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Topic: Kira's DilemaMy parents had left me alone at the house for a week. This was the first time they had let me go this long unsupervised. They had told me I could have one friend over, and it couldn’t be a guy. I knew that my mom would somehow find out if I tried to sneak a guy into the house, even though she wasn’t there. I agreed with her disappointedly, I had been looking forward to getting laid so much. Later that night I decided who I should invite over. I chose my best friend kira. Kira was a small girl with raven black hair and a body that all the guys drooled over. We had been friends ever since we first met. I called her to see if she could come over, I got no answer at her home, so I called her cell.
"hello?" I heard kira say on the other end. she sounded drunk, kira unfortuently had a minor drinking problem. I wondered what was wrong, kira only drunk when something was wrong. "hi kira, its josie, wanna come over tonight" I asked"josie? Sure I’d love to, be right there" she fsaid hung up. a few minutes later I heard a knock on my door. I opened it to see kira, she was obviously drunk.

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  "drink baby?" she asked me, holding up a half empty beer bottle. "come on kira, you don’t need that" kira replied and emptied the bottle’s contents into the sink.
"nooooo" she cried and desperatly tried to grab the bottle from me, but I grabbed her and held her back as I put it in the fridge. I never knew how she managed to get the beer, she was barely sixteen. I sighed and pinned her to me until she stopped flailing. Then I dragged her over to the couch and sat her down.
"hey where you going babe?" she said and tried to pull me down on top of her. I dodged out of her grip and told her to stay. I went into the kitchen and looked through the cupboards until I found what I was looking for, smelling salt. I was about to go back into the living room when I heard the fridge open behind me. I whipped around saw kira searching for the bottle I had put in the fridge. I laughed and pulled her out of the fridge.
"persistent aren’t you" I said as I dragged her back to the couch. Sitting her down I took out the smelling salt. I jumped when she wrapped an arm around me and placed her hand just above my left breast.

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   she was looking at me lustfully, she often did this when she was drunk. She would try and seduce everyone in reach. I tried to move her hand but next thing I know she was trying to kiss me, she pushed me down on the couch and got on top of me. then she kissed me hard on the lips. I managed to roll her off of me and pin her down, by wrapping her up tight in a blanket.
I took the smelling salt and waved it under her nose. She blinked and coughed. "josie? What?" she asked confused. "you were drunk again kira" I said with a small disappointed smile. "oh no! I didn’t" she said panicked. She had seen her lipstick smeared over my lips. I nodded confirming her fears. "oh josie I’m so sorry!" she said, untangling herself from the blanket.
"its ok" I said and told her to stay there. I went into the kitchen and got her a glass of water.

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   I walked into the living room and handed it to her. she told mes to stand still and reached up, wiping away the lipstick smeared on my face. "I feel so stupid, thank you so much for stopping me, before I did something stupid" she said. I smiled and turned on the TV, we spent the next few hour watching movies and then decided it was time for bed. "josie, um I didn’t bring a sleeping bag, or anything else for that matter" she said"oh don’t worry kira, you can share my bed, its big enough for both of us. " I said with a small smile. I didn’t even notice the nervous look that crossed her face as we went up the stairs to bed. I got out of my clothes and went into the bathroom wearing only my bra and panties. I didn’t even notice kira’s lustful stare as I undressed, and the fact that she was watching my ass as I walked out of my bedroom. I brushed my teeth and went back into my bedroom.
kira was still sitting on the edge of my bed, she was staring at a picture of me on my dresser. "Hey silly, you gonna get ready for bed or what?" I asked, she jumped and whipped around, seeing me standing there she paused, starring at me. "hey what’s gotten into you, are you still drunk? Or maybe having a light hangover?" I asked as I waved my hand in front of her face. she averted her eyes and hurried past me into the bathroom. I looked after her confused, she must still be slightly drunk.

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   She tended to be a lot more active and verbal than she was tonight. I sighed and turned off the light and got into bed.
I heard her come in and walk over to the edge of the bed, I watched her quickly take off her clothes and dive under the covers. it was odd, we had seen each other naked plenty of times, even showered together, why was she so shy all of the sudden?
"what’s the matter kira?" I asked"what do you mean?" she replied"come on its not that hard to tell that something’s on your mind, you’re quiet and nervous all of the sudden, and you showed up drunk. We both know that you only drink when something is wrong" I said as I turned on my side to face her. "josie I uh I, no I cant um" she stammered. "calm down baby, what is it? I’m your best friend surely you can tell me. " I said in a concerned voice. "josie I cant" she said. "yes you can, now tell me what is bothering you" I said, and watched as she squirmed and looked around for an escape route. "josie there’s something I’ve been wanting to say to you for a while, but I don’t think I can" she said"kira baby you can tell me anything, I’m your friend and that’s what friends are for. " I said. She took several deep breaths as if working up the courage to say whatever she was going to say. I had no idea what could make her this nervous, and reluctant to tell me.
"josie I… I" she stuttered and then next thing I knew I felt her lips pressed against mine.

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   it was a shock, it wasn’t a drunken kiss like the one earlier, but it was a real kiss. I realized what it was that she had been so nervous about, it shocked me just as much. My best friend was a lesbian! Or bisexual at least and she was attracted to me. I realized despite the fact that I was straight that I was actually enjoying the kiss and my body was responding to the kiss. suddenly she pulled away around rolling over she sat up. she was panting, and I knew that she was probably crying as well. "I’m sorry josie, I know that your not like me and cant love me that way, I’m sorry but I couldn’t keep it a seceret any longer. Even though you don’t like me like that can we still be friends?" she said between sobs. I reached up and took her in my arms holding her. I was intensely aroused by her kiss and wanted to kiss her again, I wanted to do so much more. I reached up and gently turned her face towards me.
"kira I never said I didn’t like it, or did I say that I couldn’t love you how I want" I said looking her in the eyes. then I kissed her. I felt her stiffen with shock as I kissed her, pulling her closer to me. then she snapped out of her daze and began to kiss me back.

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   we laid down on the bed kissing. I placed my hand on her breast and began to massage it as I slipped my tongue into her mouth. I felt her arm wrap around my waist and her other hand begin to unclasp my bra.
Suddenly there was from downstairs. We paused, I knew that someone was in the house, even though I couldn’t hear them. I rolled off of kira silently and grabbed the phone off of the bedside table. "josie what’s going on?" she whispered sounding panicked. I motioned for her to be quiet as I dialed 911. I told them my address and that someone had broken into my house. Then I grabbed kira and pulled her across the room. I opened up the closet and pushed aside the clothes hanging there. I felt for the hidden switch on the wall and once I had found it and pressed it a part of the wall slid back. I was lucky to know about the secret passages in the house. I paused and went back, grabbed kira’s clothes and threw them in after her. I told her to stay there.

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   it was best that no one knew that she was here, another person’s clothing would give it away. I slid the panel shut, replaced the clothes and closed the closet door. I wouldn’t let them get her without a fight and the hidden room had only enough room for one. I’d rather that what ever was going to happen would happen to me instead of her.
I was ready for a fight, with the idea of protecting the one I cared about. I had taken nearly six years of kung fu and wasn’t a push over. Kira on the other hand was the classic girl who was terrified by violence and didn’t have a fighting bone in her body. I could hear sirens already. I heard someone out in the hall and I crept over to my door and locked it just as the person tried to open it. they tried again but the lock was an actual lock, not one of the flimsy ones that people used to make the statement of ‘stay out!’
Suddenly the door raddled and the I saw a crack run up the door. who ever it was was kicking the door down. another kick and the door flew open, banging against the wall. A guy wearing all black rushed into the room saw me and grinned. He had a knife in his hand. I moved back, I hadnt counted on the guy being armed.

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   He started moving towards me, the only weapon I had was a walking stick which was by the door, he was between me and the door.
"well well what have we here? fresh meat. " He said and put the knife away, big mistake. "come here little missy, I wont hurt you. " He grinned and started walking towards me, suddenly I heard kira sneeze. We both froze, I looked at him horrified. "well I’ll leave your friend till after I’m done with you. " He suddenly charged me, he was faster then he looked. But I still managed to dodge, he charged me again. but after a while I was starting to get tired and he was showing no signs of slowing down. he was quickly and steadily closing the distance between us. I saw kira peer out from the closet.
"kira get the fuck out of here I can handle this until the cops get here. " I shouted and I watched as kira sprinted for the door. I noticed that he was turning to chase her, not if I could help it.

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   I jumped him, and we began to wrestle, he was stronger but I was faster, more agile, and knew how to make it hurt. Kira had paused by the door obviously torn between her safety and mine. "kira go, trust me I’ll be fine" I shouted as I ducked a wild swing and punched our attacker in the ribs, I saw her run out of the room. good now I didn’t have to worry about her being grabbed by him anymore. But I wasn’t that lucky, he managed to get a hold on me and grinned. Nhe wrenched me to the bed and I felt my wrist snap, I screamed in pain.
"you’re gonna pay bitch" he said pinning me to the bed. I saw him pull out his knife. I smiled as he gently ran the edge of it across my cheek. I felt the sting of the knife and knew that the cut would probably scar, but it the cops didn’t hurry up I wouldn’t be around for it to scar. As if by magic I felt him being pulled off of me, I watched as he was dog piled by at two cops, and another cop scooped me up in the blanket and carried me out of the house. I grimaced at the pain of having my broken wrist jostled. The police officer carried me out to a waiting ambulence. He set me down and asked me if I was alright. I told him I would be ok.


   He nodded and went back to help the other cops. Suddenly I heard my name being screamed. I turned just in time to be hit by the full force of kira’s slight form slamming into me.
the collision nearly winded me, luckily she managed not to hit my wrist. She was crying and when she saw that I was alright seemed rather relieved, I thought she was done but I was wrong. She grabbed me and kissed me hard on the lips, right in public with the whole neighborhood watching. I kissed her back, not caring if people saw. I was just so happy to be alive and to have her here with me. she held me tighter and I was starting to think that she intended to pick up where we had left off earlier. I pulled back and told her to stop. she suddenly realized that everybody in the general vacility was staring at them. I watched as the cop told her that this was a crime seen and that she shouldn’t be past the yellow tape.
"hey my girlfriend can stay if she wants, she’s as much a victim as I am" I said, taking her hand in mine and leaning against her. "fine, but that means your both going to the hospital. " Said the cop and left.


"hospital?" she said perplexed. I realized that she didn’t even notice the fact that my wrist was broken, but one of the peramedics did, he splinted it, kira and I got into the ambulence. She wouldn’t let go of my hand, at any other time in public I would have minded but not this time, I was never going to let go of her hand. I watched her as she smiled and held me gently in her arms. I was just so glad that she was fine. I noticed that she was crying, I cupped her face in my good hand and turned it so that she was looking at me. then I kissed her, with all the passion, love, and desire I could muster. She leaned bac against the wall of the ambulence and held onto me tighter.
"um ladies do you think you could wait till we’re at least at the hospital. Not that we mind, but its kind of distracting, and we don’t want to have an accident. " Said one of the perimedics smiling at us. "I’ll try" kira said breathlessly. We both laughed and I realized that I still wearing only my bra and panties. I looked around, found a blanket and wrapped it around us both so that I was still wrapped in her arms but I was decently covered. I felt kira’s hand snake its way down between my legs as she began to rub my thighs.

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   Her other hand came up to massage my breasts. It was all I could do to keep from gasping. I could tell that she was grinning. I felt her slip her hand down my panties and moaned as her finger gently brushed my pussy. I did let out a muffled gasp as she rolled my clit between her fingers. I pressed myself against her. she started to speed up as I buried my face in her shoulder to muffle the moans. She slipped two fingers inside of me and began pumping them in and out. within a few minutes I came, my moans muffled by her shoulder. She didn’t stop instead she sped up, a few minutes later the first orgasm had faded and I was on my way to a second, this one hit like a frieght train. My small scream of pleasure was muffled in her shoulder and I arched my back as I bucked against her hand. I collapsed against her and gasping I kissed her desperately. I moaned into her mouth as she pulled her fingers out of me. she grinned and licked off her fingers one at a time.
"hey you two are lucky that I’m the bi-sexual here, at least my friend here is gay so he wasn’t distracted by your little party" said the peramedic that wasn’t driving.

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   "oh we havnt even gotten started" I said and kissed kira as I began undressing her under the blanket as we pulled into the hospital parking lot.

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