Boca Taton With Diane


Diane came over one day and sat down on the couch. I always expected something unusual when she was around. Steve was in the shower and we had just made love so I was dripping his juices and he had to leave soon for work. I was naked and was at the island in the kitchen looking at Diane. "Well, what are you up to now?" I asked her. "Oh nothing, just admiring the view. " she laughed. I laughed too, "Yeh, there is always something on your mind" I said, "When you are 'just admiring the view. '" She got up and came over to me, "You are of the week aren't you?" she asked me. "Yeh, why?" I asked her. "Well, I need a friend to go down to Boca with me for he week. I have an aunt that has left and wants me to baby sit her condo. " "Well, we don't really have any plans, let me ask Steve. " I said and went back and he had no problems with it, "Don't fuck everyone in Florida. " he said as I left the room.
Diane produced two plane tickets she had already bought and said, "Good, can you get packed and we will get to the airport by noon for the flight.

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  " "Very sure of yourself aren't you. " I said. "Well, I could have made you go but I wanted you to say yes. " she said. We kissed and went bck to the bedroom to pack a bag and Steve had just come out of the shower still naked. "So taking my wife on a sex trip again?" he said. "Maybe, sorry to borrow her but I can't go alone. " she said. "You know Diane, I have always liked your ass, really fuckable. " he said as he got hard again. Diane smiled and said, "Now do you mean you wanna do me doggie style in the pussy or you wanna do my ass?" I was geting wet again just listening to them. "Well, the pussy I am sure is good but I have really always wanted that ass. " he said. Diane wasted no time and she let her dres fall from her shoulders and bent over and said, Teresa dear, lick my ass some so Steve can get in. " I went to her and slipped my tongue around her ass and even some of her pussy and fingered her some.

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   I left a lot of my saliva there to make sure she was ready for Steve. He was as hard as a rock and he stepped up to us, "Guide him in Dear. " Diane said almost in a whisper. I guided Steve's very hard cock to her ass hole and she moaned some moving back to him and he moved at the same time, pushing against the ring and then he was in her. Diane let out a really loud, "Oh my god, oh yes, fuck that ass baby. " and Steve drove all the way in. They began fucking hard and after a while they both seemed worn out but Steve had not cum yet. She had several orgasms and still wanted more. "Teresa, eat my pussy dear while he does my ass. " she told me and I got under them and began doing as she had said. Steve drove into her and began to swell as he did before he shot his load. Suddenly he shoved into her and stayed deep. His cum was filling Diane and she had another orgasm. Finally his cock slipped out and I cleaned him up and there was Diane with her ass still gaping and cum flowing down her legs. "Clean me up too Baby" she told me and I did.

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Steve kissed me good bye and left and Diane hugged me and we continued getting my bag ready. She picked a Summer dress that had small strpas over the shoulder and pastel thong panties to wear. I was picking a bra and she moved my hand, "No bras Hunny, not for this trip. " My 42EEE tits were already getting excited and the nipples got hard. Well, we dressed, me in the dress and thong and sandals and she just put on her dress and panties that she had worn in. We drove to the hotel in Athens and caught a shuddle and several other travelers were all but staring at my chest, liberated from the restraints of a bra. She made sure to kiss me deep on the mouth as if to tell everyone, "We are les and she is mine. " and so the trip went.
At the Atlanta airport I got a lot of looks and going through security one of the guys said, "Hell, she aint hiding nothing. " and we laughed. We went to the gate and sat there for a while and finally boarded the plane. We had good seats and I sat in the middle of three seats, Diane on the aisle. The window seat was open as were several others. There was a woman, very red hair and beautiful blue eyes that was working in coach that came by and asked if we needed anything and her eyes lingered on my chest making my nipples hard again. Diane said we were fine and she left but still looked at me.

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   I found that I was unbuttoning the top of my dress two buttons more to show off my cleavage to her. She came back and noticed  and smiled. Carolyn was her name nd she kept walking by and every time she did she looked at me and smiled. "I think she has the hots for you dear. " Diane whispered. "Well, it is mutual. " I said. "Teresa, come dance with me. " she whispered into my ear and I felt the feeling come over me, there but watching from outside of me. "You can do anything that can be worked out with her, if she wants to play on the plane you will, whatever you can if she askes you will do it. " she said. "Sounds great to me. " I told her. Carolyn came back after the snacks had been served and leaned over and asked if there was anything I needed. Her blouse showed off some cleavage that belonged to 36D breasts and I let her see me looking.

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   "If there was anything I really needed at all," I told her, "It would be you. " I said and smiled. "That sounds wonderful, let me see what I can work out. " she said and walked away very red faced.
Well, soon she went by me and again asked how we were. She slipped me a note and I opened it. "Come to the first class rest room right now, I wil be waiting. " I saw her walking to the rest room that was between the two classes and she stopped by the door just inside the curtains. I got up and walked towards it and she had just dranw the curtains and she went in. I tapped on the door and it opened and I went in. It was small of course but she stood there. "Now what can we possbily do in here?" she asked. I was unbuttoning her blouse and lifted the bra and began sucking her nipples making her moan. "Oh yes, oh yes," she was saying. My fingers fond the waist to her panties and went to her shaved pussy lips and into it.

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   She moved against my fingers hard and they went in some. Then she was kissing me frantically, "Oh yes, make me cum please. " she said and I slipped deeper and then she soaked my fingers with juices as if she had to pee. After that she slipped of my fingers and sat down and lifted my dress and s I spread my legs she fingered me and sucked my tits. It did not take long for me to soak her hand with juices. We kissed and I left and the door locked behind me. My legs were weak but I made it back. "Have fun?" Diane said. I just put my fingers under her nose and she smelled the scent of Carolyn. "Oh my, bet she is great in bed. "
As we left the flight she was at the door and hugged me and gave me her phone number. Diane got a rental car and we drove to the condo near the beach. It had a porch that looked out over the beach and was on the 8th floor. We showered and made love without any commands from Diane and napped a little. I woke and she was getting dresed in a bikini and a pull over cover-up.

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   She had laid out a string bikini for me with thong bottom and a mesh cover up that did not really cover up. It was all but useless to wear it. "Teresa dance with me" came the words from behind me and I turned and kissed Diane. "Now dear, you are to be flirty and a little ofa tease but you not play with anyone until I pick them out and tell you too, understand?" "Yes, I understand. " I said and we went out. I did not care that I was almost naked but walked with Diane everywhere holding her hand sometimes and sometime she would kiss me as if to chace off someone she did not want to attract.
Finally we went into a resturant on the beach and I got some very extreme looks but Diane told me, "Remember dear you re dancing with me," and I said, "Oh I remember. " We went in and were seated and we ordered some salads to eat. Before that we had beer and I had three at least. I went to pee and there was another and Diane told me to drink that one too, so I was really buzzed. There were three girls sitting a couple tables away and they had been watching us but especially me. Diane looked at them, "They don't look old enough to be out by themselves do they?" she said. "No they don't I told her. They were talking and whispering and then Diane got up and went to their table. I heard her say "You seem to be fasinated by my girlfriend.

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  " "Well, is she real, I mean are her breasts real?" one asked her. "How old are you dear?" Diane asked them. "13" said one, "15" said another and "13" he other said. "Come sit with us" Diane said. They all looked at each other and then gathered up their things and came over to the table. We got one more chair and Diane made sure to put me between two of them. We talked about nothing important and exchanged names that no one will ever remember. All the time though the three girls that had harld began to develop took glances at my chest. "I gotta go pee again" I said and Diane saw me get up and being a little more than buzzed asked "Jessie" to go with me to make sure I was okay. " The first got up and Diane whispered in her ear and I did not hear. She helped me to the rest room and I sat down and Jessie closed the door behind us and stood there as I pissed and sighed in relief. I finished and as I stood up the girl asked me, "Can I feel them?" she said. "Why of course, all you want to. " I said and lifted the cover up and the bikini top that barely covered my nipples and there they were. She reached out her hands and took them both one in each, "Are they real?" she said.

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   "Yes hunny, al mine. " I said and pushed against her hands. Without asking I went under the cover up and touched her tiny nipples and she gasped, "You are feeling mine dear, it is only fair. " I said and she moved closer. "You wanna suck them don't you?" I asked her and she moved her head down and took one in her mouth while her other hand massaged to other one. "Oh yeh, I need that baby" I moaned/ Soon she was sucking the nipples and massaging the other like she had been born to it. I took her face and kissed her deep and she did not move away and so she had my tits in her small hands and I felt myself getting closer. "Hunny, finger my pussy for me please. " I said and she moved a hand down and three fingers slipped into my pussy. . . "Oh yes, hard and fast. " I begged and then my pussy soaked her hand. I brought the soaked hand to my mouth and licked the fingers and then she did the same and smiled, "That tastes great. " she said.

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   I put my suit back in order and we walked back out without cleaning off the scent of sex from us. Diane smiled.
"Well, is everyone ready to leave?" Diane said and I said and I said I was ready to go to bed. The girls looked at me and the one named Jessie and Jessie said, "I would love to go to your place with you. " Diane said, "How about you too, just us girls. " They all said yes and we paid and left and walked to two blocks to the condo. In the elevator I kissed Jessie deep and she had her hands al over me. The other girls watched and whispered. We sat there for a moment and Diane said, "Are you three virgins?" Jessie said that she was and Jonie said she had been with one boy and was not and then Kalie said she was virgin too. So the 15 year old was not and the two 13 year olds were. I took Jessie by the hand and led her to the bed room, "You other girls wanna come along for he fun?" I asked and my cover up was off and Jessie took off the top and bottom of the suit that covered nothing anyway. I undressed her and we laid on the bed, "I have never done this before, you are on;ly the third person I have kissed. " she said.   "did you like it?" I asked her laying next to her neked. "Yes.


  " she saidand I kissed her again and moved her hands to my tits and told her, "Pull the nipples Hun, twist them and pull them really hard for me. " I told her and she began a little at a time afraid to hurt me. Diane came over and she was naked as were the other two girls, "Let me show you hun" she said and laid down next to me and kissed me and suddenly pulled my nipples hard, twisting them as she did and I moaned moud, "Oh yes, yes. "I moaned. She began biting them and left teeth marks and made me moan. "Watch this" she said and her fingers began slipping into my pussy, one, then tow, three, four and then her hand slipped into my pussy and I almost shouted "Fuck me, may me cum please. " and she began fisting me harder and harder until I convulsed and soaked her wrist.
I laid there limp and she began eating my pussy, "Here Jessie, you doit now. " and Jessie slipped her whole hand into me and I hardly felt it. I sked her to lay on her back and she did and I spread her legs and laid next to her and kissed her all over and sucked her little niples and finally her pussy was there and I began kissing it as I hear her sigh and moan. I licked it slowly then faster and faster and a little finger went inside and her hips began to move really good with my licking and then she squealed and had a wonderful orgasm that I ate her all the way through. Diane was working on one of the other two girls and the other 13 year old laid down and kissed Jessie, "can I be next please. " she said and Jessie and I began kissing her and finally I was at her pussy and began eating her and not too long after her nice orgasm wet my face and I told Jessie to stay with her and get to know her friend better. Diane was eating the 15 year old through her 4th orgasm and then she laid back and said, "Okay, pay back, do me like I did you. "
We all sat around sipping wine coolers and kissing since we were all still naked.

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   The girls had called home and gotten permission to stay at each other s home and so they stayed with us all night and none of us got much sleep. Jessie was my favorite and she stayed with me most of the time but I did enjoy the others too. Diane enjoy all of us and that was our first day and night in Boca.


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