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“I don’t mind flying when I can sit in first class,” she said. “Time for myself. Time to think. Time to figure out where life is going. There isn’t enough time for that on the ground, is there Jessi?” asked Rita. “No, you’re right. It always seems like I’m running here to there. Sometimes I would just like to curl up in a big chair, pull a blanket over my head, and dream. ” “Oh, Jessi, I know just what you mean. I have a chair just like that. In my bedroom, Right in front of a bay window. Just a big, ugly huge chair, But on a warm sunny summer afternoon, I love to just sink into it and just let myself feel good. You know, make myself feel good. Just me knowing all the right things. Just drifting into my own world. Sometimes I get so caught up in the moment that everything else in the world just disappears.

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   The warm sun…the feelings…letting it get so intense, and then just backing down…back and forth until everything just gives way. Mmmmmmm” Rita smiled, idly letting her fingers glide up her leg, stopping just under the hem of her skirt. “That’s another good place for personal time, isn’t? Very, very personal time,” said Rita. I couldn’t help but look at Rita’s legs, drawn there by her own hand. There is something so provocative about a leg drawn up under an attractive woman. The shimmering nylon of the hose outlines and highlights the gentle curves and the taut muscles. The legs pulled in, almost inviting you to follow them on their path up, under the skirt. It’s hard not to feel some stirrings on a late night flight, seated next to an attractive, sexy woman. The cabin lights were off, leaving just Rita’s reading light shining on her, a spotlight that played along the lines of her body. Most of the passengers were already dozing. And I was ready to just wind down the day, A long day. It’s not easy being a single woman traveling on business. Too many assholes in the world. I’m glad it’s Rita next to me, and not some 50-year-old married man dreaming of making me his mile-high story for his golf club locker room. Fucking in an airplane john.

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   How desperate do you get? “So, that letter. ” Rita startled me. “What?” I asked. “The letter, In your purse, Sorry for prying. If it’s none of my business, just tell me. But it seemed to be important to you. Want to talk about it?” I sighed a deep sigh and replied, "The letter is from an old flame. I've lost track of the number of times I’ve read it. Trying to decide whether or not to look them up while I’m in town. But that’s not really important right now, knowing my luck I probably wont have time for anything but a room service burger and my meeting in the morning and then right back on a plane by noon. Anyway enough about me, tell me about you. What brings you to a plane at this time of night? Big conference or meeting?"Rita looked at me and said " Yea I work for a big toy company and I’m on my way to TX for a meeting with some investors. This was a last minute trip my boss sprung on me on my way out the door this afternoon. " As she talked I couldn’t keep my eyes off her gorgeous legs, my eyes would trace her legs and then travel up her body and land on those eyes and those lips. Oh those lips so soft looking and full.

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   I would love to kiss those lips feel them pressed against mine, I wonder what her bare skin would feel like next to mine. I can almost feel her tongue snaking around and dancing in my mouth or maybe licking my clit till I have a mind-blowing orgasm. I shuddered a little and thought to myself with a chuckle god I need to get laid, I’m fantasizing about a complete stranger on a plane. . . even a quick tumble in the john is starting to sound pretty good right now. . . god when did I become this desperate??. I snapped back to attention when Rita touched my arm and called my name. . . "Jessi? Jessi hey *a little chuckle from her* where did you go just now? You were like a million miles away. " I shook my head, " I’m sorry was just thinking, what were you saying?" “ I was asking you what you were writing, that is if it wasn’t too personal?" I looked at my laptop and thought about it, do I tell her that I’m writing an erotic story or do I just tell her that it's too personal or of course I could make up a lie, but she might want to see it. Then there was this voice in my head, oh go ahead you chicken, tell her what your writing.

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   Let her read it. Maybe you'll get lucky. . . *laughter* I look over to Rita sitting there looking totally edible and made my decision. "I’m umm writing a short story, just a little hobby I picked up with all my travel. " Her eyes lit up and her grin got wider and she asked, "Could I take a look, I’m an avid reader. I read all types of stories” She leaned a lil closer to me and lowered her voice "My particular favorite is erotica. There is this one writer online that just writes wonderfull romantic lesbian erotica. I've read all of her works and even emailed her to compliment her on her talent a time or two. So can I read it?" "Yea sure, here" I turned my laptop back on and placed it on her lap barely allowing my hand to brush her thigh. I heard a quick intake of breath from Rita as she began reading my story. Then she turned to me shock on her lovely face. . .

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  "Your your, your her!"Slightly confused I asked "her who?" She giggled and said "Your the writer I was just telling you about. Oh, my this is. . is too much; I would have never thought I would ever get to meet you. I absolutely love your work, you always manage to get me dripping wet. " I blushed a deep, deep red and watched as Rita began to read my story again "Oh, my," said Rita as she started reading from my computer screen. "This is good. I think I need to get really comfy to get into this. Can you reach a blanket from the overhead?" I stood, got the blanket, and handed it across to Rita. "Sitting in the last row of first class. . . dark plane. . .

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  almost like we're all alone, isn't it?" she asked. I didn't answer. Just watched as she spread the blanket out over her lap, pulled her knees up to her chest and slid her pantyhose off, down from her hips, over her very sweet ass, up to her knees and down off the end of her toes. Pulling off her pantyhose, she pulled them out from under the blanket, balled them up, and stuffed them in her purse. "There," said Rita. "Now, I can enjoy your story. But you know what I'd really like? I don't want to read your story. . . I want you to read it to me. I want to sit here in the dark, curled up under my blanket, and just listen to your sweet voice. " I had to admit that she was really getting to me. This very attractive and sexy redhead knew all the right buttons to push, to get me thinking about taking her again and again. And here I was supposed to be the erotic writer. The person who drives men to take their cocks in their hands and women to reach under their skirts and draw tighter and tighter circles around their panties, until their circles are traced in that lovely wetness.

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   Rita reached down to her purse. As she did, the blanket slipped off part of her lap. Her legs, still with her knees up to her chest, had pushed her skirt up. And as the blanket slid off I could see the most delicate pair of white satin panties that I had ever seen before. They were so natural on Rita that it was hard to tell where her underwear stopped and her skin began. It's not that her skin was that white, it's that the panties were so much a part of her. If it weren't for the lace that trimmed the panties through her crotch and around the waistband, I would swear that her panties and she were one. I could feel my own wetness grow. Rita looked into my eyes and knew exactly what I was thinking. "You like?" she asked, but didn't wait for an answer. "I like," she said. "And I would really like it if you would read your story to me. " So we turned off all the lights, reading only by the glow of the computer screen. The plane droned on, creating a backdrop to my story of woman-on-woman seduction. (A story of an older woman who is enticed by a young, lovely woman.

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   And the most erotic part of the story isn't the sex, it's the way the two of them teach each other, grow stronger in each other, and fulfill each other in every way. ) I read. And from the corner of my eye I could see Rita; her head tilted back, a soft smile on her face. And the movements under the blanket were unmistakable. Circles, slowly at first, then more rapidly, And then a pause, but only brief. The blanket between her legs rose, and then fell as the back of her hand push up against the blanket, and then her fingers into herself. And as I read about the younger woman bringing her paramour to climax, I could see Rita's ass come slowly off the seat, hold there while I knew her leg muscles were taut under the blanket, a slow whisper of breath from her mouth, and her ass slowly came down to the seat. I could hardly breathe. It wasn't just that I could feel my own wetness, although I could. It was that every part of me felt so alive. It's as if all my nerves were at the very surface of my skin. All I wanted was to touch Rita. I let my hand slide under the blanket, coming to a rest on top of Rita's hand still inside her panties. All that was between our hands was the slip of satin that drew itself around Rita's hand in her pussy. Oh, God, I thought.

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   She's going to make me cum just with this touch, with the thought, with the delicious scent of her very wet pussy. I couldn’t believe I was actually sitting there on an airplane reading my story to a complete stranger while she pleasured herself. I was drawn to this woman like a moth to a flame, my hand moved to her thigh; I had no control over it anymore. When I touched her thigh I knew I would be touching much more than her thigh before the end of our flight. I turned sideways in my seat and got a little closer to this spellbinding woman. My hand slid up and down her thigh. We were staring into each other's eyes and I could tell she wanted me to touch her as much as I wanted to touch her. I slid my hand down and to the inside of her thigh and gently touched the crotch of her panties. I felt her hand inside her and her panties were really wet. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was by this complete stranger. But she had me under her spell as surely as a fly trapped in a spider web. I slowly leaned in towards her and gently kissed her soft lips, she responded by opening her lips and sliding her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue was soft and firm and she licked the insides of my mouth and caressed my tongue. The back row of first class provided the perfect nest for our tryst. The curtain was drawn between first and coach classes.


   No one was sitting across from us. The cabin lights were low. All I could see was the light of the emergency lights framing her figure against the darkness of the window and the glow in Rita's eyes. As she pulled me in with her kiss, her arms reached out to me, pulling my body to her. She raised the arm divider between the chairs, pulled back her blanket, pushed her left leg behind me, pulled me into her and wrapped her right leg around me. I was pressed up to her, feeling her, smelling her, feeling as if this sensation was what I had longed for all my life. Yet, here we were on an airplane. If the lights come on, imagine our embarrassment. And beyond her first name, I knew almost nothing about this woman. What was this? Why was I so taken with this woman? Rita let her tongue slide out of my mouth, trailing it along my lips, then gently nibbling my bottom lip. . . holding our mouths together just for a moment, letting me taste every bit of her mouth. "Jessi," she said. "I want your hand to go now where mine is.


   I want to feel you, to have you take me, to know that you are moving me. " "Oh my goodness, Rita, I will do whatever you want," I said. I moved onto my side, stretching my legs across the seat, leaning against Rita's breasts and sitting in between her legs, the blanket giving us a measure of privacy. My hand slid down her stomach, a flat, hard, athlete's stomach, under the elastic band of her panties and into her. Feeling just a narrow strip of public hair, a cute little exclamation point of hair. And there I was, getting so wet, moving my finger around Rita, and feeling absolutely amazed by it all. "Oh, my God, Jessi. This is so good," she whispered into my ear. "Remember everything, Jess, and when you say good-bye to me write it down. Make this our story. Share it with those who deserve it, but no one else. " Before I could answer, Rita's tongue found my mouth as her pelvis pushed up against my hand. Her tongue worked its way around my mouth, over my teeth; licking my lips, then back inside to connect with my tongue. Her tongue was fucking me every bit as much as my fingers were fucking her. I could feel the back of my knees tingle and my ass tighten, knowing an orgasm was overtaking me.

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   It came in a wave, crashing against me and then over me, Once and then again, immediately. Rita, too, was cumming. She held me. Tightly. She released for just a moment, and then held on again. Another orgasm, Her ass pushing up, her arms encircling me, Her tongue fucking me in my mouth. And then she simply fell back. Let out a soft moan. Her fingernails scratched gently across my shoulders as her hands let go of their grip on me. Still holding me, but now cuddling, not coupling. And there we were, in as delicious an embrace as I've ever felt. Oh, my, I thought. What is this? Did I do what I think I just did? I looked over at Rita who had a very dreamy look upon her beautiful face and a small bead of sweat on her upper lip. Then the captain’s voice came over the loud speaker telling us to return to our seats and return them to their upright positions. I awoke as the plane touched down.

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