A Romantic Summers Night


Tammie very quietly entered the house without being heard and crossed the room to come up behind Marie. A tender kiss on the neck was all it took to tell Marie that her love was home and turned around for a hug and a passionate kiss of hello. No words were spoken but the burning look of love was seen by both. Marie seated Tammie at the table and got her a glass of wine. After both were seated they talked lightly about the day and almost hurried through dinner as neither could wait for the night yet to come. With dinner finished they reached for each other. Love and passion burning in their eyes. Marie began kissing Tammie with so much passion that it left them both breathless and giddy. Slowly Marie beagn to run her hands over her lover and remove clothing. First was the shirt, a soft silk blouse partially opened from the warm evening, was removed and dropped on a nearby chair. Next came the slacks, touching every exposed inch of skin as the material fell to the floor. This left Tammie standing in her bra and things, shivering from the wonderful feelings rought bye her lovers hands and eyes carressing her skin. Marie guided Tammie to the couch and removed her bra and thongs before laying her down with her beautiful chestnut hair spilled all around her. Marie slowly removed her own clothes til she stood naked before Tammie. In awe they looked upon each other as the passion began to mount. Tammie held a hand out and Marie took it and joined Tammie on the couch.


  Tammie kissed Marie passionately and began to run her hands over her gorgeous body. Marie moaned into Tammie's mouth which spurred her on to get closer together. Marie gently began massaging Tammie's breasts with the palms of her hands and felt her nipples harden knowing it was time to begin the love making in earnest. Marie sat up slightly and began kissing a slow trail from her lovers lips down her throat and to her chest. Massaging one breast with her hand she took the other nipple into her mouth and began licking, sucking, and nibbling on it. Tammie moaned loudly spurring her lover on more. Marie traded breasts and gave the other a good loving before she continued to kiss and lick her way lower. Soft kisses down Tammie's stomach and to her pelvis. Licking and kissing the crease for each leg. Then slowly, oh so slowly, she parted Tammie's legs to be able to lick, kis, and suck her gorgeous clit. The first lick sent a shiver from Tammie's head to her toes. Marie took the shiver as the que to continue and buried her face between her lover's legs. Marie licked Tammie from her wet hole to her clit then sucked the clit into her mouth and began moving her tongue over it. Licking slow and steady strokes she could feel the pulses and knew her lover would come soon. Slowly Marie inserted 2 fingers into Tammie and felt the sudden pressure of the upcoming orgasm.

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   Sucking her clit and massagingher g-spot Marie brought Tammie to an earth shattering release. Tammie pulled Marie up to lay on her chest. Breasts touching. Passionately kissing her lips. Very quietly Tammie said "I Love You". Marie held her tighter and they both drifted off to sleep. Dreaming lovers dreams of passion, romantic music, and the seet smell of magnolia's. .