparently she loves to lie in on a Sunday but that is not what I had planned for her. Quietly I opened my secret bedside draw and shifted through my goodies, Lesbian Erotica, a brand new Strap-on, my favourite lube, a pair of metallic handcuffs, my sleeping blindfold and my diary. I smiled at Sandra, hidden under the sheets and grasped my handcuffs.


My headboard isn’t like a normal headboard, this one has rails. Sandra’s hands were protruding through just perfectly. I positioned myself to lock the handcuffs on her slender wrists and clicked them on with the ticking of the clock. Sandra wouldn’t have expected it. No one would ever know what I kept in my draws until I used it on them.

It was cold, the hairs on my arms stood on end, it was only October but in Britain the weather can change on any day of the year. I climbed out of bed. The nipples on my 30 GG boobs had grown hard either from the chill or the anticipation of what was to come. I walked around to her side and opened my curtains with one swift tug on the string.

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   The sun was now pouring in and my shadow dominated the bed. I grasped my sheets and exposed Sandra to the cold, throwing them to the side. Sandra’s shock and realisation of what was happening made her gasp, she tried to snatch the sheets back but her handcuffs held her down, Her breathing became faster and her ribs pressed gently against her skin, boobs jiggling as she resisted her bonds. Sandra was in no way a skinny girl but average build, the angle of her toned shoulders and arms fully exposed her chest. I remembered last night when I first laid eyes on her in that well starched shirt, the collar up and firm and the bones catching the light just at the base of her neck. Not low enough to see her 32 D cleavage but hugging her figure perfectly. All on show now Sandra’s eyes were wide with surprise.

“Becca?”  She questioned, her eyes fixed on the naked girl towering above her. We left the club together and I offered my bed to Sandra so that she didn’t have to go home by herself, Brighton can be dangerous at night. Nothing had happened, just a cup of tea before bed. Despite my behaviour I was still just a virgin. I wanted to savour every inch of Sandra just as I’d savoured 20 years of passion. One more night would just make me want her more.

Without response Becca climbed onto Sandra and mounted her around her bare waist, the muscles tense. I felt her clit against Sandra’s tummy and hoped that the warmth of her would allow Sandra to forgive the cold.

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   She had become my pillow princess. I bent over to her face as she stretched her neck out to kiss me, less than an inch away I moved down to her body, breathing into her neck and giving a gentle but slow kiss.  Then I felt her relax underneath me, submitting to my design. I moved to her exquisite collar bones, I breathed warm air long across her before taking her against my lips sucking dry pressure against her skin, careful not to leave a mark. I moved down to her nipples, now as large as my own and rubbed my cheek against her before again breathing against her cold skin.

“Becca, I’m really cold…” she pleaded, in a steady but calm voice.

I looked up, concern on her perfect rosy cheeked face. Still saying nothing I moved back up and leaned my whole body against hers, holding my weight on my left arm we pressed together and this time I moved my face to hers, letting her relax on the pillows I used my lips to part hers and tasted our first kiss. We breathed together now and I let her create the rhythm, following her movements brushing my tongue on her teeth and admiring her textured but pristine bite. Her nose was welcome to my cheek as mine was to hers and we danced with our faces, my eyes closed, enjoying this moment as much as any we swapped sides without our lips parting, our noses gliding past each other and then I felt her tongue touch mine in passing. The feeling sent a shiver down my spine and I needed to feel her again, I rolled against hers and felt her taste buds tickle my sensitive muscle. We continued exploring one another. I leaned across to the center of the bed and we lay on our sides, our legs intertwined. She moaned a little in discomfort. “Handcuffs” She said, breaking our kiss.

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   I reached up and let her hands free and she wrapped her arms around me, pulling me back into her embrace . Between my legs I started to get wetter and felt a longing for my hand to be down there. I resisted, it belonged to Sandra now.

The closeness of our bodies made us warm, In that moment, with her smooth skin against mine, our arms holding us, our legs knitted together and our breasts meeting with each long sigh I felt complete. I let my fingers trace her back and she gasped in pleasure, then I felt her do the same her fingers traces from the top of my back and swept slowly down my side, as if activating my untouched skin and sending further shivers down my spine, I drew breath involuntarily from the sensation and the tingling I felt all over my body, her hands continued and settled on my bum, soon joined by the other, sliding in past my waist. My eyes still closed I manoeuvred my hands down her body too and again our kiss was broken, this time for reasons of pleasure, we both gasped together as Our hands squeezed and teased our cheeks.

Now Sandra Rolled on top of me and I smiled at the roll reversal. I stretched my neck up to kiss her but she pressed a finger to my lips and I rested down on the pillows. She lowered her lips to my ear and whispered in a calm, sexy voice,

“I’m going to show you how its done. ” She kissed my neck and my breathing became heavy then traced her lips and fingers down my body, making me buck involuntarily, Then she arrived between my legs and spread me apart in a way that made me feel she had done it many times before. I felt it throb with anticipation as she stared into me for a moment that felt like a lifetime. I had always been self conscious about my pubic hair, luckily this time I had trimmed and shaped it into a Brazilian. Laying across the bottom of the bed she breathed me in and reached her hands out for my boobs, again she stroked my tummy and again I bucked and gasped in pleasure. I never knew that having someone even touch my belly would feel so good. Then she held my legs at my crotch and held me firmly against the mattress.

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   The feeling of her thumbs pressing in on me was already stimulating the sensitive virgin skin. I watched her and her head disappeared for a moment Then I felt her breathe on me, Now shockwaves of orgasm spread through me and I trembled in pleasure for almost a minute. She leaned in and I remembered the feeling of her tongue against mine and wondered how anything else could have possible been better and then I felt something on my clit. I opened my eyes and saw her face deep within me, her nose tickled me. I felt a change in pressure and a different wetness, cool and warm at the same time as those taste buds made an o around my clit making my own mouth water, wanting her back up to me, but not wanting her to ever stop either. Just as she completed the first circuit, she withdrew.

“Whats wrong?” I demanded, puzzled by the sudden end

“Nothing, Lie still and close your eyes. I am not finished with you. ” She commanded as she got off the bed. I felt my own hands creeping down, trying to fulfil the needs of my moist wetness. Now I felt hands grab my own wrists and thrust them up on my head rails and I heard the familiar click of the handcuffs! “Keep your eyes closed!” she barked at me. I complied in fear, had I angered her by not letting her sleep? What was wrong? Why wasn’t she continuing? Was she about to leave me here for my housemates to find? Then I felt something over my eyes, I think it was my blindfold from my draws. Had I left my naughty collection open for all to see? I felt so embarrassed. I thrashed against my chain and started pleading her to let me go and not to leave me as I was.  “I said I was going to show you how it’s done.

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  ” She whispered into my ear. I was unsure where she was in the room. I heard a buckle being done up at the foot of the bed. Was she getting her jeans back on? I resigned myself to the thought of being a virgin forever and then she climbed back on the bed with me. Her hand playing with the tuft of my Brazilian. I continued to struggle in my cuffs, I wanted to hold her body and her warm skin, I wanted to make her scream for more!

“I love to see you like this too, with your collar bone and your ribs so lightly on display. You are a strong girl Becca but I know no one can get out of these handcuffs without a little help. Look at the definition in your arms, your boobs, your waist. You look better than I had hoped and now your mine. ” She climbed back on top of me and kissed me again I felt one of her legs between mine and started to grind myself against her. With her free hand she stopped me and held me down, spread my legs wider and got  between them. “You will only do that when I say. I don’t want you spoiling your surprise. ”  She lay on me again, supporting her weight on one arm the same as I did. I felt her warm skin on mine again but this time there was something long and hard and wet between us.

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    I felt something that could only be described as cum drip onto my tummy. I gasped in confusion. Was that why she stopped me earlier, to hide it? I began to panic now. As much as I wanted something in there, wanted her in there, I did not want a penis anywhere near me!

“Shh, shh, its ok Becca, its not what you think, just relax, you will love it!”  She told me. In that moment I trusted her and spoke for the first time.

“Ok, do me, but be gentle, it’s my first time. ” She must have used her free hand to spread my lips, neglecting my clit as she prepared to penetrate me. I had masturbated myself many times and experimented on what felt good, in doing so I broke my own hymen so I wasn’t expecting any pain. Then I felt the tip of the head across my clit. Sandra was going to slide it down and into me. I felt every millimetre and when it got to the edge of my vagina she steadied it into the folds of my labia.   I felt it pivot at my entrance and then I felt her breath at my lips. The build up had been too much and I bucked into the shaft to stop this big tease. She withdrew, not wanting to penetrating me until she knew I was ready. I breathed her in as she hovered above me, I wished she would remove the blindfold so that I could look into her big brown eyes.

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   I wanted my hands free so I could hold her tight. More than anything, I wanted to kiss her big red lips. Then she released my hands and lifted up my blindfold. I looked up at her, she was smiling down on me.

“Are you sure your ready?” she asked.

“Yes, I know this will be special. ” I replied. My arms still in the air. She closed her eyes and decended her lips upon mine. At that point I fell in love with her tongue and my eyes closed again. I felt the tip descending inside me, she penetrated me slowly and steadily. I held her bum in my hands again and pulled her in. The feeling was like no other, every so often there was a ridge or a lump in her shaft. Not like the veins I had been expecting. I wanted her in all the way down to my G spot.

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   I pulled her bum in hard and jiggled my hips grinding into her. Then I felt the O-ring and the straps of my strap-on! Of course! Then I remembered the special vibrating feature and switched it on. Now Sandra gasped in surprise. It buzzed between us as we thrust into each other. I thought I could not get more aroused but she reached into my draw like a pro, fetching the lube, without even breaking our kiss.   Then she thrust hard into me, making me moan. She paused and then thrust again, even deeper than I thought was possible the whole thing inside me. She pulled out a little and I felt air rush in. I was empty without her inside, she thrust back, and started grinding into me, the vibrator still buzzing between our legs. She gasped as she had her orgasm and her own cum squirted out under the dildo.   Then she broke the kiss and lifted my legs over her shoulders, still supporting my bum. I was sick with passion and excitement wondering where she was going next. She came out of me and I heard her squidge the rest of the lube out of the bottle and straight into me. It was like she came inside me. I felt wet through and the lube filled every crevice of my vagina then she aligned the dildo up to me again and thrust in with her whole body weight I watched as her womanly muscles worked as every part of her body tried to dig inside me.

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   Then I felt it touch something else.

“There right there, O god, that was good. ” I screamed to her as if possessed by the god of sex.

“Here?” she asked, pressing in on that same spot. I pulled her in and we bucked together for what seemed like minutes but may have been hours Every thrust of hers bringing more wetness between us of mine, hers and the lube. I felt all my muscles contracting as she ploughed me with relentless energy and vigor getting harder and harder with every stroke. My virginity was well and truly gone. I wanted to thank Sandra before she grew too tired to enjoy what I wanted to give her. I flicked the release of the strap-on and it fell between us. She held the straps and pulled the dildo from me, revealing the extent of the tools full length and girth before throwing it back across the floor. She grabbed the duvet from the floor and covered us both in it as we cozied up into the warm. What happened under the sheets is just for Sandra and me.   ;)


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