College roommates


   Hi, my name is Stephanie, 18, sex addict, and lovin college life. As soon as my parents dropped me off at my dorm. OH my god, I could unleash the chains of sexual depression I was under. I had not met my roomate but I was already wet and ready to fuck anything with a dick. Thank you Jesus, now I can fuck anything or anyone I wanted including myself if I wanted. However, I've got a killer body that any man would shoot his load a mile away. That's until Jennifer, my new roomate came in the dorm room.
    Let me decribe Jennifer to you through my fucking eyes (guys). Jennifer was six foot one inches, she had average b-cup tits, nice tight ass, long legs, and for all the guys great lips. I mean, if I had a dick, I would fuck in a minute. Bavk to the dorm room, Jennifer, was very funny, pleasant, sharp whit, and  a nerd. I already unpacked my things and offered to help her and she said "yes".
   As we were unpacking we were just laughing and getting to know each other. Jennifer got this one box nand she began to unpack it, it was full of every sex toy known to man/women kind. She just kept talking as if those sex toys were school pens/pencils. "Hey, Jenn ifer are those all your sex toys", I had to ask her.

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   "Yeah, I love using them mall with my lovers as we have sex", Jennifer said. "Your lovers? You're a lesbain", I asked. "Well, let me say I'm bi-sexual and love it, the best of both worlds", Jennifer said. As we were talking she pulled out this huge strap-on with a huge black monster cock mounted on it. My first thought was how could she get that fucker in my asshole. At the same time, my pussy started to flow with a little cum. "Hey, Hey Michelle, it's just a black dick I use to fuck my girlfriends with. I'm sure you like your dicks hot, hard, and pumps jizz on you sweety", Jennifer said. I snapped back to the real world and my pussy was wetter/begging to be fucked by that monster.
   Hey it is getting lae why don't we turn in. With that we went to our beds to get ready for bed. I stripped down to my thong and a t-shirt. Jennifer just stripped seductively nude infront of me. She had the nicest trimmed pussy. "I hope you don't mind I sleep naked", Jennifer said.

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   I was in shock her tits were great.